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5 Best Mini Vacuum Cleaner To Buy In India February 2024


Are you tensed about spending significant bucks every month for expert cleaning of your house, furniture, etc? If you are looking for a convenient option to clean every nook of your house and do away with minute dirt particles, then our selection of mini vacuum cleaner will help you.

- Updated: 31st Jan 2024, 20:08 IST
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    Why should you choose mini vacuum cleaner?
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    Best Mini Vacuum Cleaner
    • 1. Agaro Regal Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
    • 2. Black + Decker Dustbuster Vacuum Cleaner
    • 3. Deerma Corded Vacuum Cleaner
    • 4. Eureka Forbes Compact Vacuum Cleaner
    • 5. Inalsa Dura Clean Vacuum
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Vacuum cleaners greatly assist people in cleaning their homes and office spaces. With a mini vacuum cleaner comes the convenience of portability and ease of carrying it to any location you like. Besides, with the evolution of technology, people have witnessed changes in how vacuum cleaner is used.

While earlier it was used only for hard surfaces like the floor, today we are seeing how it is extensively used to clean furniture, sofa, carpets, etc. Additionally, there are multiple accessories that come along with a mini vacuum cleaner that makes the task of cleaning even more effortless. There is a specific accessory for a special function. For example- brushes are used to clean upholstery and sofa. Hoses are designed to tackle hard-to-reach areas that are less attended.

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Why should you choose mini vacuum cleaner?

One can carry a mini vacuum cleaner to any place they want. Besides, the unnecessary burden of carrying a heavy vacuum is no more needed as the smaller one efficiently does all the tasks. However, they might need help tackling hard covering or floorings. They can quickly help clean those corners of the home that garners the most dust and still are not looked upon.

Gone are those days when people looked for intensive cleaning only during the festival. Now, everyone wants their home to look decent and sober all the time. To achieve this, a mini vacuum cleaner comes in handy.

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Best Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Here is the list of some of the best mini vacuum cleaner in India that you can buy.

1. Agaro Regal Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

mini handheld vacuum cleaner

The handheld vacuum cleaner has an efficient motor of 800W, even in a compact size. The smaller size of the cleaner makes it even more accessible in areas that are difficult to reach using regular equipment. Besides, it has the capacity to collect 0.8L of dirt. The handheld cleaner is equipped with multiple brushes, making cleaning easier and more convenient, depending on the space. With the vacuum cleaner, you also get access to a five-meter auto flexible cord for uninterrupted long-distance cleaning.

The hassle-free cleaning helps you get away with dirt, and embedded dust fast. One of the essential features of this vacuum cleaner is its durability for users. Most of the user experience suggests that it has worked great for them for years.

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2. Black + Decker Dustbuster Vacuum Cleaner

black and decker

Even though you might not have heard the name of the company often, the reviews for vacuum cleaners by it significantly impact your purchase decision. The cleaner runs on 7.4V DC batteries and is extremely light to carry. Besides, it can tackle both wet and dry areas for cleaning in the house. Since it works without a cord, one can conveniently use it in corners of the house, over table tops and nooks, furniture, and other surfaces.

Additionally, it has a removable filter that can be easily washed and re-fitted, thereby allowing it to work for a long duration. The outer body is made of glass, so the transparency lets you check if the quick-release bowl is full. You can empty it hereafter and restart the cleaning process.

Pro Tip: They are wall mountable, which makes storage and usage even simple. 

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3. Deerma Corded Vacuum Cleaner

deerma corded cleaner

The mini vacuum cleaner by Deerma is ideal for homes as well as vehicles too! Since it is compact, lightweight, and detachable, one can use it in even the farthest corner of the house. Besides, you can clean those areas of cars, like dashboards, gearboxes, etc., that are not generally cleaned by cloth wipes. It runs on a power of 450W and is quite efficient for indoor spaces. Additionally, it comes with HEPA filtration. HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air and can remove particulate dust, which is difficult to remove otherwise.

The cleaner operates at 50 degree Celsius which makes the removal of sensitive mites easy. Besides, it removes dampness and has powerful suction too. It is also loaded with a UV-C lamp, which reduces the microbial load on the surface significantly, making them less prone to infection.

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4. Eureka Forbes Compact Vacuum Cleaner

eureka forbes vacuum cleaner

Eureka Forbes, as a brand, needs no introduction as it has been creating value in the market ever since its inception. This mini vacuum cleaner by Eureka Forbes has a power of 750W yet a sleek and compact body. Besides, it is lightweight and portable to any corner for efficient cleaning. The cleaner comes with a four-meter cord and an easy dust disposal mechanism. Additionally, HEPA filtration allows for cleaning the air and capturing little dust particles. It provides multiple functionalities through various features such as a blower nozzle, hose pipe, extension tube, 2-in-1 brush, etc.

Bonus point: Handling this mini vacuum cleaner is quite easy, and parts are detachable, making usage for different purposes convenient. 

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5. Inalsa Dura Clean Vacuum

inalsa cleaner

The Inalsa mini vacuum cleaner has a powerful suction capacity of 16KPA, making trapping minute dirt particles easier. While many other brands within the same price range allow a maximum of 6KPA suction capability, the vacuum cleaner offers a nice offer. Additionally, even with its compact size, it has an 800W power build.

It comes with multiple accessories, like a crevice nozzle, flexible hose, and a round brush, to name a few. The crevice nozzle is especially helpful in cleaning tight spots like rounded corners of furniture or upholstery. Besides, the round brush makes it easier for one to clean areas like carpets, rugs, and pet furs on the wall. It is one of the most loved and highly rated vacuum cleaners that you can buy.

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Our extensive list of the best mini vacuum cleaner will come in handy while making a purchasing decision. We generally give a lot of thought to devices like these which might not be that significant. However, in absence of these mini cleaner, people end up spending significant bucks on expert cleaning. The latter generally use devices like these. Instead of depending on someone else to do the same task which you know can be completed by you too, it adds to extra hassle. Make a fine decision and choose the best for yourself now!

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  • Mini vacuum cleaners are one of the most portable cleaning devices that can be carried to any location.
  • The hassle of heavy weight and too much wiring is done away with in such a compact cleaner.
  • Here are some of our picks for your choice and convenience.

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