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Top 5 Cloud Storage Apps for iOS And Android

In the era of cloud computing, users now have started to migrate to Cloud Storage Services from the usual SSD’s and HDD’s, this allows the convenience of accessing the data anytime and from any part of the world using any device, even a smartphone. Multiple companies have started to offer cloud storage services, some important being Google, Microsoft, and More.

By Akhil Taneja - 
Tue, 17 Mar'20
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Best Cloud Storage Apps

Cloud Storage has taken over the world by this means, and today we will be bringing up a number of the most effective cloud storage apps that may give you superb storage and optimize your user expertise. Storing an outsized quantity of information isn’t an enormous deal these days. Whether or not you wish to avoid wasting your limited on-device storage with personal information, videos, documents or family photos. A cloud storage provides the convenience of storing information while not investing a lot in physical storage devices.

Apart from storing information, you’ll have the advantage of accessing the information from anywhere in the world without any device constraints. With the recognition of cloud applications, it’s quite tough to choose the correct one. Here in this article, we will list a number of the most effective cloud storage apps for Android robot and iOS devices.

Google Drive:

Google Drive is one of the foremost revered and common cloud storage apps accessible. Users get 15GB free subscription with unlimited photograph and video backup via Google Photos if they, therefore, opt for (with the high-resolution quality settings). The app also additionally offers an assortment of workplace apps accessible for documents, spreadsheets, note-taking, spreadsheets, and displays. Users can easily grab higher storage plans if they need, as payment options are not expensive. The app is extremely functional with other apps such as Google Sheets, Docs and more. The workplace apps and cloud storage jazz group could be a potent one and one that competitors have a tough time beating.

Download Google Drive for Android

Download Google Drive for iOS


Most of us might be aware of regarding Dropbox and there’s a good chance that a number of you have got this app pre-installed on your devices already without even knowing. Dropbox comes with the auto-photo transfer, easy sharing choices, the most recent golem style components, workplace support with Microsoft, the ability to send files easily to others and a lot more. It’s an awfully solid possibility with a lot of options than most. The Basic Individual accounts get 2GB Storage for free. Also, the Dropbox Plus subscription has a lot to offer in terms of functionality if you opt to become a subscriber.

Download DropBox for Android

Download DropBox for iOS


Top 5 Cloud Storage Apps For iOS And Android mega

Mega is a cloud storage service, sequel to Megaupload which was taken down by a few authorities in the past. Mega’s cloud storage service that offers users free storage of up to 50GB for complimentary. That’s one of the biggest sign-on bonus we’ve seen among all of those cloud storage apps and services listed on this lits. When it comes to features and storage options, MEGA has a  variety of storage choices that span from 200GB to maxing out at 8TB. The app on Android and iOS feels kind of flashy, however, there are a couple of bugs in these applications that a few people have noticed earlier. One of the biggest advantages of MEGA is that it encrypts all the files uploaded for security and protection.

Download MEGA for Android

Download MEGA for iOS


Microsoft OneDrive:

Top 5 Cloud Storage Apps For iOS And Android microsoft onedrive

Microsoft OneDrive may be a standard cloud storage choice for someone of you, but if you are a person who uses Windows OS, it’s quite beneficial for you. For beginners, users get 5GB of free cloud storage which can be upgraded to 100GB for Rs.123 per month. The application itself looks clean and great, it’s flat, UI design is intuitive and clear. OneDrive storage has been additionally added up with each workplace 365 subscriptions, either for businesses or private usage.

Download OneDrive for Android

Download OneDrive for iOS


Top 5 Cloud Storage Apps For iOS And Android box

Box.com is an amazing cloud storage service that people use over the world. There are a few key notable advantages like the integration of a variety of file manager applications into Box. New users who register for private accounts get a 10GB free cloud storage space, the application also offers its service for Business at cheap rates based on options.  Users can directly print documents of various types from Box, share their files with others and lot more. Additionally, users can preview up to 200+ file types in Box application. The app works virtually and it puts a setup like a virtual environment even for the team members or personal users.

Download Box for Android

Download Box for iOS

So, these were a few Cloud-Based Applications that you can use to store your files and access them anytime and from anywhere in the world.