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    What Are The Best Guns In COD Mobile Season 9!


    COD is an extremely popular mobile game for Android and iOS, the game is played by several million users across devices and platforms. “Call of Duty: Mobile” has recently received the latest Season 9 update on the 16th of August and is called as the Conquest. This season brings several new changes and features to the game including new modes, events, maps, and a Ranked Series 6. This updated COD also brings new guns that offer an elevated gaming experience, and this article shows you the different Gun series and the best picks in each segment.

    By Akhil Taneja | 
    Updated: 27th Aug 2020 15:58 IST

    Table Of Contents

    • 1
      COD Mobile Season 9 Weapon Tier – Explained
    • 2
      Best Guns featured in COD Mobile Season 9 By Category:
      • 1. Assault Rifle
      • 2. SMG
      • 3. Sniper Rifle
      • Here are a Few More Upgrades in the Call of Duty Season 9:

    Highlights of the Story

    • COD: Mobile is one of the most played games on Play Store, and App Store
    • In a recent update COD: Mobile released the Season 9 for the game with new modes, events, and maps
    • The new season also introduces a Ranked Series 6 and new guns thereby improving the gaming experience

    The Call of Duty: Mobile has recently introduced a new Season 9 that is called as the Conquest on the 16th of August. This new season brings several new modes, events, maps, and a Ranked Series 6. The game is extremely popular and has made massive changes to the performance and overall experience over the past few seasons.

    Some of the major changes introduced in Season 9 are the Gunsmith feature and the 1944 map. The new Gunsmith feature allows players to customize their weapons to a higher extent with several attachments and better data. You can also use stickers, skins, and more to make each weapon unique. 

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    Gunsmith COD Mobile

    In Call of Duty: Mobile, each weapon type has a rating or the Weapon XP System. All the base weapons can be unlocked simply by playing the game and completing the Gunsmith missions.

    You can unlock these features with a free Battle Pass or by possessing or acquiring any variant of the gun. Further details regarding the Epic or Legendary variants of the Weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile can be found on the blueprints.

    If you are interested in increasing your gameplay experience and want to find out the best guns to use in COD: Mobile Season 9 then this article will show you some of the best options. 

    COD Mobile Season 9 Weapon Tier – Explained

    Call of Duty: Mobile comes with a massive list of weapons of different qualities, each weapon is given a single letter classification of any letter between A to D or S. This helps new and advanced users identify the level of the weapon and decide accordingly.

    The letter S is allocated to the highest grade of weapon or the best ones, this indicates that it is a good performing shooter and can be used for the best kill performance.

    The Grades or Weapon Tiers A, and B stand for Great, and Good which are just what the title reads.

    Best Guns In COD Mobile

     While these weapon tiers offer very good performance, damage, and more positive aspects factors, they do not match up to the same level as the performance offered by the S levels weapons.

    The final C and D level weapons stand for Decent and Low performance, while the C level weapons an still be used in some instances despite the average performance, the D tier weapons are strictly not recommended due to the low performance. 

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    TierWeapon name
    SDR-H, KN-44, QQ9, Chicom, Razorback, DL Q33, Kilo Bolt-Action, KRM-262, M4LMG
    AMan-O-War, AK-47, GKS, MSMC, BK57, LK24, ICR-1, Locus, ASM10, BY15, HG 40
    BPharo, Arctic.50, RUS-79U, Cordite, HBRa3, M4, UL736, S36
    COutlaw, M16, Type 25, AK117, RPD, Chopper, PDW-57, M21 EBR
    DHVK-30, HS0405, XPR-50, HS2126, Striker

    Best Guns featured in COD Mobile Season 9 By Category:

    1. Assault Rifle

    The Call of Duty: Mobile has good options in the new update when it comes to Assault Rifles, there are three notable options here: DR-H, KN44, and Man-O-War. The DR-H is one of the best assault rifles in Season 9 of the Call of Duty: Mobile game. This gun hit has up to 32 damage with medium fire rate along with a good recoil and has a good optimal range to use DR-H in varied situations.

    The second best option here is the KN-44 and this gun hits the enemy with up to 26 damage. The gun has a very fast fire rate and good recoil control. The optimal range for the KN-44 is close to medium range for the best impact.

    The Man-O-War is the third-best option in the list in the Season 9. While the rifle has up to 34 damage with good fire range, the recoil control is required and the optimal range for the Man-O-War is close to medium range. 

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    2. SMG

    The Call of Duty: Mobile game comes with three excellent SMGs, the QQ9, the Chicom, and the Razorback. The QQ9 is perhaps the best submachine gun to use in the Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9 update. It has up to 25 damage and a very fast firing rate and ads speed. The recoil on the QQ9 is controllable and the optimal range is in a close and limited distance.

    The Chicom stands in at the second place in the Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9 update and this burst SMG has a very high damage output of about 35 in close range. The burst recoil is easy to handle and control but it requires a  precise aim to be able to hit the burst.

    The third spot in the SMG category goes to the Razorback, this SMG has a 30 level damage and comes with a good fire rate and good recoil control. The optimal range to use this submachine gun is close to medium range. 

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    3. Sniper Rifle

    There are two amazing Sniper rifles in Call of Duty: Mobile, the DL Q33, and the Kilo Bolt-Action have excellent traits that make it an excellent choice for most. The DL Q33 is perhaps the best sniper in Season 9 of the Call of Duty: Mobile game and it is still standing strong among all the other snipers with a good margin. The DL Q33 is very accurate and offers good mobility, and the rifle can easily kill the enemy in any range with just 1 shot at the upper chest area. The new marksman rifle Kilo Bolt-Action is the best sniper or marksman rifle in the game. This rifle comes with fast ads speed, amazing damage, and works very well in close range combat. 

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    Here are a Few More Upgrades in the Call of Duty Season 9:

    The developers of COD Mobile bring in massive changes to the game with each season update and Season 9 has got the players very excited for obvious reasons. This new update is game-changing and comes with several new features. 

    The new Season 9 has also brought in the Multiplayer and Battle Royale with the ability to create your own ultimate weapons provided by the new Gunsmith feature. The Season 9 also comes with the new 1944 Shipment map, this is yet another small war zone that is spread over a square are, the 1944 Shipment zone is set to be in an abandoned dockyard. 

    There is also a new 10 vs 10 mode, this will allow the players to go up against ten foes in the multiplayer mode. The developers of the Call of Duty: Mobile have also released the new video showing the changes in the new Season 9 to the Battle Royale mode, the found new locations will be added to the map for an enhanced gaming experience. 

    This new Season 9 for Call of Duty: Mobile game is a significant one and will make the overall gameplay much more entertaining, the game introduces several new modes, guns, and maps to improve the overall experience.


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