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BGMI Rank Push: Tips to Get Conqueror Fast


The BGMI Rank push to Conqueror can get hard but not impossible. These tips will definitely make the road to Conqueror fast and easy!

- Updated: 30th Apr 2022, 22:26 IST
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    BGMI Rank Push Best Tips for Conqueror
    • #1 Play in Squad
    • #2 Putting Spawn Island to Good Use!
    • #3 Create an Unbreakable Defensive Territory
    • #4 Commit to Gunfights
    • #5 Survival Points are the Key for BGMI Rank Push!

Just like in any competitive multiplayer battle royale game, BGMI Rank push is not easy. There are several tiers that players have to plough through to get to the top of the game. Like we have the Legendary Tier in CoD Mobile, Conqueror is the final tier in BGMI, aka Battlegrounds Mobile India. The climb to Conqueror is steep and ultra challenging. The higher tiers of the game are heavily dominated by Pro BGMI players. So, how do you counter them to become a part of the best?

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Before getting into the tips to making the BGMI Rank push for Conqueror easier, let us take a quick look at the Tiers that you need to cross. This gives you a proper understanding and provides with a roadmap. Here’s a quick rundown of all the BGMI tiers:

  • Conqueror
  • Ace Dominator
  • Ace Master
  • Ace
  • Crown
  • Diamond
  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

So, in total, there are a total of nine tiers that you need to push through to get Conqueror in BGMI. At the very top, as you can see, is the Conqueror Tier. Battle Royale games have always been challenging and BGMI is no exception.

With a player base in millions, you can expect to come across several super duper skillful players in your lobby. Don’t worry, we have got you covered if you want those consecutive Winner Winner, Chicken Dinners! Here are the best tips to make that BGMI Rank push to Conqueror a success, ASAP!

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BGMI Rank Push Best Tips for Conqueror


#1 Play in Squad

Yes, going Solo in a battle royale like BGMI definitely has its very own thrill and challenge. But, if you aiming to be Conqueror, that is not the good kind of thrill you would want to experience. It will get frustrating real fast with all the experienced players in the higher tiers doing their BGMI Rank push. They will definitely do anything and everything to take you down.

On top of that, you are Solo? It is incredibly hard to win. Can you really clutch up against an entire team? When you think about it like that, playing in a Squad is always smarter and better. When you play with your friends or people you are familiar in playing with, there is a good teamwork which ultimately makes you win. In turn, your BGMI Rank push for Conqueror will be over in no time! Still thinking about going Solo? Think again.

#2 Putting Spawn Island to Good Use!

Spawn Island is where players are dropped before the game actually starts off. In here, you have a good 30-40 seconds before the plane takes off and the match kicks off with that. Put these seconds to great use. Trust me, this has the potential of changing the complete outcome of the game. Be it with your friends or random teammates, deciding upon where to drop and how to go about the match can make a HUGE difference.

These couple of seconds are for you to lay down a strong foundation to win the match. Especially when it comes to playing with random players, communicate and establish a connection. If you play in a team where each is doing their own thing, you have already lost the match. This is the most important and underrated thing that many players miss out on. Spawn Island is your moment to quickly strategize and grab that Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

#3 Create an Unbreakable Defensive Territory

Once you have communicated with your teammates and decided upon a location, it is now time to make it your stronghold. First off, decide upon a deserted spot that not a whole lot of players will decide to drop in. Further, land in this area and look everything with your teammates. With that out of the way, communicate and strategize in a way that everyone has an eye on each and every angle. That way, if a team decides to come your way, you can easily ambush and taken them down.

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Be quiet and deadly with your teammates. Your defensive strategies can become your best offense. Gradually, shift from region to region with your teammates and establish such strongholds. Take down enemies as they come your way and that BGMI Rank push for Conqueror will become a reality in no time at all!

#4 Commit to Gunfights

This is really important. If you are someone who sees their teammates under attack and decided to run away instead of aiding them in battle, you have been doing it all wrong. You may be used to playing solo but teamwork is the ultimate power in BGMI.

You need to look out for your teammates and instead of running away, commit to gunfights. If you are very low, know when to heal up and try a peak again. Don’t rush into making decisions that may cost you and your team a winning Battlegroundmobile India match. Sometimes, all it takes to Chicken Dinner is just one bullet. Commit to the much needed and crucial gunfights.

#5 Survival Points are the Key for BGMI Rank Push!

There is a common misunderstanding amongst BGMI players, especially new ones, that Kill Points are the way to go. In fact, it is the Survival Points you want to focus on during your BGMI Rank push for Conqueror. The longer you survive in the game, the more points you get. Even if you lose a Battlegroundmobile India match in the very end, you bag a considerable amount of points, which pushes your Rank significantly.

Did you know that it is actually the Survival Points that comprise of about eight per cent of the total points you get from playing a BGMI match? Understanding this very game mechanic will make your BGMI Rank push smarter and easier. JUST SURVIVE!

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Work with your team, establish a good strategic plan and fight alongside each other to make the BGMI Rank push for Conqueror easier and quicker. Teamwork is always the way to go for ANY multiplayer game and BGMI is no exception. The road to Conqueror is long and you would definitely want to buckle up and follow these tips to get there as soon as possible. Happy grinding, gamers!


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