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    Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Is Coming Soon: Everything You Need To Know

    By Sidhant Gupta | 
    Updated: 19th May 2020 08:12 IST
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    Cover Image Source: Ice Universe

    One of the most exciting flagship smartphone series of the year, the Galaxy S20 series, is going to be launched very soon. We already know that there will be a Galaxy S20 and S20+ in this series. But there will also be a new ‘Ultra’ variant in the Galaxy S20 series this year. 

    However, that is not everything that we are likely to see from Samsung getting launched this year. Because there are reports that Samsung is launching its second Galaxy Fold smartphone. Also, the reports suggest that the launch of the next Galaxy Fold will happen during the Galaxy S20 series launch as well.

    As far as the first Galaxy Fold is concerned, we know that Samsung had its fair share of trouble regarding the smartphone. But that is also expected because of the fact that foldable technology is still extremely new and mistakes are bound to happen.

    The best part about Samsung’s Galaxy Fold was that the company did not stop trying after its first mistake. It launched a new version of the Galaxy Fold which has sold like hot cakes. This even though it is a $1980 (Rs.1,65,000 India Price) smartphone having $1000 (Rs.70,000) specifications.

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    Since the success of Galaxy Fold, Samsung has shifted to making a new Galaxy Fold dubbed the ‘Galaxy Fold 2’. The most interesting part about the Galaxy Fold 2, however, is the form factor. If you have seen Motorola’s Razr 2019, they have gone for a clamshell design. Similar to that, the Galaxy Fold 2 is also expected to have a clamshell design. And due to that reason, the Galaxy Fold 2 will reportedly be named as the “Samsung Galaxy Z Flip”. 

    Galaxy Z Flip Leaked Image

    galaxy z flip leaked image


    As for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, we can see from leaked images that the device will have a display that flips into half.

    It will also have a tiny 0.1-inch display at the front to show info such as time, charging and battery. We can also notice the trend of Samsung including a hole-punch camera on all its 2020 smartphones since the Galaxy Z Flip is also supposed to have one. 

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    We will also have a dual-camera setup which will act as a selfie camera when the phone is flipped down. However, there is a single standard selfie camera for situations when the phone is flipped open. 

    Interestingly, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will not have a plastic screen but rather an “Ultra-thin Glass” which will have a Dynamic AMOLED panel underneath. However, reports suggest that the crease seen on Galaxy Fold will be there on the Galaxy Z Flip too.

    Also known is that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will support 15W charging speed. It will support wireless charging and reverse wireless charging as well. However, the battery on Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip is expected to be smaller in capacity. You will also see a fingerprint sensor mounting on the side of this device.

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    The India launch of Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to be sometime in Mid April and the expected pricing of the device would be around $2000 (Rs.1,50,000).


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