We all do use ringtones on our smartphones, while there are multiple websites which sell premium ringtones for a price, did you know that you could create one for yourself from the Youtube Videos for free?. Yes Creating them from youtube videos is quite simple and doesn’t consume much time. Keep reading this article to…2023-02-01 15:39:46How To Make a YouTube Song as Your Ringtone on Android?

How To Make a YouTube Song as Your Ringtone on Android?


We all do use ringtones on our smartphones. While there are multiple websites that sell premium ringtones for a price, did you know that you could create one for yourself from the YouTube Videos for free? Yes, making a YouTube song your ringtone is quite simple and doesn’t consume much time. Keep reading this article to know more.

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Updated: 1st Feb 2023 15:39 IST
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    Why YouTube is the Best Source for Ringtones
  • 2
    How to make a YouTube song your ringtone on Android?
    • Step 1: Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 Format:
    • Step 2: Trim the MP3:
    • Method 1 to Trim the MP3: Using a web browser
    • Method 2: to Trim the MP3: Using Android Apps
  • 3
    How To Make A YouTube Song Your Ringtone FAQs
    • Step 3: Set it as Ringtone:
  • 4
  • 5
    How To Make YouTube Song As Ringtone Update (February 2023)
  • 6
    How To Set Ringtone From YouTube: Bonus
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    The Takeaway!

Are you bored of the default ringtones on your Android device? Do you want a song you like on YouTube to become your ringtone? YouTube has become the biggest source of entertainment and host of any song or music that you can find on the internet. This makes it perfect to look for songs or ringtones to download if you do not find them elsewhere.

YouTube allows you to play different videos on the app without any hurdles. However, it does not allow you to stream just the audio while skipping the audio unless you have a premium subscription or YouTube Music enabled. This also means that you cannot download these audio tracks as native music files for offline listening or settings as your ringtone on a smartphone. This can be an issue if you have a specific song of your choice that you like a lot and wish to customise your smartphone and set it as a ringtone. 

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While YouTube doesn’t officially provide a way to download a video in the audio format, some workarounds allow you to download music or ringtone of your choice from a YouTube video. This can be especially helpful if you do not find the ringtone on popular ringtone portals or other websites or if the song you are looking for is unavailable on other streaming platforms for download. 

We all do have ringtones set on our smartphones; Ringtones are pieces of sound used by smartphones to indicate a specific action. For example, you get notified when you get a call or an incoming message by a sound that your smartphone produces. There are many apps and websites out there from which one can purchase mobile ringtones online, but better be aware of their steep price. More interestingly, one can convert a music video on YouTube and turn them into a ringtone at no cost within no matter of time.

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Yes, you’ve heard it right. Converting a YouTube video to a ringtone is quite simple and can be done in multiple methods. So now you don’t need to buy ringtones from somewhere else when you can make one for yourself for free. Please read the complete guide below to discover how to use YouTube audio clips and urn into mobile phone ringtones, but before that, let’s talk about Why YouTube is one of the best sources to get the audio files for making a ringtone. And in this article, we will discuss how to make a YouTube song your ringtone on android.

Why YouTube is the Best Source for Ringtones

YouTube houses one of the biggest collections of videos, music, songs, and more, even including movies, while also keeping the quality of the video and the song bitrate intact. Downloading videos from YouTube in either format is quite simple or doesn’t require much effort. A lot of available apps allow downloading from YouTube in any format quickly. And most of the music makers publish their songs first on YouTube. So, there isn’t any reason why YouTube is not the best source for ringtones.

How to make a YouTube song your ringtone on Android?

Step 1: Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 Format:

how to convert youtube video to mp3
  1. So firstly, go head over to YouTube and search for the video you want to convert and use as your ringtone.
  2. Click on the Share Button, select Copy Link or Copy URL and continue to the next step.
  3. Now open Chrome or any browser on your Android and head over to https://ytmp3.cc/. Paste the Link over in the box
  4. Now Hit, convert, and wait for the process to complete.
  5. Now you have the mp3 file of the video and you can now download this audio file.

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Step 2: Trim the MP3:

Now, this method can be done in two ways, either you can trim it over online or download an Android application and do the same process.

Method 1 to Trim the MP3: Using a web browser

  1. Open Chrome or any other browser on your Android smartphone and head over to https://mp3cut.net/.
  2. Select Choose File, and select the YouTube Converted File which we just converted in the last step.
  3. Wait for it to get uploaded, now Select the part you want to make the ringtone, and make sure to time it about 15-20 seconds.
  4. Now Select Trim and hit continue. Now the download link will be generated.

Method 2: to Trim the MP3: Using Android Apps

Via Application #1: MP3 Cutter and ringtone maker

MP3 Cutter and ringtone maker” is a free app available on the Google Play Store and performs various tasks, including trimming MP3 files, merging them, mixing two audios, and a lot more. Although the app has some ads, they are negligible because of the functionality that the app provides. Overall, with all these features packed into a single app, this is our app of choice for this process.

how to trim using mp3 cutter
  1. Head over to the Google Play Store and search for “MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker” from InShot INC and download it. (You can find the download below)
  2. Open the application and Select MP3 Cutter, allow the permissions, and now choose the converted file.
  3. Drag the play head and time the audio exactly as per your needs.
  4. Select the Continue button on the top, adjust the settings and click on convert
  5. Now the finally the YouTube song is your ringtone.

How To Make A YouTube Song Your Ringtone FAQs

Q1: Why isn’t my YouTube music my ringtone?

