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5 Best Keyboards You Can Buy Right Now July 2024


Want to buy the latest keyboard to suit your typing or gaming sessions? Read on below to learn about the top five keyboards in India

- Updated: 26th Jun 2024, 14:30 IST
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    Essential Points To Consider Before Buying A New Keyboard
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    Best Keyboards You Can Buy In India Right Now
    • 1. Logitech K230 Wireless Keyboard
    • 2. TVS ELECTRONICS Gold Prime Mechanical Wired Keyboard
    • 3. Zebronics Zeb-Max Pro Mechanical Gaming Full-Size Keyboard
    • 4. Logitech POP Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard
    • 5. Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard
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Choosing the best keyboard in India for your specific purpose might be difficult, but with a little study, you should be able to locate the ideal one for your needs. There are so many excellent keyboards on the market today that it might be difficult to choose one, but by following the correct information, you should be able to make an informed decision and get your hands on the right keyboard. The keyboard is one of the most often used devices in a PC or a laptop, and choosing a good keyboard is critical to ensuring that you can work productively.

Various keyboards are on the market, including wired, wireless, gaming, and mechanical. Hence, this article will list the best keyboards you can find in the market. We have tried to cover all keyboards, especially for typing and other productivity-related tasks, with some wireless options. But first, consider some important points before buying a keyboard. So, let’s begin.

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Essential Points To Consider Before Buying A New Keyboard

The first thing you should consider when buying a keyboard is the type of keys used, as you may prefer something else to the keys utilised. With compact and small keyboards, you get ten keyless options. You should also consider whether you want an RGB light enabled or a standard keyboard. So, let’s take a look at all the things you must consider.

Size – Keyboards usually are without the number pad or come with a dedicated numbers column.  But you should choose the best one for your needs rather than the amount of space they take up on your desk. A keyboard without a numbers column may appear sleek, but not having specific keys at your disposal might be inconvenient at times.

Type – The most popular keyboards for typing or gaming are mechanical keyboards, although there are alternatives, such as membrane and scissor-style keyboards. While mechanical keyboards come with various key switches, membrane keyboards offer higher spill resistance with gentle feedback. Their keys attempt to replicate the feel of a mechanical switch in a more compact and slender form. You can buy either of them according to your budget.

Build quality – It goes without saying, but having a quality design with a rock-solid structure means that your keyboard will last longer. Hence, most premium keyboards come with an aluminium frame or body. On the other hand, cheap keyboards typically feature a fragile plastic structure and an uneven polish, which means limited life for your keyboard.

Best Keyboards You Can Buy In India Right Now

Now that we have introspected and looked upon all the necessary things to consider, we now take a look at the top five keyboards you can buy right now.

1. Logitech K230 Wireless Keyboard

Logitech K230

The first keyboard on our list is the Logitech K230 Wireless keyboard, which has a compact design and wireless operation. If you want a complete keyboard layout with a Numpad, the Logitech K230 wireless keyboard is a good alternative. Despite its small size, the keys are properly spaced and should make typing and gaming a breeze.

It offers up to two years of battery life. However, the real duration will depend on your usage. It is a full-featured keyboard with a Numpad and small size. Logitech also claims that it offers a durable design and can withstand small accidental drops. It’s also pretty easy to set up, as it works without any software and can be plugged directly with its USB receiver. You can buy this wireless keyboard, usually for less than Rs. 1,000 in India, and it’s one of the best keyboards in that price range.

Wireless operationNo backlit support
Compact design
Great typing experience

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2. TVS ELECTRONICS Gold Prime Mechanical Wired Keyboard

TVS Gold keyboard

The second keyboard on our list is the TVS Electronics Gold Prime Keyboard, which is one of the most popular in India. Gold Prime has one of the best typing experiences, as it is seen across various offices and IT companies. TVS has been making keyboards for over 30 years, and while this keyboard is fundamental, it gets the job done and should last you for a very long time.

