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5 Best 27 Inch Monitor That You Can Buy In India May 2024


Looking to buy a 27-inch monitor for your space currently but are unable to narrow down on which one? Our article on the five best ones from the lot will help you make a final choice.

- Updated: 30th Apr 2024, 10:28 IST
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    What are the qualities you should look for in any monitor?
    • -Resolution
    • -Panel technology
    • -Refresh rates
    • -Response Time
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    Best 27 Inch Monitor To Buy In India
    • 1. Lenovo L-Series 27 inch Ultraslim Monitor
    • 2. Samsung Lc27F390Fhwxxl 27 Inch Monitor Curved Led
    • 3. LG 27Ml600 Full Hd 27 Inch LCD
    • 4. Acer HA270 27 Inch Full HD LCD
    • 5. Dell 27 Inch FHD Monitor
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The 27 inch monitor is the most legit in-demand piece for personal computers owing to its considerable sizes and feature. Generally, a large-sized monitor ends up consuming a significant amount of space on the table. It is here that 27 inch monitor is considered the best for display. Besides, this size of the monitor is good for those who want to use it for gaming and entertainment purposes.

You can even watch HD movies on the screen easily, as it would not strain your eyes and give you the best picture resolution. Here, in this article, we not only discuss the 27 inch monitor but also qualities that you should consider before buying one.

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What are the qualities you should look for in any monitor?

First and foremost, your aim should be to narrow down the understanding of monitors depending on their use. It may be possible that you might be choosing the monitor for your office space and work. Besides, you may also be looking for any option that would give you a good gaming experience or can be used for other entertainment too. Depending on the use, you must choose the quality and type of monitor, irrespective of the size.

Below are some of the characteristics that can help you finalise your laptop:


The number of pixels per inch on a desktop gives an idea of the resolution. The greater the resolution, the more detailed the overlook look and feel of the image displayed on the screen. The image flashes on the screen with higher detailing. Hence, it determines how the desktop enhances the user’s experience. The details of a desktop is shown in width x height format.

-Panel technology

Desktops come with different panel technology that determines the screen’s colour reproduction or imaging quality. Some of the panel technology includes TN, IPS, and VA. Twisted Nematic (TN) panels have stayed in demand for a longer time and had a good response time. However, better technologies in the form of In-Plane-Switching (IPS) and Vertically Aligned panels have come up with better response time or contrast settings. Newer technologies, such as Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED), are coming up too!

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-Refresh rates

An image refreshes on the screen each time it is displayed. The number of refreshes that takes place per second is called the refresh rate. This ensures that the image is smoothly displayed on the screen while you view it. For new-generation monitors, 144Hz is considered the perfect refresh rate, while 240Hz is also good for others!

-Response Time

The amount of time required by the monitors to shift from one colour to another is called response time. When you have less response time, image blurring gets relatively lower, thereby improving the picture quality. Gaming desktops are expected to have a 1milisecond refresh rate for the best experience.

Best 27 Inch Monitor To Buy In India

1. Lenovo L-Series 27 inch Ultraslim Monitor

lenovo monitor

The flicker-free 27 inch HD monitor by Lenovo is one you definitely want this season. Known for its ideal resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, the desktop can be connected using VGA and HDMI technology. Besides, it has a great response time of 4 milliseconds, reducing the screen’s blurriness. The panel technology is powered by IPS, so you no longer have to worry about screen performance. The sleek and compact design would fit any space on your desk, and you may, in fact, end up saving a lot of it.

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2. Samsung Lc27F390Fhwxxl 27 Inch Monitor Curved Led

samsung 27 inch monitor

The backlit Samsung screen comes in full HD and the latest VA panel technology allowing it to achieve greater screen contrast (3000:1). The slim body with a support stand can be best placed on your desk. Besides, it comes with 178-degree vertical and horizontal viewing angles and a 60Hz screen refresh rate. If you are an avid game player, then this should be your preferred option considering the screen size and other supportable specs. Additionally, you can connect it using a D-Sub Port, HDMI, and a headphone. To keep your eyes strain-free, it ensures to provide you with the eye-saver mode.

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3. LG 27Ml600 Full Hd 27 Inch LCD

lg 27mi600

The 27 inch monitor is not only famous for its compact design but also borderless screen. Additionally, this also allows for an excellent 3D experience that is mostly seen in movies and new-generation games. This model is ideal for office work as well as educational purposes as it gives you the facility of a reader screen and a flicker-free display. The colour reproduction is enhanced using the latest IPS panel with HDR 10. Screen splitting is a significant experience-enhancing action. Apart from keeping it on the stand, you can even choose to wall mount it. The monitor comes with a 5W dual-channel speaker with maximum audio.

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4. Acer HA270 27 Inch Full HD LCD

acer 27 inch mnitor

The ultra-thin HD display by the Acer HA270 model has a refresh rate of 75Hz. The screen has a frameless structure giving it a more classy look. Besides, the blue light filter ensures that your eyes do not wear out after hours of watching the screen. Flicker-free features along with 1920 X 1080 resolution give the best user experience. Additionally, it has HDMI, VGA, and audio input connectivity. There are two 2W stereo speakers to give an excellent multimedia experience. The light shield protects eyesight from getting harmed by reducing blue light exposure.

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5. Dell 27 Inch FHD Monitor

dell monitor

With a brightness spec of 300 cd/m², the monitor screen provides great viewing options. The screen looks delightful to the eyes due to its sleek design and lustrous pattern. Besides, it has anti-glare technology for screen reflection protecting the eyes long-term. The screen is ideal for gaming and office work allowing you to switch between console and streaming. Additionally, the tilt adjustment allows for a better screen display with the 3H hard coating giving longer screen protection.

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27 inch monitor is ideal as a screen if you want to complete all your office tasks as well as utilise the same for your entertainment too. Obviously, the brand name and features offered by it change the price games for these monitors when compared to the others. But this is worth it! Besides, no one really wants to compromise on good quality monitors with excellent panel tech and new-era design. Our list of the five best 27 inch monitor will definitely help you make a wise decision.

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Highlights of the Story

  • 27-inch monitors are ideal-sized screen size today that caters to the use of work as well as gaming and movies.
  • People want their desktop to be one that does not eats up much space on the desk and, at the same time adds to the overall aesthetic too.
  • Our list of well-researched 27 inch monitor will now help you make a great selection.