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These Are The Best Characters In Garena Free Fire


Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular Battle Royale games right now on mobile phones. The game offers several characters with unique abilities to suit your playstyle.

- Updated: 14th Oct 2020, 20:23 IST
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    Garena Free Fire: Top 5 Characters

Garena Free Fire already has 500 million plus download on the Google Play Store. We can understand how popular the game actually is from this. Moreover, with so many players from across the globe playing the game, things can get pretty competitive. This is why choosing the right guns and the right character is necessary. We have already made a list of the best guns in Garena Free Fire which you can check here.

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This time, we decided to provide both beginners and pro players with a list of the best characters in the game. Each of these characters have special abilities which you can put to use in order to win matches.

Garena Free Fire: Top 5 Characters

#1 Alok

garena free fire best characters alok

Alok is regarded as one of the best Free Fire characters ever. From those incredible healing capabilities to increased movement speed, the character is absolutely amazing. Players using this character can restore 5HP per second for 10 seconds. Moreover, the character can create a 5-meter aura that increases the movement speed of your allies while restoring their health simultaneously. The character can be purchased for 1499 diamonds in the game.

#2 Kelly

garena free fire best characters kelly

If running and gunning is your playstyle, she is an absolute beast of a character. From an increased running speed of up to 5% when maxed out to increased damage, she is just way too powerful. However, you need to know how to increase her damage. The steps are:

  • Run for 7 seconds.
  • After you stop, you will see ‘Skill Awakened.
  • Fire within 5 seconds of Awakened Skill to get increased damage.

#3 Paloma

Free Fire Paloma

If you are the kind of person who likes more ammo on guns, she is the best for you! Paloma can carry up to 180 assault rifle ammo when maxed out. This is a great thing to have especially when trying to take on multiple opponents at once. Furthermore, the character can be purchased for 499 diamonds in the game.

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#4 Joseph

garena free fire best characters joseph

Joseph is one of the best characters in the game because of his speed. The movement and sprint speed can be increased by up to a whopping 20% upon taking damage. Moreover, this ability allows players to bag kills quickly and disappear from the scene.

#5 Laura

garena free fire best characters laura

What makes Laura a force to reckon with is her increased accuracy. Players using this character will be able to land more headshots when scoping in. Also, this character can be purchased for 499 diamonds.

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So, this was our list of the top characters in the game and we hope you find the right character for yourself. Happy gaming!


Vinzuda Tushar

2 Year ago
Plije give me diamond MUJE dj alok lena hei or pese nahi hei help me ? my I'd 2974718201


2 Year ago
Plzz give me Dimonds

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