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6 Best Android Security Apps To Keep Your Device Safe


When choosing an Android security app, it is important to consider your specific needs and budget. Some apps offer free versions with basic features, while others charge a subscription fee for access to more advanced features. It is also important to read reviews of different apps before choosing one to ensure that you get a quality product. Here we have provided insights on 8 such apps.

- Updated: 22nd Sep 2023, 15:03 IST
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    Best Android Security Apps
    • Avast Mobile Security
    • McAfee Mobile Security & Lock
    • Norton Mobile Security & Antivirus
    • 360 Security
    • Avira
    • AVG Antivirus
    • Kaspersky Security VPN
    • Bouncer
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Nowadays, smartphones are an essential part of our lives. Its usage is no longer limited only for communication. Contrary, we store most of our sensitive information and data on our smartphones. That is the reason why Antivirus applications for android are one of the most popular types of apps on Android. However, an antivirus app is not needed if one uses his/her device safe. E.g. downloading apps only from the Play Store, keep security settings enabled, etc. In this era of data leaks and security threats, one mistake can cause you to compromise with your private data on your phone. So, it becomes crucial for you to safeguard your device with some robust mobile security apps.

Best Android Security Apps

Here we have listed some of the best free Android antivirus apps that are available in the Google Play Store. 

Avast Mobile Security

Avast Mobile Security

Avast Mobile Security is one of any platform’s most prominent security applications. It protects millions of devices. According to AV-Test, it is the top-rated Android malware scanner. The app comes with both a free and a paid premium version. The free version of Avast antivirus for Android has some excellent security features for providing protection against security threats that can affect your phone. The latter version allows users to remove ads and access other advanced features, such as SIM security, camera traps, and many more.

Features of Avast Mobile Security

● Provides anti-theft support

● Grants classic single tap antivirus scanning

● Shows the time you spend on each app

● Junk Cleaner for wiping cache and residual files

● Photo vault for securing photographs against unwanted access

● Web shield for secure web browsing

McAfee Mobile Security & Lock

McAfee Mobile Security & Lock

McAfee is the big name in antivirus application and has won many notable awards since its release. The app has an intuitive interface and comprises of many basic as well as advanced features to protect your device. The best thing is that there are guides for every element. 

Features of McAfee Mobile Security

● Feature to capture the photos of intruders

● Feature to wipe data remotely

● Anti-theft uninstall protection feature 

● The app has support for Android Wear devices also

● Battery optimiser and memory cleaner to optimise the battery and memory of the phone.

● Feature to record locations to the cloud before the phone shuts down

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Norton Mobile Security & Antivirus

Norton Mobile Security & Antivirus

Whenever the best antiviruses are discussed, Norton is the name that is always on the list. 

The latest version of Norton Antivirus provides excellent android security features even in the free version of the application. The app accurately detects and removes all kinds of malware that can harm your device. The app has separate stand-alone apps like app locker, password manager, and many more that are available for free in the Play Store. 

Features of Norton Security and Antivirus

● Wi-Fi security to notify you about unsecured connections

● Feature to trigger an alarm to find your missing device

● A safe Search feature that alarms you during browsing on unsafe websites

● Feature to remotely lock your device

● Call or SMS blacklisting

● Feature to take photos of your potential phone thief

360 Security

360 Security

360 Security is another addition in the list of the best security applications for Android. The app scans your apps for potential malware activity very fast. Its significant features include junk cleaner, speed booster, lock screen with multiple functions, CPU cooler, anti-theft protection, etc. It provides real-time protection and has a multi-function lock screen for providing your phone status directly to your smartphone’s lock screen. 

Features of 360 Security

● Speed booster for clearing the RAM and boosting the gaming experience

● Call & SMS filter

● Click snaps of an intruder who tries to access your device without authority

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Avira Antivirus is one of the newer Android malware scanners and is equally reliable like its other listed competitors. The app is fully-featured, and most of its functions are available in the free version. It’s much lighter than other apps and has all the features to protect your device. The most exciting feature of Avira antivirus is that is if you lose your phone, it can prompt the person who has your phone to contact you. 

Features Of Avira Antivirus Security

● Scans the device and provides real-time protection

● Provide anti-theft support, 

● Privacy advisor to show how apps collect your data

● Camera and Mic protection that ensures security against snooping attacks

● Anti-ransomware for protection from ransomware attacks

● Provide web-based malware protection

AVG Antivirus

AVG Antivirus

AVG Antivirus is a robust antivirus software tool owned by Avast. It provides internet security, Wi-Fi security, junk cleaner, and many more features. The app has many advanced security features and anti-theft tracking via Google Maps.

