iPhones are always the way to go if you need a seamless experience with a very user friendly UI. However, iPhones are also infamous for having a terrible battery life. From charging it twice a day initially to almost 5-6 times a day gradually, iPhone users face this terribly. This is not to say that Android batteries do not deteriorate with time. However, with 5000 mAh and 6000 mAh batteries coming up in the market, their battery game is indeed strong. 

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On the other hand, the biggest battery we have seen in an iPhone is that of a 3969 mAh capacity in the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Of course there are tons of different things on which the battery health of a device depends, like background apps and connectivities like WiFi and mobile data turned on but, iPhone has always suffered from battery issues. These issues have often pushed users to get an iPhone battery replacement sooner than most android devices.

When it comes to android devices, battery replacements come in pretty cheap whereas, iPhone battery repair or replacement deals cost quite a lot as they are premium end devices. However, if an iPhone is having abysmal performance issues on the battery front, a battery replacement is much needed to prevent any further problems.  

So, if you are one such iPhone user who is not sure about whether or not you need an iPhone battery replacement, these are some ways to find out:

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Checking the battery health through applications

Tons of such apps are available in the App Store which can help you analyze your device’s battery health. Some popular ones are:

> Battery Life: From providing an in-depth sheet of your device’s battery health to showing the ‘wear’ level of your battery, this app has it all. For example, if your iPhone 6s has a low charge holding capacity now, the application will show it through the wear level. Out of the 2725 mAh battery of the device, it will show near about 2300 mAh or less depending on the wear and tear level of your battery. This is indeed pretty useful. 

> coconutBattery: This is another really good application which shows the live status of your device’s battery health. However, this is not really that accurate when it comes to restored devices. You can also get a better experience with the coconut battery 3.9 now.

Visiting an Apple outlet

It goes without saying that this is the best way to figure out what is exactly going on in your device. If you are not really satisfied with the results that the applications are giving, this is the way to go for a great iPhone battery repair or replacement experience.

 Not only will you get accurate details about your device’s battery life, a full-diagnostic check will also reveal other issues with your device. Furthermore, you will be provided with solutions to such problems too. So, why is this placed second? It is simply because of the fact that it is time-consuming and opting for an iPhone battery replacement can be quite hectic during this ongoing pandemic. 

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The iPhone settings way

Another really good way to tell if your device needs a battery replacement is by simple going into your device’s settings menu. In here you will find the battery section which reveals through a notification if your device needs a replacement. However, if nothing pops up, your device battery is probably fine. The only downside to this is there are no further details about the battery health of your device. 

WIth all things said and considered, it is always best to leave such things to experts and not take rapid decisions. Furthermore, there are certain ways to ensure that your iPhone battery goes a long way without any hiccups. Here are some good things to try for maximising the battery performance:

> Turning off location services

> Disable the Background App Refresh setting

> Use airplane mode when you do not need the internet

> Make sure auto-brightness is enabled as it is more battery efficient

Another good thing to use would be one of those smart battery cases. These mobile cases not only protect the device but also charge them when need be. It is also important to note that using the device safely by not causing accidental spills or charging it in a hot environment makes the battery last longer. If nothing works out and you are sure that you need an iPhone battery replacement, expert help is actually just a call away. 

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