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PUBG New State Vs Free Fire MAX: Battle Royale Showdown! Who Wins?


PUBG New State Vs Free Fire MAX, like the sound of that? You’ll be surprised to know who wins! Check out here.

- Updated: 30th Apr 2022, 22:28 IST
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    PUBG New State Vs Free Fire MAX: The BIG Differences!
    • #1 Setting & Feel
    • #2 Weapon Variety
    • #3 Map Size of PUBG New State & Free Fire MAX
    • #4 Transportation Options
    • #5 Game Mechanics

When we talk about battle royale games in 2022, two titles immediately come to mind – PUBG New State and Garena Free Fire MAX. Both of these games were released in 2021 and already have millions of players playing them from across the globe! As with all games, these two games have completely different communities as well. This leads to the commonly asked question, which should you play?

Although both PUBG New State and Free Fire MAX are battle royales, they are way more different than you might think. The setting, gameplay, overall feel and graphics, EVERYTHING sets the two apart. When it comes to determining which one is better, it is no easy task. However, let us take a quick look at their differences. This will allow you to understand which one YOU will prefer to play!

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PUBG New State Vs Free Fire MAX: The BIG Differences!

Free Fire MAX

#1 Setting & Feel

Talking about the setting and feel of the two games, they are actually completely different. Starting off with PUBG New State, it is a futuristic shooter. Not just graphically, but the overall feel of it screams FUTURISTIC! The textures, colour tones, and overall palette is not too loud. However, it is perfect and realistic to look at. Futuristic and realistic is what PUBG New State is all about.

On the other hand, Garena Free Fire MAX is what people who are mostly into animated and upbeat games will appeal to. The game is cartoonish in terms of graphics and that is a good thing on its own. If you want to play a game that has upbeat graphics and a very colourful setting, Free Fire MAX is it for you. Besides, Free Fire players will already love this MAX version because of how enhanced it is from the standard game.

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#2 Weapon Variety

There is a major difference in the variety of weapons you get in both games as well. While PUBG New State offers a HUGE arsenal of futuristic weapons to choose from, Free Fire MAX still follows the conventional guns. In addition, there are additional gadgets like drones and shields that players can use. This allows them to actually get into the futuristic essence of the game. Besides, it allows players to not get bored easily as there are tons of different things that they can do in the game.

Meanwhile, Free Fire MAX offers the same guns that the standard game does. In other words, there are conventional weapons. You do not get a modern or highly advanced arsenal to choose from. This may put some players down. However, Free Fire’s simplicity is also something that attracts many players to it.

#3 Map Size of PUBG New State & Free Fire MAX

When it comes to battle royale games, one of the biggest things that players look forward to is a big map. This allows them to explore the map more and get an open-world feel from it. The more linear a battle royale is, the more players do not really prefer it.

PUBG New State has a unique map that is based on 2051, called Troi. Now, this map is really something. It offers players with a stunning open world battle royale experience to fight it out to the end. The map is very realistic looking and stands out easily in the saturated world of battle royale games. In addition to this map, PUBG New State also offers all the other maps that the standard PUBG game offers. These include Erangel, Vikendi and Sanhok.

On the other hand, Free Fire MAX offers three maps. These include the Kalahari, Bermuda and Purgatory. Although the game does offer three unique maps, these are much smaller in size when compared to PUBG New State’s Troi map. Several players prefer Free Fire MAX as well for its battle royale maps being the perfect size. Neither too big, nor too small.

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#4 Transportation Options

PUBG New State, as mentioned before, has a very futuristic feel to it. This very feel of the game is reflected by its transportation options as well. There are multiple modern vehicles via which players can move fast in the extraordinary setting of Troi. From modern trams to electric vehicles like the Rimac, there’s just so much to make use of in the game!

On the other hand, Free Fire MAX does not have any modern day vehicles. It has the standard vehicles that you mostly see in basic battle royales. This may be a turn down for many but, also what millions of players like about the game. FF MAX’s nature of uncomplicating things is what stands out in a crowd trying to push for more futuristic settings. If you are one of them, you will surely love the game!

#5 Game Mechanics

PUBG New State Game Lobby Bugs

Game mechanics are a determining factor for most players when playing the game. Let us put it right out there. If you are someone who likes simplistic games with a lot less complex gameplay mechanics into play, Free Fire MAX will be your jam! However, PUBG New State is for those who are looking for a lot when it comes to gameplay. Not only are there a variety of different weapons to use, but several ways you can go about taking enemies down.

In terms of game mechanics, there is one area where Free Fire MAX falls majorly at a disadvantage. That is, it’s pay-to-win sort of a take. In the world of FF MAX, if you have an overpowered character, chances of you winning are really high. These characters are everything in the game and sadly, you need to pay for them mostly. Yes, the game devs definitely do buff, nerf and make those necessary balance changes. Still, it doesn’t change the fact that the game does have a pay-to-win tendency.

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The key takeaway here is that, both the games really excel in the battle royale genre. What makes both of them different is their overall feel and what players want from them. If you are someone who is into realistic looking and feeling games, PUBG New State is for you. However, if you are into more funky, upbeat and animated-looking games, Free Fire MAX is the way to go.

There’s a reason why there are both dark games like the Resident Evil, Outlast franchise and super lighthearted games like the Lego titles. Everyone has different preferences. Both PUBG New State and Free Fire MAX are two of the most played games worldwide, right now. Our advice? Give both of them a try and see what appeals to you. That way, you get to be a part of both worlds and also get to know what you like more. Seeing is believing, they say, and boy, isn’t it right? Happy gaming, folks!


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Highlights of the Story

  • PUBG New State and Free Fire MAX are two of the top battle royale games to play on your smartphone in 2022.
  • Both games are unique in their own ways – PUBG New State being a futuristic shooter while Free Fire MAX, an upbeat and animated-looking battle royale.
  • It all comes down to who is better so, let’s find that out in this article!

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