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Best Of Flags Chrome Android And PC Version To Enable


Chrome is known for its user-friendly interface but there are a lot of extra things under the hood which includes several experimental features that can be enabled through Chrome Flags.

- Updated: 24th May 2023, 10:50 IST
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    What are Chrome flags?
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    How to access Chrome flags?
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    Best Chrome Flags
    • Enable Reader Mode Chrome Flag
    • Smooth Scrolling Chrome Flag
    • Force Dark Mode for Web Contents
    • Tab Groups Chrome Flag
    • Accelerated 2D canvas Flag
    • GPU rasterization Flag
    • Secure DNS lookups Chrome Flag
    • Password Import Chrome Flag
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Google Chrome is considered the best browser for net surfing, whether on a mobile or a system/laptop and has some of the best Flags Chrome Android based. We have a very soundproof version of Chrome, but some users may want to get more out of their Chrome by adding some additional features to make the User Interface more interactive and fun to use.

So, in case you are looking for ways to enhance your net surfing experience, we have made a list of some of the best Flags Chrome Android and PC versions to enable you to have a seamless experience on your mobile or laptop/system by going through the Google Flags settings and punching in the command on the Chrome Flags page.

What are Chrome flags?

what are chrome flags

Before we dive into the recommendations for the best flags on Chrome, we should give you an insight into what Chrome flags are.

Chrome flags are such settings wherein you can add some experimental features on the browser to add on some more functions that can enhance the browser’s performance or make the User Interface more friendly to your needs. Sometimes, such Chrome flags allow for piloting tests of the features before they are officially out.

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How to access Chrome flags?

how to access chrome flags

To access these Chrome flags, you need to open your Google Chrome and type “chrome://flags” into your address bar and hit enter. After doing this, you will see a list of various Chrome flags that Google Chrome supports, along with the details of what kind of function a specific Chrome flag will provide.
If you want to look up a specific Google Chrome Flag, then you can do so by entering the name in the Search flags box in the address bar, and you can put on the identifier to the following URL,
chrome://flags/#[flag identifier here]

In order to add a flag, you can click on the drop-down menu that is beside the flag name and then select Enable. In the same way, you can disable the Flag as well.

It would be best to remember that once you enable or disable a flag, you will have to restart the Google Chrome browser to apply the change.

Before you start enabling flags, you need to remember that most of the Flags are experimental features, which means that you are likely to face some problems via bugs or even face privacy and security issues, and you may end up with an overall bad experience with Chrome.

Here are some of our recommended flags for Chrome to make your work easier.

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Best Chrome Flags

Here are some of the best Flags Chrome Android and PC versions to enable for our avid users out there-

Enable Reader Mode Chrome Flag

reader mode chrome flag

This Chrome Flag enables you to view a website in a certain mode. Wherein this mode will focus on the body of an article or story and won’t focus on the visual stimulation on the website that is given. Enabling this feature helps in getting rid of clutter that causes hindrances and distractions and lets you focus purely on the relevant text.

Google Flags settings:
Type chrome://flags#enable-reader-mode on

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Smooth Scrolling Chrome Flag

smooth scrolling chrome flag

Sometimes you may feel that the refresh rate of a certain page is not up to the mark after endlessly scrolling through a webpage. But, with the help of Smoot Scrolling mode, you can scroll through the webpage with a much higher refresh rate making the experience smooth and speeding up visuals on the page as well.

Google Flags settings:
Type chrome://flags#smoothscrolling on the Chrome Flags page

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Force Dark Mode for Web Contents

force dark mode for web contents

This Flags Chrome Android and PC version simply enables to change of the colour scheme of the background on Chrome to a black colour and also provides an option to change the font colour of the User Interface as well.

If you are a big fan of the colour black and want to see all your content on Chrome with a dark scheme, this is the best Chrome Flag for you.

Google Flags settings:

Type chrome://flags#enable-force-dark on the Chrome Flags page

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Tab Groups Chrome Flag

google chrome tab groups flag

This Flags Chrome Android and PC version enables you to make groups and add multiple tabs into such groups to make them sorted and accessible. This feature is useful when you have 10-20 tabs open at the same time.

You have to give a name to the group you make, assign a colour to such group, and you can add links that are similar to this group. Once you do this, you will see grouped sections for the tabs that are highlighted in various colour schemes, and you can move around these grouped sections as well as edit them as per your needs.

Google Flags settings:
Type chrome://flags#tab-groups on the Chrome Flags page

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Accelerated 2D canvas Flag

accelerated 2d canvas chrome flags

In its default setting, you will see that Chrome is able to perform 2D canvas processing using the software, which makes the CPU being used as well. Normally, the 2D canvas processing works fine, but sometimes it can get slow; but if your system has a high-end GPU, then you can use this Flag processing such 2D canvases since your GPU can perform such tasks with ease.

To enable this Flags Chrome Android and PC version, you first need to check the current status of canvas acceleration by typing “chrome://flags” in the address bar(Google Flags settings). If the status displays that the software is accelerated, you can go ahead and enable the Accelerated 2D canvas flag on your Chrome.

Google Flags settings:
Type chrome://flags#disable-accelerated-2d-canvas on the Chrome Flags page

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GPU rasterization Flag

Gpu rasterization chrome flags page

For people who are not aware, rasterization is the process of transforming an image in vector format to its matching raster image that forms pixels, dots and lines.

By enabling this Flags Chrome Android and PC version of GPU for rasterization, you are basically transferring a big load of work to your GPU, which will make images on your Chrome look much better and less pixelated.

Google Flags settings:
Type chrome://flags#enable-gpu-rasterization on the Chrome Flags page

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Secure DNS lookups Chrome Flag

secure dns lookups google flags settings

To prevent third-party websites/applications from spying on you while you surf the net, Chrome has enabled a feature to increase user privacy and security by adopting DNS over HTTPS(DoH).

Once this Flags Chrome Android and PC version is enabled, the DNS queries that are made by the browser are in encrypted form and are done over HTTPS rather than plain text, as plain text can easily be intercepted and decrypted.

In order to use this Flag, you need to ensure that the DNS you are using has the capability to provide support to the DoH protocol,

Google Flags settings:
Type chrome://flags#dns-over-https on the Chrome Flags page

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Password Import Chrome Flag

password import flags chrome android

Last but not least, enabling this Chrome Flag is useful for users who are switching from an Apple or Windows PC to a Chrome OS. It can be useful for those users as well who are switching between an operating system and operating browsers as this Flag allows you to import your passwords from different web browsers like Edge, Opera and Firefox into Chrome. If you have a hard time recalling your password, then this is the Flag you should definitely enable.

Google Flags settings:
Type chrome://flags/#PasswordImport on the Chrome Flags page

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Web developers are much onto the idea of using Chrome Flags as compared to others. However, enabling Flags can lead you to a state of vulnerability on Chrome. Which can be exploited by cybercriminals.

In general, Flags Chrome Android and PC versions are safe to use. You should still be alert if in case a cybercriminal has access to your system and knows how to use it to his advantage.

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