Today, here, we are going to talk about some important tips for mobile phone batteries. In some cases, the mobile phone battery just requires a DIY repair or needs replacement. This is your one-stop article where you will find some tips when your mobile phone battery repair is required. Moreover, you will find some tips for mobile phone battery replacements. 

Talking about some DIY mobile phone battery repair, there are top 4 ways to repair your battery if it is giving you some grief. 

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  1. Cleaning 

First, one requires removing the battery from your phone. So, according to the brand you are using, follow the user manuals for your phones, and open the back casing. 

The second step after successfully taking out the battery from the phone is to now clean the empty compartment. This is the compartment you took your battery out of. 

After this, you need to carefully use a dry cloth to wipe all the dust and dirt inside it. The same way you clean your battery too. 

DO NOT use water/ wet cloth in cleaning the battery or battery compartment. 

Now insert the battery again to its original place and turn on your phone. This step might just revive your phone back.

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  1. Freezing
    Wrap your mobile phone battery in an old newspaper and wrap it with plastic film 2 times. You can also place it in a plastic bag that is tightly sealed to prevent it from getting wet. Now, place it in an ice compartment, and after 3 days take it out. After this, carefully take out the battery and wipe it dry after unwrapping. Now leave the battery at room temperature for a day – let it adjust back to normal temperature. (Caution – Away from Sunlight) 

After this step, place it back into the phone and do not turn it on yet. Now, you charge the phone. Leave the phone on the charger for at least 48 hours before attempting to turn it on. Check now if it is turning on. If it works, voila, you have a battery that holds some power. 

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There is a science behind this tip –  Exposing the battery to low temperatures for a while allows it to recharge a little, and hold sufficient energy to connect to a regular phone charger.

  1. Jumpstarting
    This method works for batteries that have either been left discharged for a really long time or have almost reached the end of their life. 

First, gather these supplies for jump starting the battery manually – 9-volt battery, electrical tape,  length of split wire, and the battery. 

Now, after removing the battery from the mobile phone, connect and tape one wire to the positive (+) end of the 9-volt battery. Now, connect and tape the other wire to the negative (-) end of the 9-volt battery. 

After this, you need to find the positive (+) and negative (–) sockets of your phone battery. Connect the positive wire to your phone battery’s positive end. Do the same for your negative wire. Leave the connection on for 10 to 60 seconds, while checking it every 10 seconds so as not to overheat it.

Now remove all the connections once it gets a little warm and insert it back to your mobile phone and check. This should give you a little charge in the battery.

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  1. Calibrating
    In this step, you need to discharge your battery completely. Then try turning it on again with whatever power is left on the battery and let it shut down automatically. Now, plug your phone in to charge without turning it on. Let it charge to its full power. After, it is fully charged, turn on, and restart the phone to fully apply all the new settings.

This should help in some performance and endurance of the battery after it is re-calibrated. 

However, the next question is, when is it time to replace your mobile phone battery? Drastically reduced battery life, random shutdowns, or even if the battery is bulging or swollen. 

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Here are some tips to help in the replacement of your mobile phone battery

  1. First, it depends on whether you have a removable battery mobile phone. If yes, then, you can find replacements for such phones. Legit batteries for such phones will also be available. 
  1. But, if you do not have such a phone which is the case for most of the phones in the industry – if you are sure, then you can DIY it.
    Take your mobile apart, detach the screen from the other parts till you get to the battery. Most parts in modern phones are stuck tightly using some form of adhesive, so only start removing them if you have the right tools. Also keep in mind that you’ll need adhesive to glue them back together.
  2. Keep in mind, if you are attempting the 2nd step, then buying a battery from an official source for such phones is tough. Also, even if you find one, ensure that your battery is below 25 percent. A lithium-ion battery that is charged up can explode or catch fire if punctured accidentally.
  3. However, there is always the official way to go about the replacement route. Walk-in or mail-in your mobile phones to get their battery replacements to the respective brand service centers.

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On the other hand, there are times one should understand that battery replacements are out of the question and useless. For example, if the battery replacements are costing you much more or equivalent to the cost you bought your phone with. You have a choice of buying a new phone for the same amount. This can be the case for many of the budget phones. 

Also, for avid mobile phone users, we can maximize mobile phone battery life by following some tips like reducing screen brightness, replacing your screen theme and wallpaper to dark, adjust your screen-sleep time, turn on battery saver, adjust your settings on power-draining apps, turn off location tracking, and turn off data roaming. 

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