According to the company, it has been designed to withstand extreme conditions and is also dust and splash-resistant. It also has durable keys that can last up to 50 million keystrokes with laser-etched characters. Earlier, this keyboard came with Blue switches, but today they come with different Blue switch clones, which offer almost the same experience. Further, it also has strong, strong tilted legs that allow you to adjust the keyboard to the right height and angle, reducing pressure on the wrists and forearm muscles. You can buy this keyboard for less than Rs. 2,500 in India.

50 Million keystrokesNo customisable keys option
Mechanical switches
Plug-and-play design

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3. Zebronics Zeb-Max Pro Mechanical Gaming Full-Size Keyboard

Zebronics Max Pro keyboard

The Zebronics Max Pro has a full-size configuration with a Numpad for a more comfortable experience. It also has a chin that allows users to rest their palms while typing. The keyboard is also made especially for gamers, with six brightness levels and five LED mode speeds. It’s designed for productivity seekers and includes a variety of customization options as well as double injection keys for tactile feedback.

The Max Pro weighs in at almost 1.3 kg, so it will hold up even if you often drop it. This heavy-duty keyboard Max Pro comes with a retractable stand and a braided cable to demonstrate its full power. The keyboard can accommodate up to eighteen different lighting effects. To modify these effects, you can use various keys to toggle between the six basic lighting effects. When you engage in any of those modes, you may use the Right arrow key to cycle among different colours if that effect allows it. This keyboard is available for less than Rs. 5,000 in India and is one of the best keyboards in that price range.

12 dedicated multimedia keysHeavy for most users
Heavy duty design
RGB lighting effects

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4. Logitech POP Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard

Logitech Pop keys keyboard

The next funky keyboard on our list is the Logitech Pop Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard, which has a retro-inspired typewriter base design. The POP Keys is aimed at a younger audience searching for a fashionable keyboard to type on. It contains circular keycaps for old typewriter memories and designated Emoji keys to send custom messages to anyone you like.

This keyboard’s brown tactile mechanical key switches come in three different colours. It supports dual wireless connectivity and is expected to last nearly three years on standard AAA batteries. This great PC peripheral from Logitech comes in three different colour options and can be purchased from leading electronic retailers across India.

Pros Cons
Big and clear round keycapsComes without a dedicated Numpad
Super long battery life
Multi-connectivity support

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5. Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

Surface Ergonomic keyboard

The last keyboard on our list is the Microsoft Surface Ergonomic keyboard which comes with a premium price tag and also offers the best comfort while typing. The Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard has a renowned split design, which helps to eliminate strain on your wrists, arms, and hands. It also has a good build quality with premium materials, similar to the other Surface line of products from Microsoft.

It also has very little typing noise, making it ideal for business usage, and it should last a long time due to its excellent build. While it is wireless, Bluetooth connectivity does not support multi-device pairing, and the ergonomic form takes some getting used to. It also takes up a huge space on your desk and needs a pretty big empty space for it to be installed. You can buy this wonderful keyboard from Microsoft for less than Rs. 50,000 in India, which might seem pretty steep. But this is surely a worthy investment for those looking to buy a premium keyboard with the most features.

Aluminium frameExpensive
Unique and comfortable designNo rechargeable battery option
Big palm and wrist rest support

Buy on Amazon

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Choosing the best keyboard for typing or other productivity-related tasks is critical since it may affect your daily workflow, mainly if you are a writer, coder, or someone who also uses it daily for gaming. There are several keyboards available, and surprisingly few of them cater to the rigorous demands of such users. If you prefer a PC or a tablet to get your job done, these keyboards will suffice your demands and are also guaranteed to work for quite some years. Hence, choosing any of these keyboards according to your budget and requirement would satisfy your demands and provide you peace of mind.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Keyboards are an essential part of our daily lives for entertainment and work-related purposes.
  • Hence, buying a suitable keyboard for your specific purpose and within your budget is crucial.
  • So, check out our picks for the best keyboards in India, which should be ideal for office users, coders, and even gamers.