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Android vs iOS, Which One Do You Actually Need?


When choosing a smartphone, the real question arises on what smartphone to choose based on your budget. And that too, only after you have decided on the Operating System. It’s okay that you will want an Android smartphone if your budget and what you’re looking for is clear, but if you have a high budget, you might be confused about whether to choose Android or iOS. There are various aspects to look for while choosing between the two, and based on your requirements, we will help you answer the question, “Which do you actually need?”.

- Updated: 6th Apr 2020, 07:30 IST
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A person looking to buy a new smartphone usually has the world’s most significant task, and it is, choosing the perfect one for his/her needs, respectively. While there are various platforms, the majority of the people get stuck while choosing between Android and iOS. If the requirements are precise for one, it gets easier to choose, but if they are an issue, it gets tough. So, to choose amongst the two, clearing the clouds will pretty much help to settle on a choice.

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Here, we have the critical aspects of a Smartphone from the eyes of both Android and iOS.


iPhone vs Android affordability
Source: iMore

Affordability is the top key aspect one should always look out for. We all know that no matter what kind of product it is, be it iPhone, iPad, MacBook, or any Apple product is priced on the higher side always. The only way you could get an iPhone at a lower cost is to settle for the smaller variants such as iPhone SE or predecessor models. And even then, these are quite pricey compared to Android phones in that range because of the long update chronology Apple has. 

On the other hand, Android phones can cost starting from lower rates, such as Rs. 5000 itself. But what you get in that package will never satisfy you with the fact that you need an absolute performance device. However, spending about Rs. 15000 and more will fetch you a decent device that will abide by your needs. And spending about Rs 40000 will get you a beast that can compete with an iPhone head-to-head.

Choice: Android

Variety of models

variety iphone v android
Source: Techfeatured

Apple each year comes with a couple of phones which look particularly of the same design, and although things changed a bit with the iPhone X when Apple decided to cut out the bezels a bit and house a huge notch upfront.

And even with the iPhone 11, we have the same screen design except for the different orientation of cameras at the rear. So there is a slight chance that Apple might consider re-designing for the iPhone, and thinking that Apple is the only company that makes iOS devices, this is certainly not a downside.

In the case of Android, various smartphone makers are competing for each quarter of the year strictly by launching multiple models in different price ranges. No wonder Android has much more user-base. Moreover, each maker has their knack in design language, so we get to experience different phones. Clearly, Android is a better platform in this aspect.

Choice: Android


iphone vs android updates
Source: popsci

Apple has a strict update timeline that they follow each year. They are keen on updating the devices which were launched five years down the road. Such is the architecture of OS that even the lowest-performing components can handle the newest update features. But since Apple slowing down iPhones scandal, everyone was skeptical while buying an iPhone, but very soon, it went down, and Apple got the better of it when we look at the numbers right now. 

On the other side, although Google pushes out a new Android version annually, it takes time for the OEMs to port it for their different devices and push out the updates. A few flagship devices can get OS updates for up to two years with bug fixing updates in between.

A mid-range Android device usually gets updates for a year with an OS-specific update while a budget phone will just be stuck with the version of Android it came out with. The work here is that different devices have different flavours of Android, which makes it difficult for the OEMs to port the update to all of their devices.

Evident enough, iOS takes down the point here.

Choice: iOS


android vs ios Customizations
Source: Gizmodo

This is one aspect that differs both the platforms on a large scale. As we know, all the iOS devices have pretty much the same design of UI and enhancements. There are very few customizations available, and more of them can certainly help. And from what it looks like, Apple does not seem to care about it because there are people who selectively buy iPhones for their simplicity.

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However, on the other side with Android, things are very different because as many customization options are available within the settings, more apps can help customize Android to the next level. Launcher applications are capable of getting rid of the skinned Android UI given by some OEMs. Moreover, if you are clingy enough to explore the development side of the OS, you can root your device. After that, you can flash your preferred ROM to give your device a fresh new look. 

Choice: Android


As they say, security and privacy are some of the important reasons users prefer Apple more than Android. It is true that Apple truly respects its users’ privacy and equivalent to it are privacy policies for the developers too. There are the least cases where Apple uses your data for the improvement of the platform, and also, iOS said to be one of the secure OS. Well, this is one of the reasons why you might want to pick iOS.

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Best Android Security Apps To Keep Your Device Safe

Android, on the other hand, is developed by Google, which does not have a good record when it comes to privacy concerns. However, Android is no less when it comes to security concerns and is not easily vulnerable unless and until one does not want to play with the development side. Even then, Android sends out prompts and warnings before proceeding further. However, iOS still beats Android here because that’s what users pick iOS for. 

Choice: iOS

Final Verdict

As we have seen the results in the aspects mentioned above, both Android and iOS vary a lot in terms of usability. The device use cases and the software of both platforms have their set of advantages and disadvantages. So, the apparent winner here for us is iOS if you are looking to buy a smartphone in the flagship segment. Again, there’s no good-riddance of Android flagships as they can be as good as the iPhones and certainly help with more customizations. But when it comes to buying a smartphone in mid-range or budget-segment, it is suggested to buy Android as it can be more practical and worthy. Everyone’s choices can vary when it comes to an end, so choose wisely after having a look at the above aspects. 



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