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    • Living A Life Of Chaos With iPhone 14 Pro
      Since we began using the Apple iPhone 14 Pro, we’ve encountered various issues and most of which are related to iOS 16. Several issues that we’ve faced are related to notifications, Always-on -display, battery life and wallpaper. Until these issues are officially fixed, we will have to live with them. We tried to tackle some of…
      31st Oct 2022
    • OnePlus 9RT Alternatives To Buy In India Under Rs 45,000
      The OnePlus 9RT, a T upgrade, was out this year, although it’s only available in price-sensitive areas like China and India. The OnePlus 9RT has superior cameras, including a 50MP primary sensor, a little more prominent display, a premium design, good battery/charging and a more effective Snapdragon 888 CPU. Overall, this smartphone looks excellent with…
      28th Oct 2022
    • iPhone 14 Pro Vs iPhone 13 Pro Vs iPhone 12 Pro Camera Comparison
      We’ll discuss the overall camera setup & quality of the iPhone 14 Pro Vs iPhone 13 Pro Vs iPhone 12 Pro in the article. All of these phones come with a triple-camera setup. However, you might find some significant upgrades in the iPhone 14 Pro. Let’s find out the details about the camera quality of…
      7th Oct 2022
    • Moto Edge 30 Pro Vs iQOO 9T Comparison: Which One To Buy?
      The year 2022 is known as the year of the launch of many flagship smartphones. However, there is quite a decent competition between the phones in the price segment of Rs 50,000, and even there are too many options to choose from. Here in this article, we’ll compare the Moto Edge 30 Pro Vs IQOO…
      6th Oct 2022
    • iQOO 9T Vs OnePlus 9RT Full Comparison: Which One To Buy?
      We will discuss the iQOO 9T Vs OnePlus 9RT comparison in the article. Both phones come with the same price tag. In addition, both of these phones come with impressive specs and features. However, there exist some significant differences too. To know these differences, let’s explore the article and know which one to choose among the iQOO 9T &…
      27th Sep 2022

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    TOP TINY iOS 16 Features You Might Have Missed
    TOP TINY iOS 16 Features You Might Have Missed
    At the recent FarOut event, Apple also announced the release date of the iOS 16 software upgrade. With this significant upgrade, iOS users got some exciting features like they can customise their lock screen, being allowed to see WiFi passwords, and even users can see the battery percentage on the screen now! So, here in…
    15th Sep 2022
    Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Vs Samsung Galaxy S22 FAQs Comparison
    Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Vs Samsung Galaxy S22 FAQs Comparison
     We’ll be discussing all the burning questions about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Vs Samsung Galaxy S22. Also, we’ll be answering all of your questions about buying the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Samsung Galaxy S22 in India in our distinctive FAQ form. However, both phones don’t come under the same price tag.…
    9th Sep 2022
    OnePlus 10 Pro Vs Xiaomi 12 Pro FAQs: 25+ Questions Answered
    OnePlus 10 Pro Vs Xiaomi 12 Pro FAQs: 25+ Questions Answered
    We will talk about the OnePlus 10 Pro Vs Xiaomi 12 Pro FAQs here. Both flagships come with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, and even the price segment of the smartphones is the same. The OnePlus 10 Pro is available to you with a price tag of Rs 66,999. Whereas the Xiaomi 12 Pro costs Rs ₹59,199. Let’s…
    9th Sep 2022
    Nothing Phone 1 Vs OPPO Reno8 Pro Vs OnePlus 9RT Vs Samsung A73 5G Battery Test
    Nothing Phone 1 Vs OPPO Reno8 Pro Vs OnePlus 9RT Vs Samsung A73 5G Battery Test
    This article will discuss the Nothing Phone 1 Vs OPPO Reno8 Pro Vs OnePlus 9RT Vs Samsung A73 5G Battery Test. These four phones come under the same price segment. Moreover, this article will let you know the one phone with a better battery. This battery test will be exciting because you’ll notice a similar battery capacity in the three phones out of…
    25th Aug 2022
    Android 13 Vs Android 12 Comparison: OxygenOS 13 Top New Features
    Android 13 Vs Android 12 Comparison: OxygenOS 13 Top New Features
    Today, we’ll be talking about the Android 13 Vs Android 12 and will be sharing the complete details about the OxygenOS 13, which will be based on Android 13 and will even roll out first in the OnePlus 10 Pro. With OxygenOS 13, the users will also get the necessary updates. Additionally, as anticipated, the new…
    25th Aug 2022
    OPPO Reno 8 Pro Vs OnePlus 9RT Comparison – Which Phone Is Better?
    OPPO Reno 8 Pro Vs OnePlus 9RT Comparison – Which Phone Is Better?
    In this article, we’ll talk about the specs, features and performance of OPPO Reno 8 Pro Vs OnePlus 9RT. OPPO Reno 8 Pro is a smartphone with impressive specs and amazing features. Is this phone capable of competing with the Rs 40,000 OnePlus 9RT? Is it capable of getting first place by removing the OnePlus 9RT from the…
    24th Aug 2022
    OPPO Reno 8 Pro Vs OnePlus 9RT Vs Nothing Phone 1 Camera Comparison
    OPPO Reno 8 Pro Vs OnePlus 9RT Vs Nothing Phone 1 Camera Comparison
    We’ll compare the cameras of the OPPO Reno 8 Pro Vs OnePlus 9RT Vs Nothing Phone 1 to see which one produces the best image quality. Also, these three phones come under the price segment of Rs. 50,000. Surprisingly, these three phones have the same primary sensor, which is the Sony IMX766(50MP sensor). But because of the software and picture…
    24th Aug 2022
    OxygenOS 12 Vs ColorOS 12 Software Comparison – 9RT Vs Reno 8 Pro
    OxygenOS 12 Vs ColorOS 12 Software Comparison – 9RT Vs Reno 8 Pro
    We’ll discuss in detail the OxygenOS 12 Vs ColorOS 12 software comparison in this article and let you know the differences and similarities between the two software. Also, here we took the OnePlus 9RT and Oppo Reno 8 Pro to distinguish between the two software. Furthermore, both the phones are based on Android 12.   Let’s find out the…
    24th Aug 2022
    Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Quick Review: Know 5 Surprising Upgrades Here!
    Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Quick Review: Know 5 Surprising Upgrades Here!
    In the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 quick review, we’ll discuss about the game-changing upgrades. The idea of Foldable phones is impressive and best implemented with Samsung’s Fold series. Moreover, the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 takes innovation to another level. Also, it offers the users a screen that can fold in half, and you get the…
    23rd Aug 2022
    Nothing Phone 1 Vs Google Pixel 6A: Which Has Better Camera?
    Nothing Phone 1 Vs Google Pixel 6A: Which Has Better Camera?
    We’ll discuss the Nothing Phone 1 Vs Google Pixel 6A camera specs and features and will find out the better camera between the two smartphones. After much anticipation, the Nothing Phone 1 has been announced and shipped to India. Nothing priced the phone at more than Rs 30,000 and made the promise to offer a unique smartphone…
    23rd Aug 2022