To create a YouTube music ringtone, first, convert the video to MP3 using YTmp3.cc. After exporting the YouTube video to MP3, you may trim the audio file using third-party programmes like an MP3 cutter or Timbre. After cutting the desired ringtone, go to your phone’s settings>sound and vibration>Ringtones. Setting it as your default ringtones

Q2: How can I set a YouTube song as my ringtone?

To make YouTube music your Android ringtone, just copy the URL and put it on the website YTmp3.cc. Your phone ringtone will be trimmed after transcoding the YouTube music to MP3. Alternatively, you may follow our guide’s instructions to learn more.

Q3. How to make music a ringtone.

To make a song your phone ringtone, first, download it to your device using any song portal or as an MP3 audio file. After downloading the music, you may trim it to make a ringtone for your phone.

Download MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

Via Application #2: Timbre: Cut, Join, Convert Mp3 Audio & Mp4 Video

One of the oldest apps in this field, Timbre also performs multiple tasks such as trimming audio, merging and converting formats for both MP3 and MP4 format files. This is quite like the previous app and you can use it to perform the tasks mentioned below.

how to use timbre to make mp3
  • Go to the Play Store and Search for Timbre: Cut, Jin, and Convert MP3 Audio find and download it.
  • Once done, open the application, and allow the permissions.
  • In the Audio Menu, search for Cut and now pick the audio file we converted.
  • Select the range of the audio you want to cut and click on the Trim button.
  • The Audio will now be saved at the destination storage.

Download Timbre: Cut, Join, Convert Mp3 Audio & Mp4 Video

Step 3: Set it as Ringtone:

Now here comes the last step, now once your Ringtone is ready. All you need to do is set it as the default ringtone. And to do that.

Make A YouTube Song Your Ringtone
  • Head over to the Settings Menu
  • Search for Sound and Vibration
  • Under the Phone Ringtone Menu, search for Phone Ringtone
  • Now click on the SIM Name and select the new Audio File.
  • Your new ringtone is now set.

YouTube comes with some of the best songs, ringtones, and music overall. Using the above method it becomes extremely easy to set your favourite music from YouTube as your ringtone on your smartphone. There are multiple ways of doing the same. But we’ve covered some of the easiest and safest methods of doing the same. It is important to know that this might consider copyright infringement under some laws. In case, the music or song you are trying to download has a copyright on it. We suggest you take your own precaution and check for copyright protection to avoid issues. 

That’s it, now you will be able to make your own ringtones anytime and anywhere.


Changing the default ringtone is easier on Android than on iOS and other OS devices. Apowersoft with its simple application converts YouTube videos to ringtones instantly, without any charges. Moreover, it allows downloading from multiple video and music sites apart from YouTube for converting them into ringtones. So, if you are in dilemma about how to set ringtone from not just YouTube but other websites as well, Apowersoft is the answer!

This is an online-based application and does not need any installation, furthermore, it’s completely free with no registration fee and membership. In order to convert and make YouTube songs as ringtones using this awesome application, go through the following procedure:

  1. Go to the YouTube application and copy the URL of that video containing the required soundtrack.
  2.  Go to your mobile browser and open Apowersoft Free to MP3, after that go to the search bar and paste the URL right there followed by clicking on the Convert option.
  3. After enabling the online launcher by trailing the instructions, the Apowersoft tool will initiate the audio conversion and will save the MP3 file on your PC.
  4. After the tool successfully saves the required ringtone, transfer the saved MP3 ringtone from your PC to your Android Phone by simply connecting it to your PC. Then go to Your Music Library and set it as your ringtone. 

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How To Make YouTube Song As Ringtone Update (February 2023)

Here is another way through which you can do it. 

  1. Go to YouTube and then copy the link of the video which you want to be made as your Android ringtone. 
  2. From there, go to Audio cutter online and then paste the YouTube link. Cut the audio which you want to hear as your ringtone. 
  3. You can cut the audio with the help of the fade-in and fade-out box to make them sound more natural and harmonious. 
  4. From there, choose to download the ringtone which you have cut in. 
  5. Save the ringtone in your cloud and then you can use it on your Android device.

Voila! You have easily set a YouTube song as your ringtone in just a few easy steps.

How To Set Ringtone From YouTube: Bonus

Another way to make a YouTube song as your ringtone is available to all of us. Using Media.io, you can easily convert YouTube music to ringtones by just copying the URL of the song. Ringtones may be made using local formats including M4R, M4A, AAC, MP3, AU and FLAC.

This functionality sets it distinct from the others. It is available in approximately as many forms as there are people who use it. So, how about we have a look?

  • First, open Media.io and search for it.
  • Then you copy the Youtube URL. Afterwards, click the Youtube icon on Media.io.
  • After successful upload. Convert to Mp3 or whatever you like and click the options button to choose your start and finish points.
  • Finally, pick your export destination. After downloading, you may use it as a ringtone.

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The Takeaway!

Gone are the days when you had severely limited options available to convert YouTube videos into mp3. Now, the possibilities are endless and with these tools in your arsenal, you can easily convert any YouTube video into the .mp3 format and use it as your ringtone. With the above mentioned list in this article, you now have the perfect answer to how to make YouTube song as ringtone!

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Highlights of the Story

  • Ringtones are pieces of sound produced by smartphones to notify for a new call, message and more
  • Ringtones can be changed, there are a lot of apps and websites over the internet selling Ringtones for steep prices.
  • Creating and making a new ringtone from a YouTube song for our smartphone is quite easy and can be done in multiple ways.

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