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How To Sanitize Your Phone At Home During Corona

- Updated: 23rd Apr 2020, 12:46 IST

We are totally dependent on our phones and laptops for efficient working, and especially when it is work from home, we can’t get off them, there are moments we end up carrying them even to our washrooms. 

While it is considered that a phone can have even higher germs than a toilet seat, it becomes really important to clean it and keep it sanitized so that these germs don’t make their way to your skin.  

There are a lot of questions in the mind of users as to how easy it is to clean, what to use, what not to use? Cleaning your dirty phones is not as straight-forward as it might look, but let’s see how we can disinfect our gadgets with things lying around our house, easily and effectively, without damaging them. 

covid 19 cleaning smartphones


  1. Use a microfiber cloth that you get with your sunglasses or any soft cotton cloth, provided it’s lint-free. Using a dry cloth, you can, first of all, remove the fingerprint smudges or oily patches from the screen and the body.

covid 19 cleaning

2. Avoid using water or any other type of aerosol spray directly on your phone to avoid liquid damage or moisture in the openings. Instead, dip the microfiber cloth in normal water to make it slightly wet and rub it up and down the screen.

covid 19 use sanitizer

3. Alternatively, you can take a bowl to prepare a mixture of 50% tap water and 50% white vinegar. Add two drops of any essential oil (tea tree oil) to this mixture to prepare a DIY phone cleaner. 

4. You can use general face wipes as well to gently cleanse the surface.

covid 19 cleaning screen

5. Take out the protective case of your device and rinse it in a mixture of water and alcoholic hand-sanitizer or simply Savlon, and let it dry for some time before reuse. 

6. Use cotton swabs easily available at homes in the form of earbuds, to clean the area around the speaker grille, microphone, ports and remove even the tiniest dust particles. 

7. Don’t use any alcoholic material directly onto the phone’s body as it might damage the oleophobic coating on the device and result in scratches. Avoid submerging in any cleaning agent as well. 

This should be done every alternate day on the days of higher risk of viruses like COVID-19, and otherwise once a week would suffice and keep your gadgets free of germs. 


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All the studies show that the Novel CoronaVirus which is resulting in a major respiratory disease (COVID-19), can stay on the surface for up to 12 hours straight. Amidst all this coronavirus outbreak, keeping your hands clean and off the face all the time is suggested, but can you really keep your hands away from your phones or laptops on which you are totally engaged every time.

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