Smartwatches have gained much traction in the last few years and are an essential accessory to improve your quality of life and finding one of the best smartwatch under 1000 is a bit tedious task. Some people think that smartwatches are a necessary extension of artificial intelligence and our smartphones. Today you will be able to find tons of smartwatches to choose from as the market has a lot to offer than in the smartwatch industry other than your big brands like Apple and Samsung.

If you are on a tight budget and want to get your hands on a great smartwatch, you’ve come to the right place as we have compiled a list of the best smartwatches available in the market out there on a budget of ₹1,000.

We have compiled the pricing list along with the purchase link for these smartwatches below-

Smartwatch ModelPrice
Smartwatch – ID116₹699
M I Smartwatch₹647
GIXON Smartwatch₹699
M I ID116 Plus₹799
M I Smart Watch Bluetooth D20₹749
PepKoala T55 Series 8 Smart-Watch₹999

1.Smartwatch – ID116

best smartwatch under 1000

This smartwatch comes equipped with tons of features that you do not want to miss out on. You will be able to receive your call notifications, see messages right on your wrist, receive your calls and reject your calls as well. It also has a calendar for you to never miss out on an event and receive time event updates right on your wrist. This smartwatch also comes with a fitness tracker to let you maintain a healthy lifestyle and whatnot.

ID116 is a unisex smartwatch and requires Android 4.3 OS or above to easily sync it with your smartphone. For Apple users, you need at least iOS 7.1 to let it sync to your iPhone. This smartwatch comes with one of the latest Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity that will help you quickly connect with this smartwatch.

It comes with all-day activity trackers like step counter, distance traveled, calories burned throughout the day, active minutes, heart rate sensors, and an activity recorder for different types of physical activities. You also get the feature to not only connect it with your smartphones but your android based Tablets and Apple iPad as well. It can be connected to your P.C as well, making it a very compatible device and one of the best smartwatch under 1000.

Compatible with Tablets, iPad, P.C and Smartphones
Compatible with outdated OS of the devices
No OLED Display
No calling feature

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2.M I Smartwatch

best smartwatch under 1000

This watch comes equipped with all the essential features you can expect in a fitness band like your total step count, distance covered calculator, calorie tracker, calories burned throughout the day, and all this information can be seen on the outstanding OLED display of the smartwatch.

You will find social media-friendly features that receive your Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter notifications right at your wrists. Furthermore, your call notifications will also appear on the screen when someone has called you; the smartwatch will notify you who is the caller right on your wrist.

This smartwatch is very compatible, and you can directly charge it by connecting it to your laptop or your Type-A cable smartphone charger.

The unique feature of this smartwatch lets you record voices which is something that you won’t find at such a price rate, making it one of the best smartwatch under 1000.

Comes with Voice recorder
OLED Display
Lacks calling function

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3.GIXON Smartwatch

best smartwatch under 1000

The GIXON Smartwatch is a great deal for fitness enthusiasts out there as this smartwatch lets you track most of your fitness need quickly, like your steps taken in the day, calories burnt check, amount of time you’ve been physically active and whatnot.

To access all these fantastic features, you need to download the Fitpro App and sync it with your smartphone seamlessly.

You will have the notifications from all your essential apps right on your wrist with the help of this smartwatch. All the leading social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter have compatibility with this smartwatch that lets you notify of any message you receive from these apps.

Dedicated app for better sync with smartphone
Calorie tracker for health conscious people
No calling feature
No OLED Display

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4.M I ID116 Plus

best smartwatch under 1000

Like all the other smartwatches on the list, you will find all-day activity tracking features on this smartwatch as well. Still, the feature that makes it unique from its competitors is the PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence), an artificial intelligence algorithm that helps you track your all fitness-related activities.

The ID116 Plus comes with tons of features like multiple activity modes like running, skipping, sit-up modes, clock interface customization with a range of background wallpapers. This smartwatch also has a motion sensor that will brighten up the display when there is wrist movement. It also comes with the Do Not Disturb feature when you don’t watch the smartwatch to alert you with tones and vibrations for any sort of notification.

It also comes with one of the latest 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity to speed the connection time between your smartwatch and your smartphone.

PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) to keep track of all fitness-related activities
Do Not Disturb feature enabled
Customizable User Interface
Lacks OLED Display
No calling function

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5.M I Smart Watch Bluetooth D20

M I Smart Watch Bluetooth D20

M I D20 is a great smartwatch with an extensive and immersive 1.3-inch display that lets you look at the health tracking statistics and your notifications more vividly. It also offers the option to enter the app dial settings that can be customized as per your choice.

This smartwatch comes with a new Enrichment Method feature for quickly recharging the smartwatch and also has a quick release of the bracelet belt that lets you promptly let the primary unit of the smartwatch be connected to the charger. This smartwatch has a fantastic battery that can last up to thirty days.

D20 also comes with practical features like the Smart Life Assistant that keeps track of your steps, keeps your heartbeat in check, monitors your sleep cycle, etc. making it one of the best smartwatch under 1000.

Big 1.3-inch OLED display
Quick recharge
Big battery life of 30 days
Artificial assistant to track daily activities and provide a report
No calling feature

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6.PepKoala T55 Series 8 Smart-Watch

PepKoala T55 Series 8 Smart-Watch

This smartwatch has a calling function enabled in it that makes it convenient for you to pick up calls while being away from your phone.

This smartwatch has an Exercise Mode that lets you keep a comprehensive track of daily step taking goals and helps you grasp how you burned your calories throughout the days and which activity led to a better calories burn to improve your overall health.

T55 S-8 also lets you control the Bluetooth enabled music systems that are connected to your smartphone so that you can change your music via your smartwatch easily.

The smartwatch also has Fitness mode and provides you with your activity information on a wide range of activity modes like cycling, swimming, Running, and freestyle, which makes it one of the best smartwatch under 1000 for fitness-conscious people.

Calling function
Different exercise modes covering a range of activities
Music system control
Fast battery drainage because of calling function

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We hope that our smartwatch list under ₹1,000 has given you a great insight into all the things you require in your smartwatch and how the tech giants Apple and Samsung aren’t the only options to explore out there in the world of smartwatches as this list has one of the best smartwatch under 1000 stated for your needs.

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