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Why Dead By Daylight Is The Best Horror Game On Android Right Now

By Yeti - 
1st Sep 2020
dead by daylight game

When Dead By Daylight came out for PC way back in 2016, it did receive great reviews and was much appreciated in the gaming community. However, the horror game slowly lost its relevance over time as much better survival horror games came up. Nowadays, survival horror is one of the most popular genres in the gaming industry. From Resident Evil’s big comeback with Biohazard in 2017 to the success of their recent remakes and storytelling epics like Man of Medan, we have had it all. However, absolutely nothing glorious had surfaced in the mobile gaming industry when it came to the ‘horror’ genre. 

Go beyond PUBG and COD: M

With the mobile gaming industry constantly evolving and becoming more popular by the day, something amazing was needed. Mobile gaming is not just about PUBG or COD Mobile. There are several games out there that do not get the spotlight that they rightfully deserve. However, when a mobile port for Dead by Daylight was released in June this year, it all changed. The game took the entire mobile gaming community by storm. 

PUBG and Call of Duty: Mobile gamers took to YouTube to share their views on the mobile game as well. The mobile port received great reviews from these streamers which in turn increased its popularity. 

Dead By Daylight: What Is It About?

It is a 4 vs 1 multiplayer survival horror game in which four friends are being hunted by a killer. Additionally, there are two classes in the game namely survivor and killer. The survivor class has a variety of different characters like Jake Park, Jeff Johansen, Adam Francis, Laurie Strode along with the popular Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington of Stranger Things fame. The killer class of the game has a ton of different twisted and hideous characters from the horror genre namely the Trapper, the Shape, Demogorgon, the Hag, Hillbilly Killer, etc. Die-hard horror fans are also most likely to go gaga over several other characters from popular horror franchises like Saw, Halloween, etc. 

Characters, Abilities, and Atmosphere

What is incredible is how each of these characters have different abilities which brings along different play styles to go about it. The constant chase and fear of being caught by a ghastly killer is something which keeps the players going and sometimes, taking a break. The ghastly atmosphere coupled with a constant fear of falling into a trap is something which keeps players at the very edge. This is exhilarating and is something which a lot of horror games fail to provide. Furthermore, the AI is very smart as if you are seen getting in one of the hiding spots, the killer immediately tracks your location. If you run fast, you die fast. Moving slowly while crouching is a good way to evade the risk of being found by the killer. 

dead by daylight

If you are the killer, you have to hunt for the survivors. Also, the killer is pretty overpowered as just two shots can bring down a survivor. Afterwards, you can then hang them from the sacrificial hook. The killer can also lay down traps to slow survivors down and then get to them easily.

The game also provides users with a good progression system. There are a variety of in-game experiences like random maps and perks associated with specific characters. Additionally, players can also choose to customize their characters with outfits and a variety of accessories. 

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The Takeaway

In an industry taken over by battle royales for the most part, Dead By Daylight is a bold step at taking a break from the trendy. Also, no matter how many horror games come out in the future, the game will also be remembered as one of the best games to provide a true multiplayer experience. We have had a ton of story-based horror games but a good multiplayer experience in the genre? Not really. This game provides the players with exactly that and beyond. All-in-all a must play for horror game fanatics and multiplayer fans out there. 

How To Install

Dead By Daylight Mobile is actually very easy to download and install as the game is available on Google Play Store. However, the game is pretty huge with over 2.5 GB of downloadable data. People with a good and strong WiFi connection and get the game down in no time. 

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