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FIFA 23 Trading Methods: 7 Secret Methods You Need To Use In FUT!


Want to make your FUT 23 dream team? Check out our in-depth FIFA 23 trading methods that are guaranteed to bring you success!

- Updated: 20th Feb 2023, 11:43 IST
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    Bronze Pack Method
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    Below BIN Trading
  • 3
    Daily Flipping
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    Sniping Filters
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    Lazy Buyer Method
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    Market Crash
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    Marquee Matchups Investing
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    FIFA 23 Trading Methods – Final thoughts

FIFA 23 has finally been released for those players who bought the Ultimate Edition. The Standard Edition players will have to wait until September 30 to unlock the full game. However, the FIFA 23 Web App and Companion App are live, allowing us to trade and make a bank in the game. With our FIFA 23 trading methods, you should be able to make enough coins at the beginning to have a worthy meta-starter squad.

Trading is essential in FIFA Ultimate Team, and some basic training methods allow you to purchase players at lower prices and sell them when their market value rises. The profit you make from trading can then be invested into your primary team, allowing you to buy the best players in the game.

If you’ve never traded before in FIFA Ultimate Team, this FIFA 23 trading guide should help you get started. So, without any further delay, let’s check out various FIFA 23 trading methods you can use to flip players and increase your coin tally!

Bronze Pack Method

Bronze Pack Method

The Bronze Pack Method is one of the most trusted FIFA 23 trading methods, especially if you’re a beginner. This trading method takes advantage of early game SBCs (Squad Building Challenges) and market requirements to help you start your trading journey. It’s also relatively simple to pull off. All you need to do is go to the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Store and find the Bronze Pack listing. You can purchase a Bronze Pack for 750 coins. Buy the pack and check the items that you’re presented with. Now, with each player and item you’ve received, you’ll have to check their prices through the Compare Price section. You can also check databases such as FUTBIN for their current market value. List every item that you have found on the transfer market.

If the market dictates that a particular item’s value is around 500 coins, list it for slightly lower than 500 coins. Check their prices and list even if you’ve received items such as position modifiers. Remember that you’ll only have to make 750 coins to break even. Rinse and repeat the process, and you should have enough profit to take your team to the next level. Based on upcoming promos or market fluctuations, you can also store some players and wait for their value to rise.

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Below BIN Trading

Below BIN trading

The Below BIN (Buy It Now) method is one of the most popular FIFA 23 trading methods because it’s evergreen. There won’t be a time when Below BIN trading won’t work, unlike the Bronze Pack Method trading, which is only suitable for specific periods. In this trading method, you can check the market prices of a particular player. Find out the player’s lowest Buy Now price. Now, go to the Transfer Market and check what price the player is selling at. You’ll notice that most players buy the player at a lower price than the Buy Now price.

Note the price average and start watchlisting the player’s items. Mass bid on them to buy the player at a price lower than the average buying price. If you’ve won some playing cards, you can list them on the transfer market at the average Buy Now price. The idea is to make a small profit on each player’s sales, eventually leading to more significant gains with more expensive player items.

For example, if a player’s average Buy Now price is 800 coins, try to mass bid on the item and win it for around 550 to 600 coins. After this, relist the player at close to 800 Buy Now price and wait for him to sell. If you bought the player for 600 coins and sold him at 800, that’s a 200-coin profit!

Daily Flipping

Daily Flipping fifa 23 trading methods

If you’re looking for a surefire FIFA 23 trading method that can be used almost every day, Daily Flipping is what you need to use. Basically, the FIFA Ultimate Team market is like any other market – the player prices are based on demand and supply. If you’ve got a general idea of which players are required for SBCs or are meta enough to be included in starter squads, buy these players at their lowest prices. You can check databases such as FUTBIN to understand price fluctuations. If possible, you can buy the players for as cheap as possible through mass bidding. So, you should not be facing any issues regarding player requirements. Keep checking the market price of the player item periodically.

At around 10:30 PM IST, players can have a rise or fall in prices. This is when FIFA releases new content for players to engage. When your player’s item’s market price has peaked, sell him at the FUTBIN or FUTWIZ market price. You should make a sizeable profit with this method.

However, the Daily Flipping method will require you to grind almost every day. You’ll have to keep in touch with the market specifics and trade almost daily for 30 minutes, at the very least.

