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Environmental Toll of E-Waste & How To Responsibly Dispose of Smartphone Batteries!


Phone batteries may appear small in size, but they hold a lot of toxic chemicals that are hazardous to the environment and health.  Disposing of them in the correct ways is a necessity, and here we discuss the best way to dispose of your smartphone’s battery, the Right way.

- Updated: 30th Oct 2023, 14:02 IST
  • 1
    Environmental Hazards Of These Batteries
    • 1. Spreads Pollution
    • 2. Threat To Wildlife
    • 3. Food Production And Human Health
    • 4. Long Term Impact
  • 2
    Why Choose To Dispose Smartphone Batteries?
  • 3
    How To Responsibly Dispose Of Smartphone Batteries?
    • 1. Local Electronic Waste Centre
    • 2. Electronic Repair Shop
    • 3.
  • 4
    Precautions To Take While Disposing Of Batteries
    • 1. Avoid Punching Or Pushing
    • 2. Store In A Cool Container
    • 3. Get Professional Help
    • 4. Never Charge A Swollen Battery
    • 5. Don’t Try Recycling On Your Own
  • 5
    Taking Responsibility: The Need to Properly Dispose of Smartphone Batteries
    • Final Note

We are so quick to discard our old phones, replacing them with the latest ones. However, we never think about how to dispose of smartphone batteries while doing so. When we dump old smartphones like any other household waste, they become environmentally hazardous and have a negative health impact. Be it for you, your family or everyone around. In this article, we will discuss the impact of e-waste dumping, like old mobile phone batteries and also learn how to dispose of them responsibly.

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Environmental Hazards Of These Batteries

Smartphone batteries contain harmful and toxic elements that can damage the air, soil, and every other aspect of the environment. It ultimately affects us and every other living being as well. Let us have a look at these hazardous consequences in detail:

1. Spreads Pollution

E waste spreads pollution

Old phone batteries are one of the leading factors that cause environmental pollution. The batteries contain toxic chemicals like lithium. While doing the dispose of smartphone batteries, any leakage of these chemicals in the environment is dangerous. Almost every kind of pollution, such as air pollution, water pollution, land pollution and so on, can be caused because of the phone batteries.

2. Threat To Wildlife

There have been cases reported all over the world wherein fish were found dead because of the toxic elements released in the water from dispose of smartphone batteries. Not only fishes but birds and other aspects of wildlife have already suffered a lot and are still suffering because of the wrong disposal of batteries. 

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3. Food Production And Human Health

The careless disposal of phone batteries also affects us through our food consumption. It happens when the chemicals of the batteries end up mixing into the soil, later harming food production and making it hazardous for our health. 

There are a lot of other ways through which humans can come in contact with the toxicity of phone batteries. Cases where the sanitization workers were affected while collecting garbage, including wrong battery disposal, have happened before and are still happening. The only way to stop it is through correct disposal.

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4. Long Term Impact

E waste

As a matter of fact, only 4-5% of lithium batteries are correctly recycled from the tons of lithium batteries created every year. You can imagine the harm that is being caused every year to Mother Earth from these estimates.

The batteries are capable of converting their chemical energy into electrical energy over time. To make this happen, chemicals like lithium, mercury, lead, etc., are added to them, and these chemicals are utterly dangerous.

Once the battery breaks down and these chemicals get leaked, the harm to the environment is caused for at least ten years. The effect of these batteries on the environment is chronic and terrible. These were some of the major harms, but the list is not limited to these points. There are many more aspects in which the dispose of smartphone batteries is harming us and our environment. 

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Why Choose To Dispose Smartphone Batteries?

When e-waste like smartphone batteries is left to decompose in landfills, these toxic substances can contaminate soil and water, causing a major threat to both ecosystems and human health.

It must be opted to protect and save the environment and ourselves. All these toxicity and hazards because of phone batteries can be reduced and eventually stopped by opting for the correct ways for the disposal of phone batteries. 

Disposing of batteries in the correct manner can save the lives of the various creatures living in our environment. Not just the environment and wildlife, but the correct ways of disposing of batteries are beneficial for all of us. 

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How To Responsibly Dispose Of Smartphone Batteries?

