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    10 Best Battery Condition Monitoring Apps for Android & iOS


    Battery life is an integral challenge with all portable devices such as smartphones, tablets, and more. Unfortunately, these mobile devices have a limited battery life, usually lasting to about a day of use and even less. Here are some Battery Condition Monitoring Apps that can help you check on your battery and even help you optimize the battery performance on your smartphone.

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    Updated: 16th Feb 2022 10:21 IST

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      Top 10 Battery condition monitoring Apps For Android and iOS
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      The Takeaway!

    Highlights of the Story

    • Smartphones usually have a battery life that lasts a day or even less in some cases. And as the smartphone ages, this battery life becomes even lesser.
    • Background apps and services are the main reason for the battery drain on smartphones.
    • Here are some Battery Condition Monitoring Apps that can help you check the battery life and boost the battery life on your device.

    The battery is a crucial element of every phone and is responsible for keeping it powered up while using it. This is why Battery Condition Monitoring Apps are must to have. But smartphone batteries have a limited capacity and usually last a day or even less in some cases. So we are sure you must have faced battery drain issues on your smartphone, and we are here to help you with this fantastic guide that offers some of the best Battery Condition Monitoring Apps that will end your phone battery woes for once and all.

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    It genuinely is tough to discover an application that actually saves you power as most battery conservation techniques are manual, such as reducing the brightness on the screen down, cutting reducing the frequency that applications sync data, as well as other tried and proven ways. In most situations, you notice a significant increase when you understand the cause of battery depletion as well as how to identify and prevent your greatest reasons.

    All the apps mentioned below are loaded with some excellent features and can solve your poor battery life problems in no time. Here are some Battery Condition monitoring apps that will help you identify which apps are causing battery drain. These apps will also help you resolve these battery issues on your smartphone.

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    Top 10 Battery condition monitoring Apps For Android and iOS

    1. Battery Monitor

    Battery Monitor

    As the name suggests, this is one of the cleanest Battery Condition Monitoring Apps available in the Google Play Store. With the Battery Monitor app, you can monitor your battery temperature and information in real-time, Health, charging status, voltage etc. In addition, you will also watch your RAM, CPU and battery info on the same screen.

    Apart from the clean and convenient layout the app offers, you have a widget on offer that boosts the RAM: a One Tap Boost. There is also a temperature overheat alarm that notifies when the CPU or Battery temperatures rise. You also get three different widgets and multiple themes to choose from.

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    Download Links: Android

    2. Battery Guru: Monitor & Saver

    Battery Guru

    Battery Guru is one of the most famous Battery Condition Monitoring Apps available. Not like boosters or service terminators, it doesn’t function in the same way Instead, it aids in preserving the most amount of battery life possible. It displays battery usage information, battery capacity and helps you in charging habits to make your battery last longer. The app also monitors the charging parameters, such as the max current achieved.

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    There are different sections for the information, such as Charging/discharging which shows the charging stats, Protection which can set reminders for battery temperatures and charging limits; and Health which estimates the battery health. Doze and Save are the other two sections that help with other battery concerns.

    Download Links: Android

    3. Avast Cleanup and Boost 

    Avast Cleanup and Boost – a fantastic Battery Condition Monitoring Apps for those who don’t want their battery to be dead by the end of the day. Yes, it makes your tablet or smartphone last longer than a usual battery cycle. Just tap on the pre-set mode button, and your battery lasts longer than the original battery life. The app automatically selects the battery saving mode according to the device and the battery status.

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    The Avast Cleanup app clears all the unnecessary thumbnails, junk files, etc., and thus, provides free space to the phone. Based on the nature of a photo, be it duplicate, old, poor quality, or similar, the app informs you and deletes those duplicate photos. If the app isn’t 100 per cent sure whether the image is wrong or not, it gives you a review on it. One of the specialities of this particular app is it detoxes the photo library by showing you one best photo from a group of photos. Not only that, but it also optimizes photo sizes and moves them to the cloud.

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    There are options for you to Boost your battery life by cleaning your RAM by killing the background services. Instead, the app alletlets are youing in the background by showing it on the home screen. Also, the Hibernate option enables you to stop the apps running in the background, speed up the phone and, in turn, deliver a better battery life.

    Download Link: Android

    4. Greenify

    If you need your mobile phone to run smoothly and be energized for longer durations, the Greenify app is for you. Greenify was Featured as Lifehacker’s Top 1 Utility Best Android app for the year.

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    The way Greenify works is that it hibernates the apps that are constantly running in the background and consuming battery. This app comes in handy to block the apps and services such as social media apps, e-commerce apps, and other apps that are not required to run but still consume a lot of battery. Greenify is one of the most effective apps from the bunch and you should try it and remember to hibernate all the apps that are not required to get the best results.

