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How To Install Google Camera Mod In Any Android Smartphone?


You can use the Google Camera mod on any Android device. Follow these easy steps to install it on your smartphone.

- Updated: 25th May 2023, 15:02 IST
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    What is GCAM?
  • 2
    Comparison between the Google Camera and the Stock Camera
  • 3
    Install Google Camera App – Must know! GCAM 8 App Mod Features:
  • 4
    How To Download And Install Google Camera App 8 On Your Android Device
  • 5
    Installing AR core for Google Playground?
    • What is Camera FV-5 and Why it is important?

Google Camera is an excellent app for Android devices. It’s the grail of Google Pixel smartphones and it is easy to install the Google Camera app. While other companies count on multiple cameras to deliver high-quality shots, Google Pixels are sustained by powerful software and machine learning capabilities. In addition, Google has recently unrolled the Google Camera App v8 with several new features and enhancements.

So, if you’re looking to install the Gcam 8 app for all Android smartphones, then this article is for you.

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What is GCAM?

Gcam is an app that brings the Google Camera app to many smartphones and makes sure that all features work on them. There are several variations to the Install Google Camera app. Some can be used on multiple Android devices, while others are made specifically for one smartphone.

Multiple developers are tinkering with the Install Google Camera app and a lively community of users who use the Mod. Now developers went a step further, bringing the newest Gcam 8 with all its features.

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Comparison between the Google Camera and the Stock Camera

Let’s get the functions of the Google Camera out of the way first, and then examine how they perform in reality compared to your built-in camera software.

You’ll get better exposure, greater detail, and cleaner images due to this. However, the time and effort it takes to switch from your default photo app to Google Camera are worth it. Fortunately, this is not a taxing task.

Install Google Camera App – Must know! GCAM 8 App Mod Features:

Are the features of Google Camera sophisticated enough to allow it to replace your current camera app? Absolutely! Why will you notice a boost in picture quality you will also see an expansion in the number of choices available for photographing and altering photographs. These features make it worthwhile to install the google camera app.

The following characteristics make Google Camera a fantastic tool to have:

  • Automatic DND mode while using video-recording
  • Re-arranged settings UI
  • 24FPS video.
  • Exposure controls regulate the brightness and HDR of your photo.
  • Astrophotography was implemented for low-light images.
  • Received Frequent Faces to assist you to capture Top Shot photos.
  • Touch and Hold shortcut within the shutter button to capture Top Shot photos.
  • Video, Timelaps, Slow motion recording
  • AR/Playground stickers

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How To Download And Install Google Camera App 8 On Your Android Device

To install the Google Camera app the developer parrot043 put his hand within the Google Camera 8 app and made the primary modded version of the Gcam 8 APK. The new mod is available for nearly all Android smartphones. There are some restrictions, though. The most important one involves having support for camera2 API.

Moreover, you’ll have to confirm that your device is running Android 10. If you Install Google Camera app 8 it won’t work with devices running Android 9.0 or below. However, the procedure is sort of simple, and you only have to follow the instructions below:

  • Download the APK for your device
  • Select and Install the Google Camera app (You might be prompted with the request for allowing app installation from external sources, don’t worry the app is safe)
  • Open the Google Camera once the icon appears in your launcher
  • Done!
  • For older versions of Android, you can download and install Google Camera app 7 or any mod that’s compatible with your version.
  • Now you’re ready to enjoy all the exciting features of Gcam 8 including the Astrophotography feature and the 24FPS recording mode. The latter is a must for all cinematography lovers! Have fun!

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Installing AR core for Google Playground?

The Gcam app also has a Google Playground feature that enables you to add Augmented reality figures. However, there is a catch to using the feature. The augmented reality works if you have the Google AR Core app on your smartphone. ARCore is a Google application that enables AR-specific features on a smartphone so that the camera module can analyse motion tracking & environmental lighting etc.

Install: Android

Once this is done, you need to install the Google Playground app to get those cool AR stickers. The app consists of all the sticker modules and will automatically integrate with the Gcam app once installed. It might seem it is taxing but it is quite easy to install the google camera app on your device.

Install: Android

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What is Camera FV-5 and Why it is important?

Camera FV-5 is a camera application similar to GCam mod. It is an additional camera application that you can download on your android device. In addition, it is compatible with every Android phone, tablet, or camera. It is free of cost application that lets you click top-notch quality pictures. 

It provides in-depth detailing of the picture. Moreover, it makes full use of the existing camera of your phone. It is a must-have application for all photography enthusiasts. Camera FV-5 helps in taking advanced DSLR shots from the phone camera. It also allows you to process other shots too. 

It is a handy replacement if your phone is not compatible with the Gcam mod. You can install this application to click premium quality pictures from your phone camera. 

Download: Android

That’s it. You now have the guide to installing the Google Camera app on your phone.


Hanso Qing

2 Year ago

Hanso Qing

2 Year ago

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