There are many users who face the battery draining issue in their smartphones.However, the important thing is to identify the cause and resolve the issue. Here, in this article, we will discuss why the phone’s battery drain so fast.2022-03-29 14:03:49Why Is My Phone’s Battery Draining So Fast? 

Why Is My Phone’s Battery Draining So Fast? 


Sometimes it feels like you’re charging your phone for hours only to have it die in half the time. This article will help you understand the reasons why your smartphone’s battery is draining so quickly.

Updated: 29th Mar 2022, 14:03 IST
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    Reasons Your Smartphone’s Battery is Draining Fast
    • 1. Keeping your phone on Max Screen Brightness 
    • 2. Your Phone Keeps On Searching for Wi-Fi Networks
    • 3. Tons of Notifications 
    • 4. Background Apps Are Eating Your Phone’s Battery
    • 5. Poor Cell Reception
    • 6. Hardware Issues in Your Device

We all are addicted to our smartphones, aren’t we? We spend almost half our day scrolling through social media. All of this activity uses a lot of resources including processing power, Wi-Fi signals, a display panel and a lot more. But all of these components in a smartphone consume a battery. Now, as we know, the more usage the more the battery drains quickly. Every one of us wants to keep our phone running as much as possible. There are many users who face the battery draining issue in their smartphones.

Furthermore, there are many reasons that lead to the quick draining of your smartphone’s battery. However, the important thing is to identify the cause and resolve the issue. Here, in this article, we will discuss why the phone’s battery draining so fast.

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Reasons Your Smartphone’s Battery is Draining Fast

1. Keeping your phone on Max Screen Brightness 

high brightness drains
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The smartphone display eats up more battery than any other individual component of a device. And that’s because it is the only way we interact with a phone. With smartphones getting bigger and support for high-resolution QHD+ and high refresh rate displays. The display panel resolution and size has become the most important factor for draining the battery. And that’s the reason all battery saving guides and tutorials revolve around tweaking the display to save the battery.

If the screen brightness is too high, it is going to eat the battery of your phone. In order to save your phone’s battery from draining, you can adjust its screen brightness to a minimum feasible level or you can also set the automatic brightness. Doing this will automatically determine how bright the screen should be based on your surroundings and it will adjust the brightness accordingly. Along with that, you can also reduce the amount of time that the screen of your phone takes to turn off when it is idle. This way you can reduce the wastage of the battery of your smartphone.

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2. Your Phone Keeps On Searching for Wi-Fi Networks

always keeping wifi on drains phone battery
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Although choosing Wi-Fi over data not only saves your data but also your monthly bills, but keeping your Wi-Fi ON all the time may prove not so good for your device. In the process of searching for a Wi-Fi signal constantly, your phone’s battery can be easily drained out. So, in case, if you are not connecting to any Wi-Fi network, it is better to turn off Wi-Fi on your device. 

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3. Tons of Notifications 

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Along with emails, messages, and updates, there are many apps that take the user’s permission to send the notification. And that’s why your phone keeps on blinking, vibrating, and playing notification sounds the whole day. This constant notification stream can eat up the battery of your phone. So, you can turn off the notifications for those apps which you don’t use frequently and you will receive notifications for those apps which you care about. This will cut down the number of alerts and requests you get on your phone.

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4. Background Apps Are Eating Your Phone’s Battery

runnning background apps drain phones battery
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There are many apps that keep running in the background, using data and consequently draining your phone’s battery. However, you can check out which apps are running in the background and eating your phone’s battery. Just go to Settings, then navigate to Battery and you will see which app is using how much battery. Also, here you can disable the background activity of an app that eats too much battery.

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5. Poor Cell Reception

poor cell reception
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At times, your phone’s battery performance gets affected because of spotty service in that area. If you are in any such area where the cell phone receptions are bad, then your battery will drain out faster. It is due to the reason that your phone is constantly trying to communicate with nearby towers to keep you connected but when unable to do so it will work extra hard to reach the network and get you back on the grid.

In this whole process, your phone’s battery starts draining out. This generally happens when you are in a massive building or in any rural area where signals are very less and weak or you are travelling between different cities at a very fast speed. To resolve this issue, you can switch your carrier and choose a better option if this problem is due to weak signals. Also, you can keep your phone in aeroplane mode while travelling.

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6. Hardware Issues in Your Device

hardware problems
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If you examined the battery usage of your apps, screen time and other factors that affect the battery but still face the draining issue, then it is also possible that your phone has hardware issues. Your battery might be faulty, or there may be a case where the charging mechanism of your smartphone is faulty which is not charging the battery to its maximum capacity. So, get the hardware of your phone checked. To do so, you can go to a store and take a professional’s advice.

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So, we hope that you find this article helpful. These are the prime reasons behind your phone’s bad battery performance along with some quick solutions. The resolving steps are not that tricky or difficult to apply, you can do it yourself even if you are not that tech-savvy person. 

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Highlights of the Story

  • Devices get more energy-efficient as batteries get larger, but battery life is still a concern for most users.
  • One of the major reasons could be high display brightness.
  • Background apps essentially function even when you’re not directly using them. They are also a contributing factor in battery drain for smartphones.

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