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4 Best Havells Air Fryer That You Can Consider Buying February 2024


Have you heard of healthy fried fries? Does the word ‘healthy’ and ‘fried’ appear like a misnomer to you? If yes, then an air fryer is your go-to answer. Read about some of the best Havells air fryers that you can buy.

- Updated: 31st Jan 2024, 14:43 IST
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    Best Havells Air Fryer That You Can Buy
    • 1. Havells Grande With Aero Crisp Technology
    • 2. Havells Digital Fryer And Oven
    • 3. Havells Prolife Crystal Air Fryer
    • 4. Havells Prolife Digi Fryer
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Havells is a home known brand for most kitchen and home appliances. When we talk of Havells air fryer, it is understood that you can easily trust the appliance for optimal performance. Air fryers have been making food production even healthier. As no to less oil is involved in the entire process, the food is not calorie-dense. Hence, it is advisable for those who love conscious eating.

In an air fryer, the technology involves the use of air in cooking food. These tasks place through the generation and redistribution of heat. The heating coil generates air that is intensified using the fan. The entire food chamber gets hot, and finally, the food is fried as efficiently as with oil.

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Best Havells Air Fryer That You Can Buy

Here is the list of the best Havells air fryers that you can buy for delectable eating.

1. Havells Grande With Aero Crisp Technology

Havells Grande With Aero Crisp Technology

The Havells Grande fryer works on the aero crisp technology that uses the concept of 360-degree air circulation. Besides, the black body on the outer body gives a stylish look in your kitchen. It has a 6.5L large pan capacity and is ideal for small families comprising four to five people. Additionally, the air fryer has ten preset touches on the upper body. This includes a timer, temperature adjustments, and food preparations like chicken, fish, roasts, prawns, etc. The digital display lets you check the cooking time and temperature.

Besides, the device is fitted with an auto shut-off option that shuts down the equipment after a precise time (approximately 60 minutes). However, you can also add a few minutes of cooking for heavy foods requiring more cooking time. The food chamber has 5L of volume and is easy to maintain and clean.

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2. Havells Digital Fryer And Oven

Havells Digital Fryer And Oven

The compact-sized Havells air fryer also has an oven imbibed in one. Besides, the digital air fryer contains nine presets for having multiple cooking options. You can fry, bake, grill, or roast your favorite food in the fryer-cum-oven. The digital touches allow you to set the temperature and timer according to the food. Even with less to zero oil, the taste of food is never compromised. The big-size rotisserie ensures that the large meal is prepared with ease without much hassle.

Additionally, it has a rotating drum basket that assists in evenly cooking food like fries, nuggets, etc. With low fan sound, there is zero to no noise at all produced by the digital air fryer. It comes with an auto shut-off option that switches the equipment after a precise time. Rapid air technology helps you prepare all kinds of food with 360-degree heating.

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3. Havells Prolife Crystal Air Fryer

Havells Prolife Crystal

The 5L frying chamber in the Havells air fryer is enough to cook food for families. The rapid air technology helps in crisp frying through intensive heating from all sides. The outer covering has digital temperature, timer controls, and eight presets. You can adjust the temperature up to 200 degree Celsius.

Besides, the auto-restart option helps the fryer to start again at the same time when it was switched off. The food casket can be detached and cleaned easily. However, one of the great features provided by this air fryer is the 24 hours dehydration mode to remove moisture and preserve the food slowly. Finally, the 1500W of power in the machine ensures efficient cooking even for longer durations.

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4. Havells Prolife Digi Fryer

Havells Prolife Digi Fryer

The Prolife air fryer by Havells goes all digital! With the digital temperature and timer control, handling the entire device becomes easier. Besides, you can check the cooking time on the screen directly without depending on some timer. The food basket is attached with a cool handle, making hand gripping and removing convenient.

The air fryer has advanced hot air technology that ensures healthy and fast cooking. Besides, the device can also be used for grilling and roasting food items. There is no tension of any bad odor emanating from this air fryer post using it, as the exhaust system takes care of it via an efficient air filtration system.

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Air fryers are one of the most used items these days in kitchens. Thanks to the healthy lifestyle that people are accepting all around the world. No one really wants to consume calorie-dense eateries that do more harm than good. Havells air fryers have multiple options for the best equipment in the market, and you can definitely consider buying one if you are looking for it. Finally, the choice has to be yours to choose the best one as per your needs. Hope this article helps you find one!

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