These portable mobile chargers are some of the best ones out there in 2022 and you definitely would want to check them out!2023-01-13 22:51:335 Best Power Banks in India You Can Buy in 2023

5 Best Power Banks in India You Can Buy in 2023


These portable mobile chargers are some of the best ones out there in 2022 and you definitely would want to check them out!

Updated: 13th Jan 2023, 22:51 IST
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    Top 5 Best Power Banks in India
    • #1 Mi Power Bank 3i 20000mAh
    • #2 Ambrane Stylo-20K 20000mAh Power Bank
    • #3 OnePlus 10000mAh Power Bank
    • #4 Syska 20000mAh Power Bank
    • #5 Realme 20000mAh Power Bank

You look at your device and can’t help but sigh at how low your battery percentage is? Stop worrying about your smartphone’s battery today with some of the best power banks we have listed in this article today! Maybe you charged your device just a couple hours ago and it is not giving the backup that it used to. Or maybe, just maybe, you are travelling and you badly need to charge your device. Whatever the scenario, these portable mobile chargers come in super handy and can stop your sighing at the sight of your device battery, today!

Good thing is, the market is pretty saturated in terms of power banks. However, that may also be a bad thing for you as it is only going to get more confusing. Looking for the best power bank in India can get very frustrating but don’t worry, we have made it easier for you.

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This list offers a bunch of different power banks that can save your day. Not only will they not dent your pocket much but, also offer a HUGE capacity to charge your device three or maybe even four times! Now, that is super convenient, isn’t it? Whether you are a movie buff or a mobile gaming enthusiast, these are some of the best portable mobile chargers you can purchase in India.

Top 5 Best Power Banks in India

If you are looking for a good power bank in India, these are definitely the ones you would want to go for:

#1 Mi Power Bank 3i 20000mAh

The Mi Power Bank 3i is a beast, in the truest sense of the word. Not only does it offer a whopping 20000mAh battery capacity but also, 18W fast charging support. Usually, most normal power banks take an eternity to charge a device. However, because of the fast charging support, the charging speed it offers is incredible.

Besides, the power bank comes with a triple port setup. This will allow you to charge up to three devices with it. Additionally, it also comes with a dual input port, which will allow users to charge the Mi portable mobile charger in multiple ways. All-in-all, the best 20000mAh power bank you can get for the price!

Best Features:

  • It offers 18W fast charging support.
  • There are three ports for charging.
  • This power bank comes with a dual input port.

Price: Rs. 1,699

Buy Here – Amazon, Flipkart

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#2 Ambrane Stylo-20K 20000mAh Power Bank

This is hands down the best power bank in India in terms of protection. There is 10-layer chipset protection going on in this portable mobile charger. In addition, the option of having Protection from Temperature Resistance ensures that your device is safe when there’s a short circuit. Let’s not forget about the whopping 20000mAh capacity which can charge your device fully multiple times.

In addition, this particular power bank offers 20W fast charging support. So, you will be seeing charging speeds like no other at this price range! There are three ports to make use of as well. All of that easily made this a valuable entry into our list.

Best Features:

  • It offers 20W fast charging output.
  • It also features a 10-layer chipset protection.
  • There is a triple port support on the power bank.

Price: Rs. 1,199

Buy Here – Amazon

#3 OnePlus 10000mAh Power Bank

If you want a power bank that not only quickly charges up your devices but also, feels really premium, then the OnePlus 10000mAh portable mobile charger is for you! Not only does it come with 18W fast charging support, but it features a dual-port that can charge two of your devices simultaneously.

On top of that, there is 12-layer protection, which is one of the highest out there. This will ensure that your smartphone’s battery health is not affected in any way. There is also a low current mode that you can make use of. All of these incredible features definitely do make it one of the best 10000mAh power banks to buy in India.

Best Features:

  • Looks and feels premium.
  • 18W fast charging support.
  • You can charge two devices simultaneously.

Price: Rs. 899

Buy Here – Amazon

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#4 Syska 20000mAh Power Bank

Syska is a popular brand in the segment. On top of that, this particular power bank offers a whopping 20000mAh of capacity. So, you can stop worrying about your smartphone losing charge. Just carry this with you and you are all set to go anywhere and everywhere.

Icing on the cake is that on purchasing this power bank, you get 6 monthly warranty. That definitely does give you additional security in case anything goes wrong.

Best Features:

  • The brand offers a 6 months warranty on this portable mobile charger.
  • There is a double USB output DC5V.
  • It can charge a 4000mAh battery fully, near about 3 times.

Price: Rs. 1,399

Buy Here – Flipkart

#5 Realme 20000mAh Power Bank

The Realme 20000mAh battery can be your safest companion on the long run. Guess why? It comes with staggering 14-layer charge protection. Now, that is the highest on any of the banks stated on this list. This easily makes it one of the best power banks in India that you can buy right away.

In addition, it also comes with a two-in-one charging cable out of the box itself. The cherry on top, for sure. What’s more, there are three charging ports that you can make use of. So, you can add multiple devices and not worry about anything.

Best Features:

  • It has triple charging ports.
  • Comes with a two-in-one charging cable right out of the box.
  • There is a 14-layer charge protection for your smartphone’s safety.

Price: Rs. 1,699

Buy Here – Amazon, Flipkart

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The key takeaway here is that, as much as you would want to get by without using a power bank, it does come in super handy. You can get your hands on any of the power banks on this list and not regret it. These are the absolute best that there is out there and we certainly do hope that they help you during times of need.


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Highlights of the Story

  • Power banks act as the best source to quickly charge up your device during times of need.
  • There are several brands, from Mi to Ambrane and others that make excellent power banks for your device!
  • We have put together a list of the best power banks that you can purchase in India, today.

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