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5 Best Philips Air Fryer That You Can Buy In India July 2024


Worried about deep oil frying done at your home for food preparation? If you are thinking of switching to an air fryer, this is highly suggestible as it helps reduce a considerable fat amount in your food. Besides, it makes food healthier to consume. Here are some of our picks for the best Philips air fryer.

- Updated: 26th Jun 2024, 14:31 IST
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    How does the device work?
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    Best Philips Air Fryer To Buy In India
    • 1. Philips Essential Air Fryer (Model: HD9252/70)
    • 2. Philips Digital Fryer (Model: HD9252/90)
    • 3. Philips Large Air Fryer (Model: HD9200/90)
    • 4. Philips Essential Fryer (Model: HD9200/60)
    • 5. Philips Electric Fryer (Model: HD9216/43)
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Air fryers are considered one of the wise options for cooking food by employing the use of air instead of oil. Philips air fryer has been a head turner since its launch for its compact look and great functionalities. The concept of the air fryer is assuming paramount importance in today’s time.

As the world is looking more towards healthier living, this comes with great importance. Generally, when you cook food using oil, it is the oil that transfers heat to the food. However, with an air fryer, the air does the same task. Thereby, it is considered to be the healthier option. It does not make the food calorie-dense.

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How does the device work?

The air fryer works on the concept of heat generation, redistribution, and circulation. This is how it happens.

The food to be cooked is kept in the food chamber. The heat circulator in the form of a coil generates heat. Just above it lies the fan which circulates air intensively. Instead of stagnating, this heat is transferred really quickly to all parts of the air fryer, including the food chamber. Philips air fryer also has a special starfish-like air guide at the bottom that vertically circulates the heated air.

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The exhaust system in an air fryer works by creating pressure from the existing air. It leaves the cooking chamber using exhaust, where it is filtered before getting expelled in the open air.

Best Philips Air Fryer To Buy In India

Below is the list of the five best air fryers from Philips that you can buy.

1. Philips Essential Air Fryer (Model: HD9252/70)

Model: HD9252/90 philips air fryer

This air fryer works on the concept of rapid air technology that uses the high intensity of air to perform heating work. The circulation of heat takes place through all sides especially aided by the starfish pattern at the bottom of the food chamber.

It fries with 90 per cent less fat making food healthier to consume. Besides, it can capacitate 4.1L of food in a go. You can operate it using seven preset touchscreen sensors giving it a stylish look. This air fryer can be used to broil, heat, steam, and reheat.


  • Can be used with Philips’ NutriU app
  • Utilises the signature Rapid Air Technology
  • The touchscreen has 7 presets for easier use

Pros and Cons

Large 4.1L capacityThe display light isn’t very bright
Very convenient to use and clean
Takes less time to complete the frying process

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2. Philips Digital Fryer (Model: HD9252/90)

Model: HD9252/90 Philips Digital Fryer

One of Philips’s best air fryers involves using a 1400W power motor and rapid air technology. This helps in heating food items faster. The touch presets on the screen make the usage of the device easier. You can even prepare new dishes with the simple press of a button. Besides, the WiFi option lets you connect the device to the application for remote control.

Once the food basket is removed from the air fryer, the device auto shuts off. Using the device, you can fry, bake, roast, and grill food. It can be conveniently placed in any corner of the kitchen as it comes with a 1.8-meter cord. Additionally, cleaning the basket is super easy with this Philips air fryer. The special ‘Keep Warm’ mode can keep food warm for as long as 30 minutes.


  • Utilises 90 per cent less oil than traditional frying
  • Keep Warm mode can be used to lock in flavours for long hours
  • Supports frying, baking, roasting, and grilling of food

Pros and Cons

Can be remotely controlled through WiFiTakes a bit of time as compared to the competitor products
Easy to operate
Supports over 200 recipes

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3. Philips Large Air Fryer (Model: HD9200/90)

Model: HD9200/90 philips air fryer

With the ability to hold 4.1L of food, the programmable device assists you in cooking food with 90 per cent less fat. You can extensively control the temperature in a wide range of 80-degree C to 200-degree C. Additionally, it can be washed in a dishwasher and easily cleaned.

With this air fryer, you can cook food without the hassle of turning food items, as it gives 360-degree heating. Besides, you can heat, bake, reheat, and grill them to prepare juicy and tasty delicacies.


  • 360-degree heating removes the need to turn food
  • Wide temperature range control
  • Long 1.8m cord for hassle-free operation

Pros and Cons

4.1L capacity is excellent for the priceLacks the premium features
Aggressive pricing
360-degree heating reduces the effort

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4. Philips Essential Fryer (Model: HD9200/60)

Model: HD9200/60

The Philips air fryer comes in a slate colour. The two primary knobs on the outer cover work as timers and control temperature. Besides, the rapid air technology assists prepare and cooking food with lesser fat. It comes with Quick Clean technology, which makes cleaning the food chamber quite easy. Besides, it is made with a non-sticking coating that makes dishwashing safe and simple. With the device, you can roast, steam, broil, and reheat food.


  • Quick Clean technology
  • Uses Philips’ patented Rapid Air Technology
  • Can be used to roast, steam, boil, and reheat food

Pros and Cons

Decent pricing for the brand valueNo LED display and premium functions
Durable aluminium body
Performs a variety of cooking operations

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5. Philips Electric Fryer (Model: HD9216/43)

Model: HD9216/43

The portable air fryer from Philips can be easily placed in any corner of the kitchen since it comes with a two-meter retractable cord. You can also choose temperature ranges up to 200 °C with the manual knob settings. Besides, it makes cooking super easy with less to zero oil in the food chamber. The simple design adds to the convenience of the user, and there is no interference of complex LEDs in the process. For cleaning, removal and washing, it is the simplest way out.


  • A retractable cord of two meters
  • Supports temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius
  • Supports Philips’ NutriU app for recipes

Pros and Cons

One of the cheapest Philips air fryers you can buySome competitor products provide premium features at this price
Long retractable cord provides flexibility
Good temperature range for a variety of food items

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Philips is a market pioneer in the field of electronics. Similar is the case with their air fryer, which are equipped with some of the latest technologies from the world. It simplifies the choice of healthy living by easing the diet’s interference with calorie-laden oil. Most of the new equipment of Philips air fryers comes as smart devices.

So, it is advisable to connect your smart air fryers to the NutriU app, which can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple Store. Additionally, this app gives you access to multiple healthy food options that can be made using the air fryer.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Philips air fryer uses the trendiest technology invented specially for healthy living and dietary methods.
  • This includes the use of rapid air technology that intensifies air movement inside the fryer chamber, making cooking delicious and super fast.
  • If you are wondering if this can be a good option for you, then our article will help you to embolden that decision and make a final choice.