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    11 Upcoming Most Anticipated Mobile Games That You Must Wait For


    Are you wondering what to look forward to in terms of mobile games? You have landed in the right place. Here’s a list of the upcoming top upcoming mobile games!

    By Sagnik Dasgupta | 
    Updated: 30th Apr 2022 22:46 IST

    Table Of Contents

    • 1
      Top top upcoming mobile games
      • 1. Apex Legends Mobile
      • 2. GTA Trilogy
      • 3. Valorant Mobile
      • 4. Battlefield Mobile
      • 5. Alien Isolation
      • 6. Diablo Immortal
      • 7. Plants Vs Zombies 3
      • 8. Dauntless Mobile
      • 9. Pokemon Sleep
      • 10. Path of Exile Mobile
      • 11. DIABLO IMMORTAL will be released in January/ February of 2022

    Highlights of the Story

    • Multiple games like Pokemon Unite, Dungeon of the Endless and more released in 2021.
    • Looking beyond, we have made a list of the upcoming top upcoming mobile games.
    • This list includes GTA Trilogy, Valorant Mobile, Battlefield Mobile and more.

    Mobile gaming is a HUGE thing now! The mobile gaming industry has never been flourishing this much and we bring you a list of the top upcoming mobile games. The pandemic has further led to major growth in the segment. People have been mostly confined within the four walls of their homes. With such a limitation, mobile games came to the rescue and more and more people turned to such games on the small screen.

    2021 saw a major growth in the mobile gaming industry. Not only did we get BGMI aka Battlegrounds Mobile India, we also got PUBG New State. In addition, games like Pokemon Unite and Dungeon of the Endless were released as well. Next in trend is the mobile port of popular PC games. Wait till you hear these names, they will definitely blow your mind! Here’s the complete list of the upcoming top upcoming mobile games you need to look out for.

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    Top top upcoming mobile games

    1. Apex Legends Mobile

    In both competitive and multiplayer free-to-play circuits, Apex Legends is a great game to play. Till now, we have had the game on PC and consoles. However, the Apex Legends Mobile is on the way and we have already had a couple of beta testing sessions from the developers. Hopefully, the game will officially roll out on smartphones pretty soon. When it does, it will easily give CoD Mobile, BGMI and PUBG a run for their money.

    2. GTA Trilogy

    GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition came out for PC and Consoles recently. The game is also all set to launch for mobile phones sometime during early 2022. It goes without saying that it is easily one of the top upcoming mobile games to look forward to.

    We already have GTA Vice City and San Andreas for mobile devices. However, those are the classic versions. It will certainly be great to have enhanced versions of these games on smartphones. We definitely can’t wait to wreak havoc in the beautiful open worlds on mobile!

    3. Valorant Mobile

    Another game that absolutely dominates the competitive multiplayer gaming scene is Valorant. This is a title that is pretty much known to all. If you want to experience an unbeat and mystical version of Counter-Strike Global Offensive, this game is it. Many would even agree that it is probably better. Currently, the game is available on PC and consoles. However, Valorant Mobile is on the way and is definitely one of the top upcoming mobile games.

    4. Battlefield Mobile

    The large-scale playground to fight it out with your enemies and massive arsenal is finally coming to mobile phones. Yes, obviously we are talking about Battlefield. The franchise is easily one of the most successful series of games EA has ever come up with. Moreover, Battlefield Mobile will allow players to experience the very core elements that stylise the franchise on their smartphones.

    The game has been a rumour spectrum favourite and easily one of the top upcoming mobile games. This upcoming game will definitely take the mobile gaming industry by storm.

    5. Alien Isolation

    If you are a fan of the Survival Horror genre, this name will definitely not be new to you. Alien Isolation came out way back in 2014 and still now when we revisit the game, it is not one bit less scary. The game still looks absolutely stunning on PC and consoles. There is no other game quite like it that captures the true eerie atmosphere of the Alien franchise. Not adding it to this list of top upcoming mobile games would quite literally be a gamer’s worst sin!

    Now, Alien Isolation for mobile is officially on the way. The game will be released later this year. However, it could also be delayed to 2022 like many games. We certainly hope not. Have a Xenomorph chase you through an isolated and massive spaceship on your mobile device? YES, PLEASE!

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    6. Diablo Immortal

    Last year, we got to know that Diablo Immortal for both Android and iOS devices is in the works. In addition, we also got to see the first 25 minutes of its Aplha gameplay. Diablo is a massively popular online multiplayer RPG game. The mobile version of it is set somewhere in between the events of Diablo II and Diablo III. If we are talking about the top upcoming mobile games, Diablo Immortal had to make it in.

    7. Plants Vs Zombies 3

    Plants vs Zombies is a cult classic when it comes to mobile games. One of the most successful mobile games franchise to have ever come into existence is going to get a sequel soon. For now, you will have to play Plants vs Zombies 2. However, the third part will release soon and will offer one hell of an experience like all the other games in the series!

    8. Dauntless Mobile

    Dauntless is a 100% free-to-play Action Adventure role-playing video game. The game is available to play on PC and consoles. The game will be getting a mobile version soon and as per reports, we will most likely get to see cross-platform support as well. That is always a good time. While waiting for the mobile version to launch, you could head over to the Epic Games Store and give the game a proper try!

    Dauntless could be described as Monster Hunster on steroids. Monster Hunter has slower-paced gameplay in comparison. Dauntless is just quite a bit faster and has a very satisfying combat system, to say the least. On top of that, the graphics are upbeat and colourful which adds to the fun.

    9. Pokemon Sleep

    Pokemon Sleep will be a unique game that will allow players to most likely get more points when sleeping. This is similar to how Pokemon Go works when you are walking instead. This is mostly a step to ensure that players are getting enough sleep instead of staying up late in the night playing the game. Pretty solid, eh?

    Pretty much everything about the game is currently under wraps. Adding something like this to the already massive catalogue of Pokemon games, this time for mobile is definitely something to look forward to! Plus, come on, it’s POKEMON! Who wouldn’t want a new Pokemon game anyway? We just had to add it to our list of top upcoming mobile games.

    10. Path of Exile Mobile

    Path of Exile is a popular title in the online multiplayer hack and slash genre. The game has been around since 2013 and is still relevant in 2021. This is primarily because of the active updates and balance changes that its developers roll out. From a player’s point of view, Path of Exile is one of those few games that takes the elements of a good RPG game and makes it even better.

    The class flexibility and customisation options make it more desirable for players to play for hours on end. In addition, the animations and overall graphics are stunning, even now. All in all, a very well made RPG game that will soon make it to mobile devices. Path of Exile is surely one of the top upcoming mobile games.

    11. DIABLO IMMORTAL will be released in January/ February of 2022

    Diablo Immortal is a mobile-exclusive massively multiplayer online role-playing game and the top upcoming mobile game that enable you to fight with your friends in a range of familiar settings and dungeons. Taking set between the happenings of Diablo II and III, the tale charges you with attempting to prevent Diablo from rising from the dead.

    You may choose from a variety of characters, including barbarians, crusaders, demon hunters, monks, necromancers, and wizards, as you journey around the realm of Sanctuary and overcome more challenging adversaries. Check out the Diablo Immortal release date information to learn more about the game.

    And that is our list of the top upcoming mobile games. We hope you enjoyed it. Check back here from time to time since we’ll be updating this guide with additional new games as they become available.

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    With that, we would like to end this list of the upcoming most anticipated mobile games! Just like you, we cannot wait to get a hands-on gameplay experience with these titles. Hopefully, the games will be releasing soon and as per their estimated dates.


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