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10 Best Mobile Games That You Must Play In 2020!


While everyone is staying home being safe, mobile gaming is something that has kept us entertained during this pandemic. Here we have listed out some of the best mobile games that you must not miss and should definitely try it out. Most of these games are free to download and are available on both Android and iOS app stores.

- Updated: 25th Nov 2022, 01:42 IST
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    Top 10 Mobile Games to Play in 2020:
    • 1. Sky: Children of the light
    • 2. Maze Machina
    • 3. Pascal’s wager
    • 4. Castlevania: Symphony of the night
    • 5. Gumslinger
    • 6. KartRider rush
    • 7. Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale
    • 8. Eve Echoes
    • 9. Gwent: The witch card game
    • 10. Tom Clancy’s elite squad:
    • The Final Note:

Over 2.5 billion active gamers in the world but not many exciting games to fulfill their demands? Well, actually there are games that can take you to new levels of enthusiasm. With so many options available on the app store, it becomes tough for users to choose the best gaming title to play.

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Here we have done all the hard work for you and we have listed out the top 10 mobile games that you must play in 2020 to keep you entertained. We are sure that all of these games shall keep you glued to your smartphones for hours.

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Top 10 Mobile Games to Play in 2020:

Here are the top 10 handpicked mobile games that you should definitely try out:

1. Sky: Children of the light

Best Mobile Games

The Sky: Children of the light might be an unheard title for most but this game comes first in our list and offers a great experience with unique aesthetics and themes.

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Sky is basically a beautiful animated castle and players have to explore 7 dreamlike realms to uncover the mystery. They also need to enter into the darker realms, save spirits, and uncover ancient treasures. You can connect with people all around the world through this game and also enjoy a lot of character customization. Different levels unlock different adventures with unlimited and unstoppable fun.

Download: Playstore | Appstore 

2. Maze Machina

Best Mobile Games

Enter the world of machine maze, and it will become challenging to find a way out. You will have a tough time finding a way out because this is a difficult escape game. And not just any regular escape game as it offers the hardest challenges that require a solid IQ.

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Players need to find clues and make an interpretation out of it and then apply it in a suitable direction. It is a very complicated game, and you may find yourself stuck for days in it. Though if you want to go easy, then you can do that as well through the settings. 

Download: Playstore | Appstore 

3. Pascal’s wager

Best Mobile Games Pascal's wager

The third very exciting game on this list is Pascal’s wager. It is one of the paid games that costs you about Rs. 350. In this game, players have to explore the cursed Ichthyosauria. It is an action game with fabulous themes, graphics, and maps.

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Players take the roles of four diverse and powerful characters who embark on an adventure in a world shrouded in dark mist looking for the truth behind the light. Players enjoy the adventures of different mysterious lands with deeply hidden secrets and arch enemies. The game follows a great story and soundtrack, making it ten times more interesting than it already was.

Download: Playstore | Appstore

4. Castlevania: Symphony of the night


Another spectacular game is Castlevania: Symphony of the night. This paid game costs about Rs. 350 ($5) and lets you enjoy controlling powerful characters to fight off enemies.

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It is one of those action games that give you the experience of the live thrill as if you are inside the game. The more battles you win, the more levels you will unlock, and the difficulty level will increase. This game is available in 6 different languages, that is, English, Japanese, German, French, Italian, and Spanish. 

Download: Playstore | Appstore

5. Gumslinger


You may take ahead from the name for the characters of this game. If you guessed gummies, then you are right. Players enjoy missions and battles, but the biggest twist is that their characters and enemy are in the shape of gummy candies. And trust us, this element makes the game much more interesting and unique.

There are fascinating features like soft-body physics, rewards, skill shot missions and numerous gumslingers to collect.

Download: Playstore | Appstore

6. KartRider rush

KartRider rush

More than 10 million people are already enjoying the fun of this game, but what about you? This game offers some extreme racing that you must enjoy. It is an upgraded version of KartRider and follows with the story of the drivers.

Players can enjoy the bold and powerful selection of Karts along with extreme and dangerous tracks. Features like nitro boost, multi-player missions, 45+ race tracks, leaderboard, and rewards, etc. are all available in this game to make it more creative and appealing for players.

Download: Playstore | Appstore

7. Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale

Meteorfall best mobile game

Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale is one more fascinating game that will get you engaged with adventure in no time. The game includes 20+ unique dungeons, 25+ fully animated enemies, more than 50+ perks (passive bonuses), and more than 300+ cards along with 30 achievements to unlock.

A set of daily challenges are also presented for increasing the fun and excitement. The difficulty increases as the number of levels you cross increases and this is a paid game and cost about Rs. 620.

Download: Playstore | Appstore

8. Eve Echoes

 best mobile game Eve Echoes

Eve Echoes is another engaging game that gives the best of sandbox MMO experience with its high-quality graphics and soundtracks. The theme that this game follows is highly impressive and entertaining. Players explore the galaxy and create their own paths through missions.

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The players themselves set everything that goes on in this game. Every player needs to generate power from resource harvesting, industrial manufacturing, trade, as well as many other activities across thousands of solar systems. More than a hundred ships are available on this game that allows players to create their own science fiction legacy. Overall, this game is flawless, and you must try it out.

Download: Playstore | Appstore

9. Gwent: The witch card game

 best mobile game Gwent

Gwent is another game that is worth your time and it allows the players different ways to play and puts some real tough competition. Players need to win battles and rounds against their opponents to survive in this game and win the show.

There are many collectible arsenals with spells and special abilities that dramatically turn the tide of battle. Players need to plan and follow a strategy in this game for winning. The visual effects and graphics, along with the soundtrack, are mind-blowing. You will feel like you are present among the witches fighting off your opponent.

Download: Playstore | Appstore

10. Tom Clancy’s elite squad:

Tom Clancy's elite squad best mobile game

Tom Clancy’s elite squad game follows a theme where the world is under crisis. The player takes up with the role of commander and along with other agents deal with this crisis. The players get into real-time 5v5 battles in different combat zones. Players are allowed to choose their characters and team up with the most powerful and deadliest ones to kill off their opponents.

You can become the best commander with your skills and complete the campaign mode. That will revive all series of events that made UMBRA the common enemy of all your favorite heroes and villains. Lead the Elite Squad to take down UMBRA and save the world from the crisis it is facing in the game.

Download: Playstore | Appstore

The Final Note:

These were all the fun and exciting games that you must try out now and enjoy. All of these games will help you see different and new adventures, and you will definitely have fun with whatever final choices you make. Happy Mobile Gaming!

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3 Year ago
I've tried the kartrider rush its very engaging. this list also mentioned some excellent games that you can try

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  • There are about thousands of games available on the app store and its quite tough to choose the best one to play from the lot
  • During this lockdown, we all are looking for the best games to keep us entertained.
  • Here we list out some of the best games that you can play and are available on both Android and iOS.