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Best Ways to Get Free NC in PUBG New State – 2024


PUBG New State NC can be used to buy outfits, weapon skins and a variety of other in-game premium cosmetic items. You can now get NC for free without spending a dime!

- Updated: 29th Dec 2023, 11:58 IST
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    PUBG New State NC – Best Ways to Get it for Free
    • Method #1: PUBG New State Redeem Code List
    • Method #2: Google Opinion Rewards
    • Method #3: Easy Rewards
    • Method #4: InstaGC
    • Method #5: Poll Pay

Sometimes the free-to-play experience can get a tad bit too vanilla and you may want to jump in to the premium section of a game. PUBG New State uses NC as its in-game currency and you can actually get it for free! Yep, you heard that right. However, we will be talking about legal methods so, there is no quick way around it. Legit methods will always take time to accumulate PUBG New State NC but, they are the most trust-worthy methods out there.

You may be wondering now, why would I want PUBG New State NC? My dear gamer, then you are definitely in for a ride! Firstly, this in-game currency allows you to get PUBG New State Survivor Pass. This is what the battle pass of New State is called. It offers fifty tiers of exciting in-game rewards.

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Now, the free-to-play pass does not offer much but when it comes to the premium section, it is absolutely nuts. From outfits to weapon skins and free NC, the pass offers a ton of exciting goodies! There are a bunch of other things that NC can get players. Without any further ado, let us now talk about the best methods to get free NC in PUBG New State.

PUBG New State NC – Best Ways to Get it for Free

Method #1: PUBG New State Redeem Code List

PUBG New State Redemption Site

Redeem codes are something that players eagerly wait to release. These redeem codes allow players to get their hands on free rewards by just typing in a couple codes. Then, they get amazing in-game awards and the good news is that, PUBG New State offers redeem codes as well!

Moreover, a couple of these codes offer free PUBG New State NC as well. All you have to do is visit the official PUBG New State Redemption Center, type in the code and submit. Then, all you have to do is visit your in-game mail to claim it. So, here is the latest PUBG New State Redeem Code List for December 23, 2021:

  • E35KQXI8C6IH8
  • KO684R62VRRYJ
  • UCBYSD800

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Method #2: Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards To Get Free UC In Battlegrounds Mobile India

Google Opinion Rewards are the most popular way of making in-game purchases for free. What the app basically does is it allows you to complete short surveys. In return, you get rewarded with Google Play Credits. These credits can then be used to make any in-app purchase. Wait for it, it includes getting your hands on some free NC in PUBG New State as well!

You just have to keep realistic expectations from it. This a hundred percent legit method of getting free NC in the game. Hence, it is going to take time to accumulate a considerable amount for purchasing NC.

Method #3: Easy Rewards

Easy Rewards

Easy Rewards works a lot like Google Opinion Rewards. It works similarly to Google Opinion Rewards. However, there is a lot of variety here that can actually keep you engaged as well. It is not just surveys you have to answer but also, you can try out trendy apps or watch videos. You will then receive Coins on completing each of these actions.

It does not end there. Once you receive these Coins, you can redeem them for Amazon Gift Cards, Paypal cash or more. This will allow you to get free NC in PUBG New State as well. Want a fun yet rewarding way of getting free NC? Then, EasyRewards is definitely it for you.

Method #4: InstaGC


InstaGC is a website that allows you to gradually get your hands on free NC in PUBG New State. Watch a couple funny videos and go ROFL or carry out online shopping and that’s pretty much it. You will receive points for carrying out these actions.

In addition, as soon as you register with InstaGC, you get 10 bonus points. How cool is that? In InstaGC, a 100 bonus points are equal to $1 of gift cards. So, you can purchase these gift cards once you have accumulated a 100 points. What more, you can redeem Google Play Credit with this and get free PUBG New State NC!

Method #5: Poll Pay

Poll Pay for Free Fire MAX Diamonds

Poll pay is another GPT or Get Paid To application that allows you answer surveys and get rewards. The good thing about Poll Pay is that it is not just limited to Android users. iOS users can make use of it as well. For Android users, they get Google Play Gift Cards and iOS users get iTunes Gift Cards. You can use this to get your hands on free NC in PUBG New State.

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We hope this article helps you in getting the best possible in-game goodies with free NC. Moreover, we would highly recommend you to stay away from websites and third-party applications that ‘claim’ to give away free NC. These are scam websites that can get your account permanently banned as well. So, try out the legal ways we have listed in here and make the most out of it to get free NC in PUBG New State. Happy Gaming, folks!


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