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    5 Best Random Password Generators: Protect Yourself From Prying Eyes!


    It’s a hassle to remember numerous passwords, but it’s much riskier to use the same one for everything, and online privacy isn’t the place to cut shortcuts. With so many people still working from home, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your online presence is private and protected from prying eyes. Here’s a curated list of the best random password generators to help you create random safe passwords!

    By Abantika De | 
    Updated: 27th Apr 2022 09:58 IST

    Table Of Contents

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      List of the best random password generators
      • 1. Dashlane
      • 2. RoboForm
      • 3. LastPass
      • 4. NordPass
      • 5. Keeper
    • 2
      Is it safe to use random password generators?
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    Highlights of the Story

    • Online hacking is growing more sophisticated, resulting in regularly losing passwords and login credentials.
    • The best random password generators create safe passwords that are difficult to guess.
    • Here’s a list of the five best random password generators to ease your work.

    Online password generators have a fine premise and can undoubtedly assist you in creating strong passwords. Some random password generators merely let you customise the length of your new password, whilst others, such as, let you include or exclude specific characters and even provide you recommendations on how to generate secure passwords on your own. The most significant benefit of these online programmes is that they are all free – unless they have an advanced version, which is quite rare.

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    List of the best random password generators

    1. Dashlane


    Dashlane is one of the best random password generators with various features available for both free and premium users. The free account allows you to save up to 50 passwords on one device, but the subscription options will enable you to store limitless passwords on an infinite number of devices.
    This password manager also has a feature that performs security audits and informs you whether your passwords are vulnerable to brute-force assaults. The password tool may also be used to see if their credentials have been reused.

    It also comes with safe random password generators to assist users in creating secure passwords that are tough to guess by hackers. They provide it for free, freely accessible on their website.

    Extensive compatibility across Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android devices as well as many different browsersLimited free version with inadequate services
    Complex password generation for unique and secure passwords across all sitesNot ideal for pages with multiple logins
    Dark Web searches to scan for compromised accountsLimited cloud storage options

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    2. RoboForm

    random password generators: Roboform

    One of the first password managers on the market was RoboForm. It is indeed one of the best free random RoboForm has incorporated numerous new features since its inception as a form-filling application, including unlimited password storage for both free and paid users, a secure password generator, password sharing, and premium account device syncing. Like many of its competitors, RoboForm protects user data with AES-256 encryption. It also includes a password audit tool to assist users in determining how to strengthen their online security.

    Roboform provides free strong password generators with a maximum character length of 512 characters. You can eliminate similar characters in the advanced options and choose from Hexadecimal numerals and alphabets.

    RoboForm makes it easy to create secure passwords.Users have reported that it is difficult to switch between accounts.
    All plans come with reasonable prices.The business user interface is somewhat outdated.
    RoboForm offers personal users a free trial.RoboForm doesn’t offer a monthly billing option.
    It’s easy to share credentials.It takes some time to understand all of RoboForm’s features.
    Employees can log in to shared accounts without seeing any login credentials.Password changes don’t always sync automatically across every device.

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    3. LastPass

    random password generators: LastPass

    LastPass is yet another one of the best free random password generators that allows you to store your passwords on an infinite number of devices. It is unique as it offers a plan specifically for families. This family membership costs $4 per month and includes six Premium licences, allowing family members to exchange passwords more easily.

    LastPass also prioritises security, with 256-bit AES encryption, biometric authentication capabilities, and a password audit tool that notifies users when their passwords are weak. 

    Impressive free featuresCostly compared to the competition
    Great user interfacePoor customer support
    Automatically syncs between all devices
    Strong security and encryption framework
    Has conducted a third-party audit of internal processes

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    4. NordPass


    NordPass is a cutting-edge password manager that makes online life easier and safer on every device. Because it’s from the same people who brought you NordVPN, you can expect the same level of security, with zero-knowledge design, a third-party security audit, and two-factor authentication choices.

    The password generator on NordPass’ website or app generates strong passwords for you. You may choose which characters to include or exclude, just like LastPass. For stronger passwords, NordPass creates up to 60 characters. NordPass is a browser plugin for customised browsers for your devices and streamlines browsing.

    Easy to import dataLimited options for organizing saved credentials
    Offers two-factor authenticationAuto-fill only works with passwords, credit cards and secure notes
    The free version offers plenty of featuresDoesn’t offer team or enterprise plans
    Compatible with many platforms

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    5. Keeper

    random password generators: Keeper

    Keeper is yet another complex and intense password generator available, as you’d expect from a 100 per cent premium tool. It’s available for Windows, macOS, and Linux and plugins for every major browser and mobile app for iOS and Android. Biometric authentication is also supported on mobile devices, and your data can be synced between an unlimited number of devices.

    Like the commercial version of Dashlane, Keeper will notify you if any of your passwords are exposed in a data breach. It will also notify you if any of your passwords are particularly weak or have been reused and will assist you in creating more robust alternatives. Keeper does not have a free version, but you can sample it for 30 days before committing to a subscription. Keeper Security gets good marks for supporting an unlimited number of devices.

    There’s also a great family plan. This not only secures everyone in your household’s login information, but it also allows you to securely share files and provides an encrypted chat application that’s a good alternative to WhatsApp if you don’t want to use Facebook products.

    Strong securitySome users report buggy or inconvenient form-filling experiences
    User-friendly interfaces with fingerprint and facial recognition loginsA minimal free plan offers little value (limited to one device with zero syncing)
    Zero-knowledge model ensures only the customer has access to passwordsSome users report slow customer support response times
    A family account makes sharing across members easy
    Offers extra features such as secure file and photo storage

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    Is it safe to use random password generators?

    Random password generators are generally safe to use for establishing strong passwords for WiFi and a variety of other purposes. A password generator is absolutely worth utilising whether you need to make a single secure password or numerous passwords at once.

    Random password generators are absolutely worth utilising whether you need to make a single secure password or numerous passwords at once. Password generators are notorious for producing long passwords. With this in mind, there are millions of possible passwords generated by a single password generator before it starts to repeat itself.

    When using random password generators, it’s a good idea to mix up some of the characters and even add or remove certain characters before using them for maximum security. You add your own randomness to the created random password, making it even safer and more distinctive.

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    Although no random password generators can ever be totally random, the chances of someone guessing your password or being able to access your password from one are extremely remote. Random password generators can generate millions of different combinations of character sequences.

    Using a password generator for your online accounts is generally safe. If your password generator is set to generate long passwords with letters, numbers, and special characters, you may rest comfortably that it is safe for most purposes.

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