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    • Incognito Mode: Are You Really Away From Those Prying Eyes?
      Everything you do on the internet in Incognito mode is secret, right? No, no, no….you are highly mistaken if you think so. Many individuals get to Incognito Mode on their browser whenever they wish to keep their web activity private from others just using the same device. Well, incognito mode is a browser setting that prevents your browser from keeping track of the websites you visit. But that doesn’t mean it’s completely private. Everything you need to…
      6th Apr 2022
    • How To Install Multiple Graphics Cards On Your Desktop Computer?
      Having Multiple graphics cards is something that one should try if possible to improve the gaming performance. The setup process is a bit complex and your motherboard should support SLI or Crossfire technology. Here is a guide on how to install multiple graphics cards on your PC.
      11th Mar 2022
    • How To Fix Screen Flickering Issue In Windows 10
      Screen flickering is a common issue that can be caused due to an unsupported app, faulty display drivers or a hardware issue. Here is a guide to fix screen flickering issue on Windows 10.
      21st Feb 2022
    • How To Reset Your Apple ID Password? A Complete Guide
      Apple ID is the centre of the Identity when it comes to managing your Apple devices and services. It may look simple but if you lose the password of your Apple ID you can lose access to many of your Apple devices
      20th Feb 2022
    • Spotify Web Player: How To Use Spotify With Your Web Browser
      The Spotify app comes in handy when you are using Spotify on your personal computer but when you are using a computer where you can't install any software, the Spotify web player is the ultimate solution that you can choose.
      18th Feb 2022

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    • 5 Best Panasonic Washing Machines In India November 2022
      In 2022, the washing machine market is highly saturated and there are a whole lot of options for you to choose from. Probably too many, but if you are looking for reliable options, Panasonic washing machines are definitely worth your money. From an ultra-efficient wash to a super-attractive price tag, these washing machines hit the…
      31st Aug 2022
    • Redmi Note 10 Pro Max Quick Review
      Let's take a look at the Redmi Note 10 Pro MAX review in a quick go-through:
      8th May 2021
    • Vivo X60 Pro Plus Quick Review
      Read out this to know if a smartphone can replace the DSLR camera. Vivo X60 Pro Plus quick review. 
      8th May 2021
    • OPPO F19 Pro+ 5G Quick Review
      Recently OPPO launched its latest smartphone, OPPO F19 Pro+ 5G. Speaking of the name first, Oppo could have used some other short and crisp name and yes there is  5G also. Here is a quick review of the all-new OPPO F19 Pro+ 5G in just 2 minutes. Design As for the design, there has been…
      10th Mar 2021
    • OnePlus 8T Quick Review
      Here is a quick review of the OnePlus flagship killer device OnePlus 8T summed up in just 2 minutes.
      16th Dec 2020

