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How To Find Any Bluetooth Device: Easiest Way Listed


Have you lost your Bluetooth earbuds or fitness band and are not able to locate them? We have got you covered. Find Bluetooth device using this simple application.

- Updated: 6th Oct 2022, 14:18 IST
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    Find Lost Bluetooth Devices
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    How WunderFind Work?
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    Features in the Pro version

How many times have you lost your AirPods or Bluetooth earphones? Well, for me, it’s quite a common thing. Bluetooth devices have made our lives easier, and there is no denying fact in that. They are compact and have a lot to offer to the users. And many a time, this small size can be the reason that you lose them and are unable to find them even. But here is the thing, you can now find any Bluetooth device with the help of this third-party app- WunderFind.

The app works like magic and can easily help you locate lost Bluetooth devices. However, it works only when the device is switched on and has Bluetooth enabled.

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Cashify is here to help you. Also, find the reel below and learn to find any Bluetooth devices easily:

Find Lost Bluetooth Devices

find bluetooth device

As long as your Bluetooth device is on and has some battery life left, you are good to go. You can simply find these devices using your smartphone (iPhone or Android, any). Wunderland is a mind-blowing third-party app that gives you an idea of how far or near the device is. So, no matter whether you have lost them in the house or dropped them under the sofa, as long as the device is in close range, the odds are in your favour.

How WunderFind Work?

Smart devices have Bluetooth connectivity, and WunderFind makes use of this feature only. The app tracks your Bluetooth devices broadcasting nearby and plots them on a map. It is similar to the technology used in fitness trackers, which can count your steps but doesn’t have a built-in GPS, except the trackers count steps, and this app tracks the lost devices. So, what this app does is that it couples Bluetooth with your smartphone’s GPS and tracks the movement.

Download WunderFind for Android

Download WunderFind for iOS

The app uses proximity messages to guide you in the direction of the lost devices, plotting their location on the map. Upon opening WunderFind for the first time, you might have to grant a few permissions. Once done, tap on Ok. You can also modify these settings later.

  1. In the app, you will be able to see the Bluetooth devices near you and the distance they are at.
  2. Tap on the device name, and a radar-like setup will be opened.
  3. The centre of the circle will show a percentage which is said to be the Distance score. As you will move forward to the device, this score will increase, and once you have reached the almost exact location, the entire circle will be full.

Note: The free version won’t allow you with a Google map-like setup, but it will be clear enough to find the lost Bluetooth device.

Features in the Pro version

  • Plotting devices on Google or Apple map
  • Notifying when a device is found
  • Notifying when the device is lost

The pro version will cost you $4.99, but we would suggest using the free version. Since it gives you an almost appropriate idea of where your device could be.

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