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    Call of Duty Mobile: Top 5 BIG Mistakes to Avoid


    Avoiding these mistakes can help in REALLY taking your CoD Mobile gameplay to the next level!

    By Sagnik Dasgupta | 
    Updated: 30th Apr 2022 22:26 IST

    Table Of Contents

    • 1
      5 Major Mistakes to Avoid in Call of Duty Mobile
      • #1 Incorrect Call of Duty Mobile
      • #2 Using Scopes Instead of Iron Sights
      • #3 Not Using Effective Attachments
      • #4 Sniping in the Open
      • #5 Moving TOO Much!

    Highlights of the Story

    • Call of Duty Mobile is one of the best shooting games you can play on your Android or iOS devices!
    • However, you may be doing several things that are probably hindering your overall gameplay.
    • Don’t worry, we have put together a list of the top mistakes you may be making and how to avoid them!

    As the ultra-popular Call of Duty Ghosts saying goes, “You start to forget the things you should remember and you can’t stop remembering the things you should forget.” Call of Duty Mobile is definitely one of the best games to play on your smartphone right now. However, it can indeed get very challenging with formidable opponents dominating the multiplayer scene.

    You may be wondering now, what to quite possibly do to get better at the game? Don’t worry, we have the answer to that. Whether you are just starting off with Call of Duty Mobile aka CoD Mobile, or been playing for a while, there are some mistakes that you HAVE to avoid. These mistakes are costing you those precious gunfights to win at the game.

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    We have put together a list of the gravest mistakes you are making in CoD Mobile that are affecting your gameplay for the worst. Understanding these mistakes, being cautious about them and not repeating them will improve your gameplay. Here are the top 5 mistakes in Call of Duty Mobile that you should start avoiding right away!

    5 Major Mistakes to Avoid in Call of Duty Mobile

    Call of Duty: Mobile

    #1 Incorrect Call of Duty Mobile Sensitivity Settings

    In not just CoD Mobile but any shooting game for that matter, your sensitivity settings need to be adequately set. If you are not comfortable holding angles or moving, it is a sign that your sensitivity setting is messed up. In the multiplayer mode of CoD Mobile, you will notice this even more. If you are unable to quickly aim at enemies, not comfortable with giving movements or the like, it means that you need to change those settings.

    However, do not head over to YouTube and look for the best Call of Duty Mobile sensitivity settings. The simple reason is that what might suit others, may not suit you. Everyone has different preferences. More so, when it comes to the in-game settings.

    Our advice? Head over to the training room or match and shoot it out. Keep changing your sensitivity settings accordingly. You will know when you have found the right sensitivity settings for yourself. Although it will take a while, it is a 100 per cent worth it!

    #2 Using Scopes Instead of Iron Sights

    Yes, using scopes will make aiming at enemies easier. However, it will prove useful to you in mostly the beginner rank tiers. As you progress through the tiers and enter the Master or even Pro rank circuit, you will understand that using scopes actually put you in a very disadvantageous situation. Not only do you compromise with the ADS speed terribly, it brings down your overall alertness.

    Practice playing with iron sights more in Call of Duty Mobile. At the most, use Red Dot Sight instead of Tactical or other scopes. Another reason why you don’t want to use scopes is that, it takes up attachment space. If you learn to use iron sights, you can instead use that precious slot for a good attachment that actually improves the gun.

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    #3 Not Using Effective Attachments

    Using the right attachments is a very underrated game changer. In Call of Duty Mobile, players can use up to five attachments in a gun. Now, referring to point number #2, you do not want to take up a space using a scope. Secondly, you do not want to use attachments that make your gun too slow.

    Several players in CoD Mobile like using huge magazines on guns and spamming them to get kills. That is not only one of the worst mistakes you can do, it takes your overall game down. Once you get used to doing that, you will not be able to take gunfights properly. Because you are so used to spamming, you will lose your ability to think during the match. You will just hold one corner and spam.

    Instead, head over to your desired gun’s gunsmith. Now, create a build that is balanced. Too slow will compromise your ability to win gunfights against most guns and too fast means compensating on range and accuracy. So, building a balanced gun is the way to go in Call of Duty Mobile!

    #4 Sniping in the Open

    This is something that we should most certainly leave to the Pros to do. Being a good Sniper in a game is an artform on its own. It is the most satisfying thing for a gamer. However, if you are bad at it, it can take your game stats down like crazy. You will end up having the worst K/D ratio ever. What more, you will start doubting yourself and your self-confidence with any gun will go down.

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    85 percent of winning gunfights in Call of Duty Mobile is being confident with the gun. Snipers are the best example of this. A confident sniper is a good sniper. However, there are many who rush in open spaces and try to snipe. The Pros can take down multiple enemies like this. Then again, they are Pros! We should stick to the basics of sniping to get kills.

    In CoD Mobile, there are several choke points in each of the maps, that snipers prefer to snipe from. Understand these critical points and master sniping from them. You will be a whole new player altogether. Practice, practice and practice! That is all that a sniper takes.

    #5 Moving TOO Much!

    When playing ranked matches in CoD Mobile, you may have come across players who are just too hard to shoot. They give such agile and unpredictable movements that you miss your shots and they end up taking you down. Those are some players who have been playing the game for so long that they have quite literally mastered it. Even such players make HUGE mistakes.

    For starters, if you give way too much of movement, you will be unable to spot your enemy correctly. What more, you will miss your shots. Don’t rush too much. Take your time and hold enemy choke points. Rush and give movement when needed. Another mistake that players make is proning during a long range fight. Proning was always meant for close to mid-range fights. If you prone at long ranges, chances are you will NEVER win these gunfights in Call of Duty Mobile.

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    When you keep these things in mind, you will automatically see a drastic change in your gameplay, for the best. CoD Mobile has one of the fastest paced multiplayers and making quick match changing decisions is of paramount importance. Avoiding these mistakes and making the right split second decisions during gun fights will surely make you a very good player that no one wants to mess with. Happy gaming!


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