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5 Best SMG in CoD Mobile Season 11 Ultimate Frontier!


SMGs are close-range weapons that can be used in multiple different scenarios to your advantage in CoD Mobile. Here is a list of the best!

- Updated: 16th Dec 2022, 14:14 IST
  • 1
    5 Best SMG in CoD Mobile
    • #1 QQ9
    • #2 CBR4
    • #3 PP19 Bizon
    • #4 Fennec
    • #5 RUS-79U
  • 2
    Best SMG in CoD Mobile – Honourable Mentions
    • #1 MX9
    • #2 QXR
    • #3 GKS
    • #4 Pharo

Have you ever come across opponents in Call of Duty Mobile who take you down faster than the speed of light? If that is the case, do not worry, we finally bring to you the best SMG in CoD Mobile to use. SMGs are mostly fast firing, high mobile guns that prove to be lethal at close to mid ranges. If you already take primarily such range fights, an SMG will definitely take your game to the next level!

We have divided the article into, firstly, the top five. Then, we have a couple of honourable mentions. The top five guns are mostly those guns that are the meta of SMGs. These five best SMG in CoD Mobile can be used by most players without breaking much sweat. However, the honourable mentions are those that do not suit anyone and everyone. You either have to be a REALLY good player or, just super familiar with the gun.

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5 Best SMG in CoD Mobile

If you are looking for the best SMG in CoD Mobile, these will definitely blow your mind away. Without any further ado, here is the list:

#1 QQ9

Best SMG in CoD Mobile QQ9

The QQ9 is a beast of an SMG. Always has been. One of the major reasons why QQ9 is probably the best SMG in CoD Mobile is because of its super high mobility. This, coupled with an amazing fire rate and impressive magazine size makes it one of the best in Call of Duty Mobile Season 11.

#2 CBR4

Best SMG in CoD

CBR4 is a very new addition to the game. It only made it to the game last season, which was Call of Duty Mobile Season 10. Not only was the gun an instant hit among players, it is one of the best SMGs to use in the game currently. There is a certain amount of satisfaction using the gun, to be honest.

Not only does it offer a really good time to kill, the weird yet fun-to-use iron sight makes it enter the list. Did we forget to mention that the gun is also easy to control? Yes, it is. What else do you need for it to be one of the best SMG in CoD Mobile.

#3 PP19 Bizon

Best SMG in CoD Mobile PP19

The PP19 Bizon is the RPD of the SMG class in Call of Duty Mobile. Still not sure why we called it that? It has the magazine size of quite literally an LMG and the stability of a well-balanced assault rifle. Not to mention, the gun has the high mobility of an SMG.

All of these elements make it one of the best SMGs to use in CoD Mobile Season 11. Besides, the gun is very straightforward and easy to use. There are multiple ways to use it as well. You can push your enemies, all guns blazing or hold choke points and spam the gun. Either way, it is a very reliable gun.

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The fact that your enemy would have to reload their guns twice or maybe even thrice to go against you, while you are spamming your PP19 Bizon, makes it a scary weapon. It just had to make it to the top five SMGs list in Call of Duty Mobile, no questions asked.

#4 Fennec

Best SMG in CoD Mobile Fennec

The Fennec being one of the best SMG in CoD Mobile is debatable. Part of that is the fact that, you need to be careful with this gun. If you do not keep a proper bullet count or fail to control the recoil, it will not be that helpful. The only downside would be its damage drop at range.

However, once you know how to use it, the gun is probably THE best SMG in Call of Duty Mobile. It has one of the fast time to kill in the entire game. Before your enemies know what happened, they will be wiped off of the map.

#5 RUS-79U

Best SMG in CoD Mobile RUS

Way back in the day, when Call of Duty Mobile was first released, the RUS was a formidable weapon. Not only does the gun have an insanely fast fire rate, it also offers amazing stability at range. However, with the addition of newer SMGs, the gun gradually lost its relevance. Now, Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 has a very stable meta, which allows this evergreen SMG to make it to the top 5 best SMG in CoD Mobile list.

Best SMG in CoD Mobile – Honourable Mentions

#1 MX9

Best SMG in CoD Mobile Honorable Mentions MX9

In both Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 and Season 8, the MX9 broke the game. It was unstoppable and a huge pain to counter. No matter what you used, the gun was countering anything and everything. However, after the developers decided to introduce the much anticipated MX9 nerf, things were not looking great for the gun.

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Even if that is the case, the gun is used by a considerable amount of players even now. To be honest, it is far from being a bad gun. The MX9 still shreds! Although it has been nerfed, the fast firing rate and super high mobility still make it a great close to mid range gun to use.

#2 QXR

Best SMG in CoD Mobile Honorable Mentions QXR

The QXR has been another annoying meta in the past in Call of Duty Mobile. After it got nerfed into oblivion, the gun lost all its relevance. In its defence, the gun is still pretty underrated. It can still shred in the right scenarios.

Major downside of using the gun is its terrible damage drop at range. It is worse than that of the fennec. Besides, the ADS movement may be wonky and it just may seem to restrict you in a couple different scenarios, the gun is still way better than most SMGs in the game. For some, it may still be the best SMG in CoD Mobile Season 11.

#3 GKS

Best SMG in CoD Mobile Honorable Mentions GKS

The GKS is confusing. For some reason, the gun does not seem to know what it exactly is. It pretends to be an SMG but then, feels more like a lightweight assault rifle. Sadly, it is not great at being either. However, the gun is one of the most stable and easy to use SMGs in Call of Duty Mobile Season 11.

If we are talking about the best SMG in CoD Mobile, the GKS is definitely a good SMG. Not great, but good indeed. You cannot head right in at enemies. You need to hold and pre-fire a lot. This is mostly because of its slow fire rate which can make you lose most fights.

#4 Pharo

Best SMG in CoD Mobile Honorable Mentions Pharo

The Pharo is one of my personal favourites. If like me, you are into burst fire guns, this is the best SMG for you. However, it may not be pleasant for everyone to use. Burst fire weapons have a certain charm to them. Once you get used to such kinds of weapons and their erratic rate of fire, they are very addictive to use!

Let me quickly put it out there, the Pharo is a great gun. If you hit all your shots and do not choke as much, the gun can take down a whole bunch of enemies. Moreover, it can do so in just two to three bursts in close ranges. In mid ranges, it may take slightly longer. Either way, a very satisfying gun to use. For burst fire weapon lovers like me, it may actually even be one of the best SMG in CoD Mobile currently!

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The key takeaway here is that these SMGs are not meant for long range gun fights. They just won’t cut it and will lead to you using losing gunfights left, right and center. However, if you are someone who knows when and where to use them, these can definitely take your Call of Duty game to the next level! Good thing about this list of the best SMG in CoD Mobile is that it is not exactly user specific. These guns can be used by all sorts of players. Even if you are a sniper for the most part, just a few practice sessions and you will get the hang of it. We most certainly do hope that this list helps and, happy gaming!


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Highlights of the Story

  • SMGs in CoD Mobile offer better mobility and ADS speeds in CoD Mobile.
  • These are meant for close to mid-range gun fights.
  • We have made a list of the 5 best SMG to use in CoD Mobile!