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How To Get Your iPhone Screen Repaired Or Replaced During The Lockdown

By Yeti - 
10th Sep 2020
iphone screen repair

Whether you have very slippery hands or a sheer bad luck, accidents do happen no matter how careful you are with your phone. The magnitude of the issue immediately becomes ten fold when it is an Apple device that has been broken. Minor scratches here and there do appear over time but cracking the display is a completely different story. 

Nobody wants to deal with a broken iPhone display, especially during the pandemic. Additionally, staying at home does not negate the fact that there can still be drops inside. However, there is nothing to worry about as we are there to guide you through the process.

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Step 1: Backup your data

This is a very important step and just can not be missed out on, especially during major cracks. When your phone takes a major fall and the screen has cracked up badly, chances are that it might even die out completely. Before such a thing happens, backing up your data to your desktop or laptop is of paramount importance. This secures your data and in case the phone gives up completely, your precious data is safe. In case you are not familiar with backing up your data, these are the steps:

> Connect your phone to a WiFi

> Open the settings options

> Click on your name

> Click on ‘iCloud’

> Tap on your device in the list of devices

> Click on ‘iCloud backup’

> Lastly, tap on ‘Back Up Now’

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Step 2: Schedule a repair with Apple

If the cracked phone is under warranty or you have paid for AppleCare+ coverage, your phone screen is sorted out for the next two accidental damages with a minimal amount of fee. The steps to schedule a repair with Apple are as follows:

> Go to the screen repair section on Apple’s website

> Click on ‘iPhone screen repair information’

> Click on ‘start a repair request’ under which you will be given two options, either to send your iPhone over for a repair or bring it in for repair

> Sign in with your Apple ID

> Put your zip code and wireless carrier details which immediately shows you the nearest stores to approach for the repair and a same-day repair option can also be seen when clicking on a store, if available

> Select a store for a same-day repair and select an available appointment time

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Step 3: Contact Us at Cashify

There are multiple ways to go about an iPhone screen repair and you can choose whatever is convenient. However, we advise you not to take up random third-party help or try to repair or replace the screen yourself. iPhones are complexly made devices and attempting to repair them yourself is a bad idea.

Also, it is important not to approach random local shops as there are chances that they can further deteriorate the condition of the device. iPhone repairs require precision and we advise you to either approach the company itself or trustworthy and licensed experts like us. 

Even though we are in the midst of a pandemic, you do not have to break a sweat. Cashify provides doorstep service by highly trained professionals.

Another bonus if you deal with us is the fact that we at Cashify provide a 6 months warranty on any replacement or repair done by us. Additionally, there is also a 3 months warranty on the spare parts that we replace. 

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The 6 months warranty covers the following thing:

> Screen/LED that multifunctions and does not work as it is supposed to

> Touch issues or any other display issues that may arise without any manual intervention

If either of the issues arise, you are eligible to get a free replacement of your iPhone screen within the span of 6 months. 

In order to claim the warranty, all you need to do is send a video of the phone with the issue to Cashify’s support team along with your phone number, order number and IMEI number. Once that is done, our team typically resolves the issue within 48-72 hours. Therefore, an iPhone screen repair has never been this easy. Also, we recommend you to contact us if your Apple service fails somehow as getting appointments with the company service centres during the pandemic is extremely difficult. However, we at Cashify are always there to provide you with the best screen repair service whenever you need it. 

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