Features of AVG Antivirus

● The app features dual-engine antivirus for clearing malicious content

● Feature to extend battery life

● Photo vault feature for locking photographs

● Feature to remotely capture photos and record audio from the device

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Kaspersky Security VPN

Kasperky Security VPN

Kaspersky is a widely recognised name in the realm of cybersecurity, and for good reason. Their free-to-download application offers robust features designed to enhance your safety in the ever-dangerous digital landscape.

Features of Kaspersky Security and VPN :

  1. Real-time protection against malware.
  2. Remote wipe and Find My Device capabilities.
  3. Anti-phishing mechanisms to safeguard against fraudulent attempts.
  4. Secure browsing and messaging features.
  5. A password manager for enhanced security.
  6. A virtual private network (VPN) and more.

Furthermore, it provides breach alerts, notifying you if your personally identifiable information is compromised. It also alerts you when a new device connects to your WiFi network. In summary, Kaspersky offers comprehensive 360-degree protection through its freemium package, making it a worthwhile choice.


Sometimes, we install apps for specific, infrequent purposes and leave them as they are. In such cases, it may not be logical to retain their permissions. However, typically, there’s no built-in option to revoke permissions. Fortunately, there’s an app that can help with this.

Bouncer offers the ability to grant or withdraw permissions as needed and even allows you to block certain actions within the app that you find undesirable. Additionally, it notifies you about apps on your device that consume battery excessively and those that seem to share your data with third parties.

Key Features of Bouncer:

  • Permission alerts: Bouncer will notify you when an app tries to access permission. This allows you to decide whether or not to grant the permission.
  • Permission history: Bouncer keeps a history of all the permissions you have granted to apps. This allows you to see which apps have access to which permissions and to revoke permissions at any time.
  • Whitelisting: You can whitelist certain apps so that they always have access to certain permissions. This can be useful for apps that you use frequently and trust.
  • Blacklisting: You can blacklist certain apps so they never have access to certain permissions. This can be useful for apps that you don’t trust or that you don’t use very often.

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Although it is not mandatory to use an Antivirus application, it is essential to protect your device. Free and paid premium features are different in most antivirus. The listed antivirus apps are not based on the rankings and are not limited to only these anti-malware apps; there are many more. These were our few picks for the Best Android antivirus applications. You need to choose as per your requirements. We hope you find this article helpful. 



You can shield your Android gadgets from ransomware, malware, PUPs, phishing scams and other dangers with the help of Malwarebytes. It identifies perilous dangers and eliminates them. Privacy of the individual is it’s top priority. It cautions you in the event that it identifies anything damaging. It is available on Android 6.0 or higher and supports English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, German, Indonesian, Polish and Portuguese. Both free and premium versions of the app are available.

Key Features:

  • Real-time protection shields your device from infection by detecting ransomware before it can lock your device.
  • Block scams and protect your privacy.
  • Conducts privacy audit for all apps.
  • Guarantees safer browsing experience.
  • Finds and removes adware and malware.
  • Great user experience.


Nox Security guarantees protection against all types of viruses, malwares and the other different dangers on the web. It is equipped in such a way that it can easily handle all the dreadful security concerns. In addition to that, it is a free virus cleaner that can also clean junk documents and ensures wifi security and message security. It also acts as a  notification blocker, app locker, call blocker and is excellent in file encryption. It stops power-draining applications and shields your smartphone from network attacks.

Key Features:

  • Ensures that your smartphone keeps far away from viruses and malware. 
  • Ensure and lock your applications to prevent security penetrations.
  • Blocks spam and other dubious calls.
  • Prevent others from peeping into your notification preview.
  • Blocks annoying useless notifications.
  • Protects apps and guards privacy.
  • Protects your gadget from any sort of network attacks.
  • Stop power-draining apps with simply only one tap.
  • Free up and get more storage space.



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Highlights of the Story

  • 1. Android security apps are essential for protecting your device from malware, phishing attacks, and other online threats.
  • 2. There are many different Android security apps available on the Google Play Store, but some of the most popular and highly rated apps include Norton Mobile Security, Avast Mobile Security, Kaspersky Security and VPN, McAfee Mobile Security, and AVG Antivirus & Security.
  • 3. When choosing an Android security app, it is important to consider your specific needs and budget, as well as to read reviews of different apps before you choose one.

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