Fortunately, disposing of and recycling old phone batteries with the correct measures is an easy task to perform. Read the following points to know How to Dispose of Smartphone Batteries responsibly:

1. Local Electronic Waste Centre

E waste center to dispose smartphone batteries

If your smartphone and its battery are still in good working condition, consider donating or reselling them. There are various organizations and online platforms that facilitate the donation or resale of used electronic devices. This not only extends the life of the device but also reduces the demand for new ones, ultimately lowering e-waste generation.

An effortless and simple way to dispose of smartphone batteries correctly is to take them to a local electronic waste centre. You can search for these centres online and quickly get information about a lot of them and the ones located near you. You can also easily contact your city’s hazardous material disposal centre for details, locations, and any other information you want regarding the old batteries and their disposal.

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2. Electronic Repair Shop

If you are unable to find a local electronic waste centre, then try visiting our electronic repair shop or electronic supply shop near you. These shops usually have the relevant information and disposal facilities that will help you in disposing of the old batteries rightfully.

Also, these shops might have an e-waste drop-in box where you can voluntarily drop your e-waste, including your old gadgets and batteries, and the concerned authorities will dispose of the batteries correctly.

3. Check Online

online selling of E waste and dispose of smartphone batteries

Even though the chances are rare, if you still cannot find the right place for the dispose of smartphone batteries, then write your query online and search for contact numbers or details regarding the correct ways for disposing of old batteries in your city. You will find numerous contacts and institutions that will help you in resolving this issue. 

There are many startups that are doing this business wherein they collect your e-waste from your doorstep, and some of those startups even pay you some money in return for those e-waste products.

Precautions To Take While Disposing Of Batteries

There are certain precautions that you must take when you notice a swollen battery or take out the old phone’s battery. These precautions are as follows:

1. Avoid Punching Or Pushing

E waste reduction: dispose of smartphone batteries

When removing a battery, always remember not to have a tight grip on it. Make sure that you do not punch it or push it in any manner while doing the task. Batteries are delicate and can get punctured very easily. Even a small force can break the batteries.

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2. Store In A Cool Container

Do not leave the battery in the open once you can take it out. It is best to keep the battery in a cool container as it will help prevent the battery from getting punctured and for other safety purposes.

3. Get Professional Help

If you are not sure whether you will be able to take out the battery, then it is better to get professional help. You can contact any electronic repair store for this purpose, and they will instantly provide you with expert and professional help.

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4. Never Charge A Swollen Battery

e waste battery

You must never charge a swollen battery. Just stop using the battery and charging it the moment you notice your phone battery getting swollen. Charging a swollen battery can lead to absolutely dangerous consequences, such as an explosion.

5. Don’t Try Recycling On Your Own

E waste recycling: dispose of smartphone batteries

There is no requirement for personal experimentation or involvement with the battery. It is advisable to leave battery-related tasks to qualified professionals. Personal intervention could potentially lead to additional complications and safety risks.

Lastly, environmental responsibility begins with education. Inform yourself and others about the environmental impact of e-waste and the importance of properly disposing of smartphone batteries. Sharing knowledge and promoting responsible e-waste management within your community can raise awareness and drive positive change.

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Taking Responsibility: The Need to Properly Dispose of Smartphone Batteries

The environmental toll of e-waste, including smartphone batteries, is a pressing issue that demands our immediate attention. Irresponsible disposal of electronic waste has far-reaching consequences for the environment, human health, and resource sustainability. Adopt responsible disposal practices, such as recycling, participating in take-back programs, and choosing sustainable and repairable devices. By taking these steps, we can collectively reduce the impact of e-waste and contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. Disposing of smartphone batteries responsibly is not just an individual choice but a global necessity.

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Final Note

By now, you must be aware of the hazards that an old phone battery can cause. Everyone must use the correct forms of disposal in terms of phone batteries to prevent future consequences. 

Make sure that you follow up with the proper instructions when you need to dispose of smartphone batteries. Also, ensure that you consider the safety measures that have been mentioned in this article. 

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  • Phone batteries are incredibly hazardous for the environment and our health.
  • It is crucial to dispose of the phone batteries in the right manner.
  • Any carelessness in this task can lead to dangerous consequences.

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