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    Battlegrounds Mobile India: 5 Best Tips to Hit More Headshots


    You are now just a step away from experiencing the unparalleled satisfaction of hitting those headshots in BGMI. These tips can change your game completely!

    By Sagnik Dasgupta | 
    Updated: 30th Apr 2022 22:28 IST

    Table Of Contents

    • 1
      BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) – 5 Best Tips for Headshot
      • #1 Find the Sensitivity Settings that Work for YOU!
      • #2 Cross-Hair Awareness in Battlegrounds Mobile India
      • #3 Cross-Hair Placement
      • #4 Practicing hard
      • #5 Using the Right Scope in Battlegrounds Mobile India

    Highlights of the Story

    • BGMI is one of the best battle royale games to play on your Android and iOS devices today.
    • Hitting headshots in Battlegroundmobile India will allow you to take down enemies faster.
    • In this article, we talk about the best five tips to take your headshot game in BGMI to the next level!

    For ANY gamer out there, the satisfaction of hitting a headshot does not compare with anything else! Battlegrounds Mobile India is no exception. Once you turn on the headshot sound effect and hit those headshots in BGMI, it will make playing the game so much more satisfying. Moreover, the entire point of it is that it takes your game to the next level. Most gamers already know what a headshot does to their enemies. It is the FASTEST possible way to take your enemy down!

    Ever thought about why zombies go down faster with headshots? It is the application of the exact same mechanics here. The more upper body or headshots you hit in Battlegroundmobile India, the more gunfights you win. In turn, your in-game stats will automatically get a dramatic boost. However, controlling the vertical and horizontal recoil of a gun is no joke.

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    It takes practice and a good understanding of the gun’s recoil pattern to be able to hit headshots in BGMI. But, don’t worry, we have got you covered. Here are our best 5 tips to land more of those deadly headshots on your opponents in Battlegrounds Mobile India!

    BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) – 5 Best Tips for Headshot


    Without any further ado, here are the five best tips to hit your headshots more often in BGMI:

    #1 Find the Sensitivity Settings that Work for YOU!

    It is of paramount importance that players find the sensitivity settings that work for them. Often times, we head over to YouTube to copy the settings of professional YouTubers and gamers. However, even these top players suggest that you tweak the settings as per your comfort zone. This is primarily because what works for others may not work for you and vice versa.

    Besides, the kind of device you are using also determines how much sensitive your settings need to be in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). If you are on a low-end device, it is important to use high sensitivity settings. Meanwhile, high-end device users need to take things down a notch with their sensitivity settings. Keeping these things in mind, take it to the training room and find the sensitivity that you are most comfortable with playing. This will definitely take your Battlegroundmobile India game to the next level!

    You can give these settings a try and tweak as per your comfort and playability. These settings work well for both low-end and high-end devices.

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    Camera Sensitivity (Non-Gyro Players in BGMI)

    3rd person no scope: 120-130%
    1st person no scope: 115-120%
    Red Dot, Holographic, Aim assist: 65-70%
    2x scope: 38-45%
    3x scope: 25-35%
    4x scope: 15-25%
    6x scope: 15-25%
    8x scope: 10-15%

    ADS Sensitivity (Non-Gyro Players in BGMI)

    3rd person no scope: 120-125%
    1st person no scope: 105-110%
    Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: 4%
    2x scope: 3%
    3x scope: 2%
    4x scope: 1%
    6x scope: 1%
    8x scope: 1%

    Camera Sensitivity (For Gyro Players in BGMI)

    3rd person no scope: 300-400%
    1st person no scope: 300-400%
    Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: 350-400%
    2x scope: 350-400%
    3x scope: 240-50%
    4x scope: 180-200%
    6x scope: 115-120%
    8x scope: 55-60%

    ADS Sensitivity (For Gyro Players in BGMI)

    3rd person no scope: 350-400%
    1st person no scope: 350-400%
    Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: 350-400%
    2x scope: 350-400%
    3x scope: 230-40%
    4x scope: 190-200%
    6x scope: 240-50%
    8x scope: 50-60%

    #2 Cross-Hair Awareness in Battlegrounds Mobile India

    Being aware of the exact middle of your display is important. This is because that is where your cross hair aligns itself when you try to shoot enemies in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Once you are aware of your cross-hair in the exact center of your display, things will get significantly easier for you.

    Lot of the pros out there also use a button that they do not use and place it in the middle of their screen to be aware of the center. You can head over to the controller layout and do this. Select a button that you do not use and place it in the middle of your screen. Decrease its size to roughly a dot and turn the opacity down till you are comfortable without it interfering with your BGMI gameplay.

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    #3 Cross-Hair Placement

    With the cross-hair awareness out of the way, now you want to focus on your cross-hair placement. Good thing is, once your cross-hair awareness gets better, your cross-hair placement will automatically improve. These two elements go completely hand in hand.

    Once you are aware of the center of your display, you will automatically directly place the cross-hair on your enemies instead of dragging it and then placing it. This costs you milli-seconds worth of precious time needed to win a particular gunfight.

    Moreover, you do not want your cross-hair to tremble too much. This will make you miss those headshots. Learning to hold your aim comes with a lot of practice. With that, comes our next tip.

    #4 Practicing hard

    It goes without saying that, practice makes a man perfect. The very concept of perfection may be flawed but you can get very near to it by ploughing through game after game. You will automatically figure out what works for you. Being aware of your strengths and weaknesses is the key to winning at BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India).

    Whether it is in the training room or TDM or just the classic battle royale experience, you can do wonders by just practicing long and hard enough to become a headshot expert!

    #5 Using the Right Scope in Battlegrounds Mobile India

    While practice is what makes you get better, using the right scope is a smart move to hit headshots easily. If you are not using the right scope, your aim will be all over the place. You can use the most powerful sniper in the game and still, will find yourself missing shots left, right and center. This is because you are not using the right scope.

    There are various types of scopes that you will come across in a game of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Now, while the AWM is insanely good paired with an 8X scope, it is not an easy to come across combo. Mostly, 8X scopes can be gotten from airdrops. We all know how hunting for airdrops turn out.

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    Multiple teams head to these airdrops and it is a blood pool immediately. An amazing combination that is significantly easier to come across is the Moshin Nagant with 6X scope combo. It works like a charm in BGMI!

    If you stick by these tips and practice, you will definitely knock it out of the park soon! Find your perfect sensitivity, get accustomed to it, practice in the training room or push through ranked matches and you will eventually become a Pro at BGMI in no time at all. Happy gaming, fellow gamers!


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