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OnePlus Your Best Shot Photography Contest 2021: All You Need To Know


The OnePlus Your Best Shot Photography Contest 2021 is a great intitiative by the company to give budding photographers a chance to get the spotlight. There are five categories with the Gold, Silver and Bronze prize, which includes a cash prize and OnePlus smartphone.

- Updated: 3rd Nov 2022, 13:27 IST
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    OnePlus Your Best Shot Deadline, Prizes and Eligibility Criteria
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    OnePlus Your Best Shot Categories
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    OnePlus Your Best Shot: How To Participate?
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    Photograph Specifications And More
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    Judging Criteria
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    Rules of the OnePlus Photography Competition 2021:

OnePlus has collaborated with the International Photography Awards team to bring the OnePlus Photography Awards 2021. The photography contest goes by the moniker of Your Best Shot. The primary objective of this particular competition is to allow budding mobile photographers to get the much deserved spotlight and recognition.

The contest allows mobile photographers out there to tell the stories behind their photos. As OnePlus says, “Every story is worth sharing. Every shot deserves to be seen. Everyone should take their best shot,” nothing could have made more sense. The competition will be giving away cash money alongside brand new OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro devices to winners!

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OnePlus Your Best Shot Deadline, Prizes and Eligibility Criteria

OnePlus Photography Awards 2021

The OnePlus Photography Awards 2021 event will go on till Sept. 10th, 2021 – 11:59pm (UTC+8). When it comes to the results, they shall be announced on October 25th, 2021. In addition, the winners list will be put up on the official website. Moreover, the sponsors of the contest will be reaching out to the winners via email.


The OnePlus Your Best Shot photography contest will be having five categories. Now, each category will have a Gold, Silver and Bronze prize. The Gold Prize winner will get $5,000 as prize money alongside a OnePlus 9. Coming to the Silver Prize winner, he or she shall get $2,000 alongside a OnePlus 9. Finally, the Bronze Prize winner shall $1,000 along with a OnePlus 9.

Additionally, there will also be a Photo of the Year Award chosen from among submissions using a OnePlus device which shall offer $10,000 along with a OnePlus 9 Pro. Also, there will be a Photo of the Year from Public Group (Non-OnePlus Users) Award which shall offer the winner with the same cash money and smartphone.

Another thing to note here is that the Photo of the Year will be selected from across the winners of the 5 categories and only the winner will receive the final prize.

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OnePlus Photography Awards 2021 Eligibility

All the smartphone users out there who have complete capacity for civil conduct as per laws and regulations in the country or region they live in can participate in the contest. However, the submissions that have won awards in other photography contests or published elsewhere shall not be eligible for submission in the contest.

OnePlus Your Best Shot Categories

Share Your Best Shot

The main categories in the OnePlus Photography Awards 2021 event are:
1) Wide World: This particular category focuses on shots taken via Ultra Wide Angle sensors in smartphones. This is to basically showcase the breadth of the world via an ultra wide perspective.
2) True Color: Furthermore, this category is to basically showcase the true and natural colours that we come across in our daily lives.
3) Night City: Then, the Night City category is for users to capture the night life of cities.
4) Your Face: This particular category is for participants who want to capture raw human emotions by focusing on human faces.

The fifth category is basically a Social Media Category which is:
5) YourBestShot: Individuals who want to take part in this segment need to post their best creation and use the hashtag #YourBestShot on Social Media Platform. Moreover, this particular category does not have any limitation when it comes to the topic and is only meant for the Social Media Platform.

OnePlus Your Best Shot: How To Participate?

OnePlus Your Best Shot Photography Contest 2021 Tagline

Now, in order to participate in the OnePlus Photography Awards 2021 contest, participants can follow two different methods.

Method 1

People who are willing to take part can submit their works via the OnePlus Photography Awards 2021 official website. In addition, individuals can join the first 4 categories of the competition only via the official website.

Method 2

Besides, contestants can also take to the Social Media Category of the contest under the Your Best Shot category. As mentioned before, you just have to post your best work on social media and use the hastag #YourBestShot. This automatically gives them entry into the contest. However, individuals who take part in this can only join the Category 5 in the contest without any topic limitation. Moreover, submission via email is unaccepted in the contest.

A couple of important things to note here is that, in order to ensure the fairness of the competition, you will not be able to upload or change your submission post deadline. Also, you cannot delete your entries from Social Media until October 25th, 2021.

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Photograph Specifications And More

The specifications of the photographs submitted for the OnePlus Your Best Shot Photography Awards 2021:

1) Need to be processed on the smartphones itself. In addition, third-party software installed on the smartphone is acceptable as well.
2) Need to be in the JPG format. Besides, short side of each photo shall be no less than 1000 pixels and the size of a single photo shall be no more than 4MB.

Furthermore, a contestant can submit up to six photos in each category. They can also join all of the five categories. However, participants cannot submit the same photograph via different channels. Now, if participants face any difficulty when uploading their photographs, they can reach out to the sponsors of the contest via the OnePlus support page.

In addition, participants can also submit to different categories and it will be regarded as multiple entries. Now, if the participants win more than one prize, they will be awarded only as per the highest award received. Most importantly, all the works submitted for the OnePlus Photography Awards 2021 contest can be shot via any smartphone. It does not have to necessarily be a OnePlus smartphone so, that is great news!

Judging Criteria

OnePlus Photography Awards 2021 collaborates with International Photography Awards, aka, IPA. Therefore, all the judges for the OnePlus Your Best Shot Photography Awards 2021 contest will come from the IPA Jury pool. Then, the jury shall select one Gold, Silver and Bronze winner from each of the 5 categories in the contest. In addition, one Photo of the Year from OnePlus Group and one Photo of the Year from Public or Non-OnePlus Group shall also be selected.

Rules of the OnePlus Photography Competition 2021:

The rules of the competition are as follows:

1) The photographs taken by participants need to be original
2) Moreover, the photographs should not violate any third party rights
3) Photographs should not convey anything of false or misleading nature
4) In addition, other information submitted about the photographs need to be accurate
5) Furthermore, photographs which have not been used before to participate or submit in contests, exhibitions or anywhere else as such shall be eligible

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We hope you can put your photography skills to the test in this contest and get your hands on those exciting prizes! All the best, fellow participant and reader!


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Highlights of the Story

  • The OnePlus Your Best Shot Photography Contest 2021 is open till September 10th for submission
  • There will be five categories across which Gold, Silver and Bronze prizes will be given away
  • Here are the rules, steps to register and everything else you need to know about the contest!

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