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How To Get Unlimited Diamonds In Garena Free Fire!


Free Fire has a variety of character skins that can be purchased via diamonds. While it is difficult for you to get diamonds in the beginning, it is easy once you reach advance servers. Diamonds are the in-game currency of the game, and this is how you can get free diamonds in free fire.

- Updated: 26th Apr 2024, 09:07 IST
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    Tips To Get Free Diamonds In Free Fire In 2024!
    • Google Opinion Rewards
    • Register With Facebook
    • Participate in the Advanced Server:
    • Complete In-Game Events:
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    It’s Best To Focus On GamePlay Than Shortcuts
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    • How can I get free diamonds in Free Fire?
    • How do I obtain 10,000 diamonds in Free Fire?
    • What is a redeem code, and how do I use it in Free Fire Max?
    • How to use Garena Free Fire Max redeem codes?

Garena Free Fire is mainly known for its gameplay and the fantastic character skins that it provides. While the temptation to get free diamonds in Free Fire is undeniable, safe options to get it is limited. With the diamonds, one can unlock various fun features in the game, like weapons, various extensions for the characters and so on. Also, these character skins are not simply skins but have unique abilities as well. However, to get the best skins, players need to purchase them via in-game currency, which can be expensive.

So, for the love of this game, we are going to show you some legit ways to get free diamonds in free fire so that you can benefit from them within the game:

Tips To Get Free Diamonds In Free Fire In 2024!

Here are some of the best ways to get free diamonds in free fire and level up your game aesthetics without making any purchases.

Google Opinion Rewards:

It is a great platform to earn Google Play money, which you can later use for various in-app purchases, including subscriptions and more. All you have to do is answer the survey questions whenever they arrive. Make sure you fill out the survey within 24 hours of receiving the notification so that you can earn maximum number of times and in a short time. Later you can use that amount for purchasing the Free Fire Diamonds.

  • Download the Google Opinion Rewards app from the Google Play Store.
  • Complete survey questions to set up your profile.

Register With Facebook

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There is just too much aesthetically pleasing content on Free Fire, and this makes it hard to resist. It also has different skins to offer, which is a must-go for every Free Fire enthusiast. From a small backpack to complete characters, there is so much going on.

The game developer, Garena, has produced a fantastic opportunity for its community. This opportunity allows anyone to earn diamonds via the bug reporting program on Advance Servers. These are the few simple steps that you need to follow to earn diamonds in Free Fire.

  • Visit Free Fire official website.
  • Register yourself using Facebook.
  • Make sure your Free Fire ID is linked to Facebook.
  • Fill up the required details and create your account.

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Participate in the Advanced Server:

You can be a part of a better cause and participate in the testing activities. The Advanced Server is a testing ground for upcoming updates. If you find any bug or glitch, you can report and earn diamonds for your contribution.

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Once you have created your account on advance servers, here is how to get free diamonds in free fire:

  • Find bugs across the game and report it on the website via your account.
  • Players can earn 100 diamonds for a successful report.
  • By working in teams, you can report the maximum number of bugs and earn up to a whopping 3000 diamonds

However, the advance server does get filled with way too many entries at times. In that case, wait for the servers to open again so you can get in. Apart from a few slots for the testers, the rest are open. Once you make it into the advanced server, earning diamonds is easy.

Complete In-Game Events:

Garena frequently holds events where you can earn diamonds by completing tasks like playing a certain number of games or achieving specific goals. This is a good opportunity to earn diamonds in the safest way. However, this is not a quick process as it would take some time to achieve the goals.

It’s Best To Focus On GamePlay Than Shortcuts

While you can rely on the above methods to get the diamonds free in Free Fire, many might look for other quick ‘hacks’ or ‘cheat codes’. If you fall for such ways, you might be inviting some potential risk factors. Those are:

Security Risks: These hacks often involve downloading third-party apps or clicking suspicious links. These can contain malware that steals your personal information or infects your device.

Account Bans: The game’s developer, relies on diamond purchases to keep the game running. Offering unlimited diamonds would disrupt their revenue model. So, strong anti-cheat measures in place. If you attempt to use unauthorized methods to gain diamonds, your account could be banned, meaning you’d lose all your progress and purchased items.


We hope you will be delighted with this article. However, the Free Fire Unlimited Diamonds Hacks usage is not recommended. If you come across a technique like this, please avoid it. As a result, you may legally get Free Fire Diamonds.

If you have any questions about, please leave a remark. For more information, join our Telegram channel. Please share this information with your friends and Free Fire fans so that they may learn all there is to know about FF Diamond Hacks.



How can I get free diamonds in Free Fire?

While there’s no direct way to get free diamonds in Free Fire, Garena occasionally distributes redeem codes during esports events and in-game promotions. These codes can be entered on the official redemption page ( to receive rewards, including diamonds. Keep an eye out for announcements and events to maximize your chances of getting free diamonds.

How do I obtain 10,000 diamonds in Free Fire?

Acquiring 10,000 diamonds in Free Fire primarily involves purchasing them through top-up options, memberships, special offers, or airdrops. It’s important to note that genuine diamonds cannot be obtained through hacking or illegitimate means. If you’re aiming for 10,000 diamonds, consider investing in in-game purchases or exploring special promotions offered by Garena.

What is a redeem code, and how do I use it in Free Fire Max?

Redeem codes are unique combinations of letters and numbers provided by Garena for Free Fire Max players. These codes offer various rewards, including weapons, outfits, and diamonds, without any cost.

How to use Garena Free Fire Max redeem codes?

To use a redeem code, visit the official Free Fire Max redemption website (, log in with your account credentials, and enter the 12-digit code provided. Ensure you’re on the official website to avoid potential risks from fraudulent sites.

Please do not use any phoney freefirediamondhack sites.

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Moreover, an important thing to keep in mind is to stay away from fraudulent and illegal sites. These sites claim to provide you with free diamonds, and this is not legal. Also, this increases the chances of your account being banned. It is crucial to stay away from these websites and keep your game account 100% legal to play a fair game amongst the gaming community.


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  • Diamonds are the in-game currency in Free Fire
  • By following certain, you can receive free diamonds
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