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5 Best Glen Air Fryer To Buy In India April 2024


Do not want to compromise on taste and healthy eating? Looking for some of the finest quality air fryers for your home? If yes, here is your answer.

- Updated: 28th Mar 2024, 13:43 IST
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    What is an air fryer?
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    Best Glen Air Fryers That You Can Buy
    • 1. Glen Rapid Electric Fryer (Model: 3044)
    • 2. Glen Rapid Fryer (Model: 3041)
    • 3. Glen Digital Electric Frying Model With Presets (Model: 3047)
    • 4. Glen Electric Fryer (Model: 3045)
    • 5. Glen Black Rapid Fryer (Model: 3043)
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Glen, as a brand, has evolved substantially to produce kitchen equipment for various utilities. The Glen air fryer is an example in this regard. Among the multiple ranges of products for kitchens of different shapes and sizes, they have earned the trust of millions of customers who have been relying on their services.

Some of the fine range products apart from Glen air fryer are dosa makers, bread toasters, food processors, hand mixers, chimneys, and microwave ovens, to name a few. The list is countless. However, their air fryers have been making special buzz due to the unbeatable price-to-feature ratio. The design and portability of the products are talks of the market. Here, we discuss some of the great Glen air fryer options you can think of buying.

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What is an air fryer?

Before we delve deep into some of the options for air fryers, let’s understand the term in detail. This will especially help those of you who are still alienated from the term and its functioning. The air fryer is a healthy alternative to oil frying. Generally, to fry food items, we make use of different oils, heat them, and hence place our food in it. This makes the food crispy and tasty, but at the same time, it also makes our delectables calorie-dense. To do away with this, the concept of air frying began. Here, instead of oil, we use air. If you are wondering how, then you must imagine food getting fried in oil. Instead of oil, just replace it with heated air.

Yes, through heat generation, distribution, and intensification, frying is achieved. The work of oil is practically done by air. As soon as the heated air comes in contact with the food items, it begins heating them from all sides. This is intensified, and food gets fried. Even though many people suggest that air-fried food tastes different from one fried in oil, what’s the harm? Instead, your health is not diminished, and you do not have to compromise on food too!

Best Glen Air Fryers That You Can Buy

Here are some of our picks if you are looking for suitable options for air fryers.

1. Glen Rapid Electric Fryer (Model: 3044)

With a 2.8L storage capacity, the Glen air fryer is capable of performing almost all functions of larger air fryers. For example, you can fry, bake, grill, and roast using this. There are two knows, one for a timer and the other to adjust the temperature as per the cooking needs.

Its outer covering is made of stainless steel. However, the cool handle makes it easier to handle the food basket. Besides, the latter is easily detachable and can be washed without much hassle. Ideal for a single person, this air fryer is a good option for a person who has never used an air fryer before.

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2. Glen Rapid Fryer (Model: 3041)

The shape of the air fryer model is similar to a water jar. The stylish, chic model can be placed in any corner of the house and does not look bulky. It is a multifunctional air fryer that can be used for heating, cooking, frying, reheating, grilling, and more. The Glen air fryer runs on a 1300W power that allows for tender cooking despite a smaller capacity (2.8L).

Besides, two light indicators signal the heat and power supplied to the fryer. The auto-shutdown option prevents any accident while frying is still on. The hot air intensification process makes the fried food crispier and tastier.

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3. Glen Digital Electric Frying Model With Presets (Model: 3047)

The digital Glen air fryer comes with eight presets that make cooking easier. You can start the way you want to cook with a simple press of a button. For example, let’s say you want to cook chicken. All you have to do here is to press the Chicken preset. This makes all the settings accordingly, and you do not have to make any other changes.

Additionally, it has a capacity of 5.5L, which makes it an ideal choice for smaller families. The fryer also has a transparent glass box that makes it easier to peep in while the food is prepared. An external knob that acts as time and temperature control is present on the outer box. For additional safety, the device auto shuts down once the food basket is removed from the fryer.

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4. Glen Electric Fryer (Model: 3045)

Yet another compact-sized air fryer from Glen comes in the form of this model. However, it can hold a maximum of 2L of food in the basket. It is ideal for bachelors or students who do not have to prepare food for a large number of people. The outer covering has a 30-minutes timer that can be set as per the need. Additionally, this comes with a timer that alerts you as and when your food is ready.

The food basket is easily detachable and has a cool handle on it for a good grip. The foods can be fried, grilled, and roasted using this fryer. Besides, the rapid air technology helps fast frying in zero to less oil.

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5. Glen Black Rapid Fryer (Model: 3043)

The mini-sized air fryer by Glen comes with a capacity of 3.2L. The food basket is easily removable and can be maintained well. Besides, it is dishwasher safe and can be easily removed using a handle for a better grip. For extra safety, the basket is equipped with a lock to avoid any accidental release during frying.

There are two external knobs on the fryer body- one for timer setting and the other for temperature control. Additionally, the Glen air fryer runs on 1350W of power, and you can easily cook, grill, reheat, and fry using the device. Since the size is compact, you can easily carry it to any corner of the house.

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Glen air fryer can be your go-to option if you have just begun thinking of a good brand with amazing features within the fryer section. While most of the devices come with a warranty of two years, the period varies from device to device. However, it is suggested that you apply for warranty registration as soon as you purchase the article by visiting the link. With some great user reviews and ratings, it is one of the finest picks that you can make.

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  • In this article, read in detail about each of our picks and features offered.