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    How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire MAX?


    Free Fire uses Diamonds as its in-game currency. It allows players to purchase aesthetic in-game items like weapon skins, characters and more. Here’s how to get Diamonds for free in Free Fire MAX!

    By Sagnik Dasgupta | 
    Updated: 12th May 2022 23:27 IST

    Table Of Contents

    • 1
      Best Methods to Get Free Fire MAX Diamonds for Free
      • Method #1: Google Opinion Rewards
      • Method #2: BOOYAH! Events
      • Method #3: Easy Rewards
      • Method #4: Poll Pay
      • Method #5: Custom Rooms for Free Diamonds in Free Fire MAX
    • 2
      Free Fire Diamonds Price List in India

    Highlights of the Story

    • Garena Free Fire MAX uses Diamonds as its in-game currency.
    • To purchase Diamonds in Free Fire MAX, you need to use real currency.
    • In this article, we talk about the best ways of getting free diamonds in Free Fire MAX.

    Are you a hardcore Free Fire MAX player or just starting with the game? Either way, Diamonds allow you to get the most out of the game and here, we have listed the best ways to get free diamonds in Free Fire MAX. So whether you want to try your luck at the Lucky Wheel or purchase the Elite Pass, you will need Diamonds.

    This is like CP in CoD Mobile and NC in PUBG New State. In-game currencies allow you to explore the premium side of the game for a fee. However, most people may find it off the charts to afford or spend real money on the game. They are definitely in luck as we have put together the best methods to get diamonds in Free Fire MAX without Top-Up. So, without any further ado, let us take a quick look at them all!

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    Best Methods to Get Free Fire MAX Diamonds for Free

    Free Diamonds in Free Fire

    Method #1: Google Opinion Rewards

    For the longest time, Google Opinion Rewards has dominated the sphere of getting paid via online surveys. But, come on, it is Google we are talking about. Hearing this instantly allows you to trust Google Opinion Rewards instantly.

    What the application basically does is it allows you to answer surveys and earn Google Play credits. You can then use these credits for any in-app purchases. This is definitely super duper convenient and easy. The quick tip is realistic expectations and not fall for Google Opinion Rewards unlimited surveys scams.

    Take it slow and easy. Gradually, you will accumulate enough to get Diamonds in FF MAX. All-in-all, Google Opinion Rewards for Free Fire MAX free Diamonds is one of the best options out there!

    Method #2: BOOYAH! Events

    BOOYAH! is the official Free Fire app for all sorts of Free Fire MAX and standard Free Fire players. It allows players to stream their content, participate in various events, and watch streams to win exciting in-game rewards. From cool in-game skins to vouchers and more, you can make a lot out of BOOYAH!

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    Now, to get Diamonds, you will need to have a lot of patience. Just like Google Opinion Rewards, it takes time to collect Diamonds. Moreover, it takes luck as well for you to come across them. But, be persistent enough, and you shall land not just Diamonds but a lot of amazing in-game goodies. This will definitely take your gameplay to the next level and is hands down one of the best ways to get free Diamonds in Free Fire MAX.

    Method #3: Easy Rewards

    Easy rewards is another great method for getting free Diamonds in FF MAX. It works similarly to Google Opinion Rewards. However, instead of just answering surveys, you will need to try out popular apps. In addition, you will be required to watch videos and the like to earn Coins. These apps are mainly called GPT or Get Paid To apps.

    You can then redeem these Coins for Paypal Cash, Amazon Gift Cards and more. In turn, you can use these to get your hands on the Diamonds pack in Free Fire MAX. Isn’t it convenient? Easy Rewards will keep you entertained and earn some Coins in the process.

    Method #4: Poll Pay

    Like Easy Rewards, Poll Pay is another excellent GPT or Get Paid To app. It works on the same mechanism that Easy Rewards does. However, instead of going, you have to complete paid surveys. These surveys allow you to earn money, gift cards and the like. You can then use these to get your hands on in-game items like Diamonds for free. So if you are wondering how to get Diamonds in Free Fire without top-up, this is one of the best methods.

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    Method #5: Custom Rooms for Free Diamonds in Free Fire MAX

    Custom Rooms are a tad bit harder than the other methods on this list. You will need to be on the lookout for popular Instagram Free Fire Giveaway pages and YouTubers channels. They often hold top-up or Diamond giveaways. These are extremely competitive in nature. So, if you think you are a good player and can push through these custom room tournaments, these are actually the fastest way of getting a lot of free Diamonds in Free Fire MAX.

    Free Fire Diamonds Price List in India

    The Free Fire Diamonds Price List in India for the MAX version will allow you to understand how much you need to accumulate. Accordingly, you can save up on Google Play Credits and Diamonds via the abovementioned methods. Here is a quick look:

    Rs. 80100 Diamonds
    Rs. 250310 Diamonds
    Rs. 400520 Diamonds
    Rs. 8001060 Diamonds
    Rs. 1,6002180 Diamonds
    Rs. 4,0005600 Diamonds

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    Individuals should refrain from obtaining diamonds via illicit means. They may also participate in Custom Rooms to get this cash at no cost. We are thinking that you will find this post beneficial in obtaining free diamonds in Garena Free Fire MAX without paying any real money. Please let us know if you have any questions, recommendations, or contribute anything in the comments section below.

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    We most certainly do hope that this list of methods allows you to get free diamonds in Free Fire MAX. Getting your hands on your favourite and most desired in-game premium items is definitely a step up from the standard free-to-play experience. Besides, these are the best possible methods which shall allow you to do so for free, a hundred percent legally. We highly advise staying away from websites like Free Fire Diamond generator, hack Free Fire diamonds 99999 and other Free Fire Diamond Hacks. Not only do they pose a major threat to your account and can get it permanently banned but are also very illegally risky methods. Practicing a legal and safe gaming experience is always the way to go. Happy gaming!


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