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    Rapid Charging vs Quick Charging vs Dash Charging: Who’s Winning?

    By Sidhant Gupta - 
    9th Jul 2019

    All flagships and even mid-range devices now offer fast charging support. But they all seem to be called by different names. From a consumer perspective, this can get rather confusing. Which is why we’re here to clarify it for you.

    Let’s compare OnePlus’s Dash Charging, LG’s Rapid Charging, and the popularly used Quick Charging.

    Quick Charging

    Qualcomm’s Quick Charge is the most common fast charging brand. It works with all Snapdragon-powered phones. Usually, you’ll need to use the power adapter that came with the handset, or any suitable third-party adapter. Without that, the charging is likely to be at a normal pace.

    This technology mainly focuses on maximizing phone charging transfer while being efficient. Quick Charge 2.0 allows for charging power levels of 36 Watts in certain situations.

    Rapid Charging vs Quick Charging vs Dash Charging: What's going on?

    High AC current from your wall outlet is converted into into a device safe amount wall adapters. The current drawn will vary from device to device, but normally is 1-2.4 Amps. When you apply a higher current such as these, it results in more power being transmitted making charging times faster.

    Rapid Charging

    Rapid Charging is the exact same thing. It is licensed technology from Qualcomm, being used by smartphone manufacturers as a marketing gimmick.

    Dash Charging

    OnePlus claims Dash can give you 60% power in just half an hour. The OnePlus 5 is also said to remain perfectly cool during charge and even after a full Dash Charge.

    The system used an 11V/5A charging connector that can offer a maximum output of 55W – more than Quick Charging. There is a heat-management system too.


    So there you have it – fast charging options are largely the same thing, except for the OnePlus, which offers more power.

    Is it time to upgrade to a phone with fast charging capabilities? We’d recommend so. There’s a life before fast charging, and a life after it. Trust us.


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