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    • Vivo T1x First Impressions – Most Affordable Gaming Phone is Here
      Vivo has launched its latest contender in the market, which goes by the name Vivo T1x. Vivo isn’t usually associated with smartphones designed for gaming and performance, but that’s about to change with its T lineup of smartphones, which are specifically designed for gamers. The Vivo T1x and the Vivo T1 5G are both part…
      20th Jul 2022
    • Boult Drift SmartWatch – Calling Feature Under 2500
      In the realm of audio equipment, Boult is well-known in India as a brand that offers a wide variety of options. The company has now launched a smartwatch, marking its first entry into the growing wearables industry. The Boult Drift watch aims to compete with other wearables in its price range and comes with unique features.…
      13th Jul 2022
    • Tecno Pova 3 First Impressions – Packed with Performance
      Tecno Pova 3 Summary Tecno has been doing really well under the Rs 10000 bracket in India. The company has launched several phones in past, some of which were really good. Following the trend, the brand has launched another budget phone in India, Tecno Pova 3. Tecno Pova 3 is the successor to the Tecno…
      20th Jun 2022
    • iQOO Neo 6 First Impressions – The New Midrange King
      iQOO Neo 6 Summary iQOO has always been known for its performance-centric phones which come at a very reasonable price. The iQOO Neo 6 is no different. It is the first Neo series phone to launch in India from iQOO.  The phone packs a Snapdragon 870 chipset and up to 12GB of RAM for top-notch…
      31st May 2022
    • Realme Narzo 50 Pro 5G Unboxing and First Impressions
      Realme Narzo 50 Pro 5G Summary With the launch of the Realme Narzo 50 5G and Realme Narzo 50 Pro 5G, Realme has expanded its Narzo series of phones in India. We will talk about the latter in this review. The Narzo 50 Pro comes packed with a lot of features for its price tag.…
      18th May 2022

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    Repair Your Phone at Home

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    • Easy Ways To Get Your Vivo Y71 Screen Repaired At A Low Price
      The Vivo Y71 is a well-liked mobile phone because of its lightweight design and aluminium back. The best thing about this phone is that it isn’t a premier or flagship model, thus the pricing is reasonable. Now since accidents and mishaps happen frequently, your phone’s screen could be broken or damaged. Although a shattered screen…
      3rd Aug 2022
    • Get Your Xiaomi Redmi 9A Screen Fixed At Just Rs 2000
      A broken screen makes scrolling hard and also disturbs the looks of the smartphone. Here is how to look for your Xiaomi Redmi 9A screen repair. The Xiaomi Redmi 9A is a cost-effective cellphone with typical specifications. The smartphone’s 5000mAh battery and splash-proof construction make it a good value. Additionally, a super engine technology put…
      3rd Aug 2022
    • Broken Screen? Get Your Vivo V9 Youth Screen Repaired Easily
      The Vivo V9 Youth was launched in 2018 amid much excitement and was one of the few smartphones offering a Full HD+ display with an impressive 16-megapixel selfie camera in its price range. The smartphone is also fairly easy to hold, weighing just 150grams. However, your use can be hampered if the screen has been…
      3rd Aug 2022
    • Easy Ways To Get Your Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro Battery Replaced
      The Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro was launched as the most powerful smartphone under the Redmi branding. It has undoubtedly fulfilled that claim, as it has been the best-selling smartphone in its category. The smartphone also features a high-capacity 4,000mAh battery. But after a few years of usage, you may experience charging problems or mediocre battery…
      3rd Aug 2022
    • Get Your Vivo Y91 Phone Screen Repaired On a Budget: Know How
      The Vivo Y91 will catch your eye, especially with its lovely overall design. Its two-tone hue, plastic unibody, and polished softback make it a fantastic phone to hold in your hands. But with this beautiful handset, a broken screen can look odd and hamper your multimedia-watching experience. So if your Vivo Y91 also has a…
      3rd Aug 2022

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    • We Will Miss You Apple iPod: Just Memories Remain
      It’s an end of an era, whether you like it or not, whether you were a fan of the classic iPod or an enthusiast of music, and for all of those folks who admire Apple for what it is, the iPod has been discontinued. We know we are as surprised as you are. On Tuesday,…
      11th May 2022

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    • 5 Reasons To Sell Your Old iPhone SE
      In this video, we have discussed a few reasons and suggestions why should sell your iPhone SE 1st Generation.
      10th Jul 2020
    • Top New Smartphone Roundup: May 2020
      We see new smartphone launches in the market every month; However, the month of May was different than the others. May saw the relaxation of the lockdown and restrictions in some sectors and enabled smartphone manufacturers to launch some of their pending smartphones as we saw the relaxation of the lockdown to an extent in…
      11th Jun 2020
    • Samsung Galaxy M11, Galaxy M01 Launched In India – Price Starts At Rs 8,999
      The Samsung Galaxy M01 is a new entry level smartphone whereas the Galaxy M11 comes a successor to the Galaxy M10.
      7th Jun 2020
    • Infinix Hot 9 And Infinix Hot 9 Pro Launched In India!
      A few days back, a banner running on Flipkart homepage confirmed the launch of the Infinix Hot 9 series.
      29th May 2020
    • Best Smartphones Under 15000
      There are a number of smartphones available in the different segments but when it comes to choose one and buy for someone or suggest to someone, we all get totally confused especially, when someone asks to suggest the best smartphones under 15000. This is because in the mid-range segment there are so many brands and…
      27th May 2020

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