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Things You Should Do Before Handing Your Android Phone For Repairs

By Sidhant Gupta - 
Thu, 6 Feb'20
Things You Should Do Before Handing Your Android Phone For Repairs

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Our lives revolve around smartphones and we are quite particular about our smartphones. Smartphones have been an important part of our lives. Some use it to run their business, some capture a lot of pictures and create memories, and some just casually use it for entertainment purpose. Whatever the use case it, our devices are full of personal data without which we cant survive. But there may be a case, if by chance any unfortunate event happens to your smartphone, either it gets damaged or there is some internal hardware failure. And to get your smartphone up and running back again you need to visit a technician or company’s official service centre (or get it repaired right at home through Cashify!)

But wait, before you hand over the device to the technician. There are some important things which you need to take care of before giving your phone to the service centre. Here, in this article, we will explain the things you should do before handing over your Android phone for repairs.
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Create a Full Back Up

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Nowadays, data is one of the most important things in our phone. Our account details, confidential or important emails and messages, photos, videos, contacts, documents, etc. reside in our phones. So, it becomes important for everyone to have the backup of all such important data. This avoids the risk of losing the data during the repair process and you can be carefree. You can sync your contacts to Google contacts, calendar to Google Calendar, Keep with Google Keep, photos with Google Photos and other data you can upload to Google Drive or take backup to an external storage or hard drive.

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Remove Your SIM Card

It may seem strange but is important. If your SIM gets into the wrong hands by mistake, then it may be misused. So, make this habit to take out the SIM card from your phone before handing it over to the experts. Also, till you get your phone back, you can use the SIM card in any other smartphone. If you do so, you will not miss any important call if you get during that time. 

Remove Security Locks

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In case, if your smartphone is secured with a PIN, pattern lock, or fingerprint authentication, then you need to disable it. Doing this will allow the experts repairing your phone to test the status after the issue is fixed. You can remove the security locks in the settings of your device.

Remove External Storage

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Along with the SIM card, if your smartphone supports a micro-sd card slot and if you have a card installed in the slot. Then you have to remove it and keep is safe with you along with the SIM card. This is because most of your media files would be stored in this micro-sd card, so keep it safe. It is always recommended to remove the external storage/memory card from your smartphone if there is any. You may have some sensitive data in your external storage and if your memory card gets lost or damaged accidentally, then you will have to lose all your data.

Note Down Your IMEI

In order to avoid any risk of misplacing your device, it is a wiser decision to note down your IMEI number. IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique fifteen digit serial number that every phone has. So, if your phone is handed over to someone else by mistake who owns the same brand, same model, and the same color and you have been given his phone instead, then you can identify your smartphone with your IMEI number. It speeds up the process of getting the phone back to you. In case you can’t locate the IMEI number you can dial *#06# on the dial pad, this will show up the IMEI number on the screen. 

Perform a Factory Reset

If you have sensitive data on your device, then reset your phone. This will protect your data from getting stolen and you will be carefree. However, remember to back up all your data before resetting your phone. 

Remove Google Account & Disable Factory Reset Protection

Do not forget to remove all your accounts. Along with that, also disable the Factory Reset Protection. You can disable the Factory Reset Protection if you have removed all your Google accounts from your smartphone. 

Go to The Reputed Technician

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After you have done everything to save your data from getting lost or stolen, taken out your SIM card and external storage, and taken all other precautions, then you are ready to give your phone to the expert for repairing. Now, one important question that you should ask, are you handing over the device to a reputable technician? A good and certified technician will fully understand the safety requirements and is well aware of how to handle dangerous situations. On the other hand, giving your phone to someone who does not have the requisite skills, put your device in risk. 

In case you are looking for well trained and certified technicians you can check Out Cashify Repair and get your smartphone repaired at your doorstep.

Inform About All Issues

After you have chosen a well-reputed technician, don’t forget to tell about all the issues occurring in your device. Like, if you have dropped your phone on the ground, the camera can get damaged or there can be liquid damage along with the screen damage. So, you need to make sure that you have disclosed all the damages and issues accurately to the technician. This will help the technician to fix all the issues and you will be getting your phone back without any faults.

So, from now onwards whenever you give your phone to the technician, follow these steps. Also, make sure that you are doing things correctly to avoid any complexities. 

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