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    Download Link: Android

    5. AccuBattery

    AccuBattery app allows you to detect the discharge speed and battery consumption by analyzing the app usage times and usage patterns. It also displays the time left for charging and how soon the battery will run. In addition, one can measure the real-time battery capacity in mAh, and you can use the charge alarm to prolong the battery lifespan.

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    The app measures and calculates battery usage quite well and estimates the actual battery life and the time at which the battery will completely discharge. The app also estimates the exact time remaining to full charge and the app also features a Dark theme to save energy.

    Download Link: Android

    6. Dfndr Battery

    If you have a lot of unnecessary running in the background t, this makes the battery drain quicker than usual. Then you should definitely try the Dfndr Battery Condition Monitoring Apps that saves your battery by using some innovative features like Quick Optimization, Battery Cooler, Lockscreen Charge Monitor, Customizable Profiles, Battery Health Report, and  Screen Savers. The app guides its users through the quickest ways to conserve the battery. For those in constant need of their phone and need to make the battery last longer, this app will work perfectly for you.

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    The way the app works is by force closing the background apps and services that are draining the battery unnecessary, and also the app lowers the screen brightness to save battery and make your device last longer.

    Download Link: Android

    7. Kaspersky Battery

    Are you one of those who get tired of charging their mobiles for hours? Kaspersky Battery Condition Monitoring Apps offers you an easy and fast way to charge your mobile phones and bring more usage without being concerned about the low battery level.

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    The key features of the Kaspersky Battery app include continuous improvement and detection of ‘hungry’ and ‘running’ apps in the background. Also, it monitors major battery occupying applications and notifies you. Once the app determines the problem, it sends you a review of it and alerts you to close all of thoFurthermore. It makes the background applications stop and speeds up the phone. For better access, it predicts the battery life and gives you an estimate of the time left as per your convenience to charge the battery.

    Download Links: Android

    8. Gsam Battery Monitor

    Do you want to know how long your battery works? Does your phone gets easily drained out of nowhere? A perfect app to detect what’s consuming your battery the most is Gsam Battery Monitor. It notifies you which app consumes most of your battery. Also, this app gives you the accurate time until when your battery would survive and even shows you how much time it will take to charge. The Battery Condition Monitoring Apps consists of an ‘App Sucker’ option that closes all battery-draining apps.

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    CPU, sensor usage, app wakelocks, wake time, and kernel wakelocks are some of the other options that help you sort out uncertain battery consumption on your device. For an easy recovery, speed up by using a widget thone can add to the home screen on your Android smartphone, and with one tap you can boost the battery performance of your device.

    Download Links: Android

    9. Servicely

    Servicely boosts your battery life by blocking the apps that run in the background. The device often loses more than 50 per cent of the battery overnight. That would be because of the bazillions of apps running in the background. Servicely takes these matters in its hands and solves the problem by optimizing it. It also hushes those apps that have a habit of waking the mobile from a deep sleep.

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    You just need to take care that your device needs to be rooted in order to make the app work. Servicely helps you to enable and disable the notifications of your selected apps and prevent the chances of them running in the background. Also, one can halt those neverending messages from social media or unnecessary notifications from games and other apps. This increases your device’s battery life by about 20-30 per cent more than usual.

    Download Links: Android

    10. BetterBatteryStats

    BetterBatteryStats is the Battery Condition Monitoring Apps that would make you more comfortable being out for hours. With BetterBatteryStats, you can analyze all the apps using your battery level. You can make the app sleep or force close permanently at your fingertips.

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    This app identifies the draining apps and services that are the root cause of the battery drain. Also, it reduces drainage by measuring the effects of its actions and simplifying them using built-in algorithms. Thus, this app is perfect for getting the best performance out of your smartphone. Moreover, its accessible features tend to attract one’s attention to use it. For example, you add one widget to your home screen, and you get to know everything about your battery.

    Download Links: Android

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    The Takeaway!

    Your smartphone’s battery health is something that is of paramount importance. So much so that you really cannot afford to ignore it. If you notice some significant changes in your device battery life, it is high time that you do something about it. These applications will allow you to track these changes and cut down the problems that are making your battery drain fast.

    There are several other manual hacks that you can carry out to improve your device’s battery health. For starters, you can use the wonder trick of manually calibrating your smartphone battery. To do so:

    Step 1: Firstly, you will need to completely discharge your battery till it turns off from the battery being low.

    Step 2: Turn it on again and let it turn off on its own again.

    Step 3: Now, charge your device up and don’t turn it on yet. Let is charge to a 100%.

    Step 4: Turn your device on now. This should calibrate your smartphone’s battery life.

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