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Report: 71% Of All Smartphone Damage Is Related Only To Displays!

By Yeti - 
10th Sep 2020
phone damage report

Aren’t there times when we just drop our phones suddenly due to slack-handling or even just bad luck? These kinds of lax handling of our phones lead to broken screens, after which we have to get our screen repaired. Now, there is a report that cites screen damage is the most common reason for which people have to run to repair centers. This comes from a report made by after-sales services firm OnsiteGo. 

While advanced technologies like gorilla glass have been invented, and are being used for protection from screen damage, the issue of cracked glass is still a huge issue. With the bezel-less design or thin bezels or even curved bezels on a smartphone, the danger of just cracking your screen is so much higher than ever before. Hence mobile phone screen repair is still crucially important. 

Displays are the most damaged part in phones

Screen Damage is 71% of the reason for mobile screen repairs, which is very distinctly followed by issues related to starting (8 percent), device damage (6 percent), water-damage (3 percent), software, and charging (2 percent each), the report said.

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According to the report, “A cracked screen is unsavory to look at and it also poses danger to other parts of your phone. The crack allows the dust and moisture to get inside the phone easily, which damages other components that are intrinsically put together inside the device.”

When you drop your phone and damage the screen, there are chances that you also end up damaging the front camera. As a part of the usual designs in the smartphones now, display and the front cameras are in the same area and end up getting damaged too at times. 

You can avoid such damages by buying protective cases adhering to the phones. Tempered glass/Gorilla Glass, not putting it in the back pocket of your pants are some protective conscious steps one can take. 

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But sometimes, a motherboard, a camera, or battery or speaker-receiver replacement is also a part of the repair. This, however, is only a small part of the repairing issues involved in phone repairs

Motherboards are the second biggest culprit

The motherboards are the most expensive part of smartphones, accounting for around 39 percent of the device’s price, followed by 23 percent of the screen, camera (8 percent), back cover (7 percent), battery (6 percent) and speaker or receiver (around 2 percent), according to the report.

One of the next main causes for phone repairs is liquid logging. 

According to the report, “Liquid logging consists of damages done by water, moisture, and other liquids. One can end up dropping their phone in a puddle, sink, or toilet. One can also end up splashing a soft drink or a hot beverage while out in a cafe. Or one may get drenched in a sudden rain while their smartphone is lying vulnerable in the pocket. It is terrifying to see their device screen flashing abnormally or not respond at all after an incident like that.”

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Generally, when a water-damaged phone hits a repair desk, it mostly requires a motherboard repair/replacement. Sometimes, even mobile screen repair requires a full body replacement. It all depends on the severity of the damages caused. 

In any case, if you do end up in a situation like this, take the device out of the water as quickly as possible and turn it off. In case the phone is splashed with other liquids, turn it off and then wipe the device thoroughly. 

Dangers of third party apps

Moreover, the report also cautions against the installation of third-party applications as it can crash the smartphone due to non-compatibility with the operating system of the device. 

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“Clean up your phone frequently of old and unused apps. Make sure that the battery in your phone is working in optimal conditions. Charge your phone above 70% before applying any OEM updates so that your phone can process through the update without the battery dying mid-operation. At the signs of overheating of the phone, promptly take the mobile phone to your nearest repair shop.” These are some of the tips on how to tackle a software issue on a phone. 

Repairs are most cost-effective

When we talk about phone damage and repairs, money is a factor we all think first. Some of these phones range from economical to highly expensive flagship devices. However, on average the cost is just around 33% of the original price of the device. For the highly expensive devices with a price tag of more than Rs.50,000, it can go up to as high as 39% of the original device price. On the other hand, for devices under Rs.10,000, the repair costs usually are 41% of the original price of the device. 

Meanwhile, it is also necessary that we know how to extend the life of our smartphones with some personally made choices. Like, tempered glass on the screen, protective cases, keeping it updated, using your own phone chargers, and so much more. One needs to understand that mobile phone screen repairs cost you a lot because we use it every other second of our life. So, when we use and pay for a phone so much, we can surely invest in some good protection plans for the phone. 


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