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Sniping Filters

Sniping Filters

Sniping is one of the most effective FIFA 23 trading methods, especially if you know how to pull it off. This can take some time to get used to, but the basics are easy to understand. However, you will need to have quick reactions and a basic understanding of player items in the game. You’ll also have to check the prices of comparable players, based on their ratings, nations, clubs, and leagues. The main idea behind sniping is to acquire players that are recently listed for lower than the market price, and flip them immediately at higher prices.

For example, if the price of Luka Modric (88) of Real Madrid is currently at 15,000 coins, you can snipe him on the Transfer Market for about 11,000 coins. You’ll have to set up sniping filters by typing the player name and putting the Max Buy Now price at around 11,000. Keep increasing the price until the market shows you two or three listings for Modric at lower than the market price. Buy the player quickly and immediately list him for the market price. Doing so will get you a fair amount of profit. Of course, you’ll have to rinse and repeat the method with certain players. However, you’ll make a good profit if you’re quick enough.

This FIFA 23 Trading Method is especially effective during Marquee Matchups SBCs, which require players based on specific teams. You can snipe the players for lower than their market price and immediately list them at the market price for decent profits. Nonetheless, you’ll have to be quick about it!

Lazy Buyer Method

Lazy Buyer method fifa 23 trading methods

The Lazy Buyer method targets newbies and beginners who don’t know much about market prices. It works exceptionally well with meta players, but takes a bit of time to provide you with the profit. A Lazy Buyer is a player who isn’t knowledgeable about the market or doesn’t check the market prices. They’re willing to buy players at prices that seem comparatively lower. So, you can snipe cheap meta players such as Timber (CB) from Ajax or Guedes (ST) from Wolves. These players are comparatively meta, and you can snipe them at lower prices.

If the market price of either of these players is around 3000 coins, and you’ve sniped them at 2600 coins or so, you’ve already made a profit. However, larger profits await if you’re willing to list the investment at a higher price. Since the market price of the player is 3000 coins, you can list them at 4000 coins or so and keep relisting them until they get sold.

Lazy buyers will think they’re getting a decent deal for the player at 4000 coins, especially if they don’t know about methods such as sniping or have the coins to spare. If you can exercise patience, you’ll easily make a significant 1000 coin profit on players. Moreover, expensive meta players such as Messi can easily be listed 100,000 coins above their market price for lazy buyers. You might have to wait longer, but the profits will be insane!

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Market Crash

Market Crash

The FIFA series usually has plenty of promos throughout the year. However, some promos tend to be more important and significant than others. These include the likes of Team of the Year, Team of the Season, and Black Friday. When these promos come by, the Transfer Market tends to crash. A market crash indicates sudden significant price drops on all the important meta cards and the market in general. For example, during the Black Friday promo, you will likely see 100k and 125k packs in the store. These packs often give good rewards, increasing the supply of meta players on the market. Since there’s more supply than demand, the average prices of player items will drop.

Check out the FUTBIN and Futwiz sites to have a better understanding of which cards are likely to drop. You can be assured that meta players will drop during these promos. Check the price graphs of meta players during these promos. If you notice their prices dropping rapidly, it would be the perfect time to spend coins and get them for your club. Once you stock enough meta players, you’ll need to be patient. Just like any other economic market, the prices of these players will slowly rise once the market rebounds.

Once their prices are up, and you’ve got a sizeable possible profit in sight, sell the cards. You can buy the players a few days before promos of this nature begin, as players will panic and sell their meta cards for some profits. Again, this will increase the supply and decrease the average prices of the cards. Going by this method, you can make some serious profits when big promos are headed to FIFA 23. This is why market crash trading is one of the best and most reliable FIFA 23 trading methods. However, you’ll need to have a good idea about the transfer market before going into this. So, we’d recommend you try this method with a few cards only at first to minimise your losses.

Marquee Matchups Investing

FIFA 23 marquee matchups investing

Marquee Matchups are a group of real-life matches (league or UEFA) based on which some squad-building challenges are provided. Usually, you’ll get four such SBCs, comprising two teams going head to head. Sometimes, a few SBCs are released based on upcoming UEFA matches. You can also expect this sort of SBC to be shown during the World Cup Promo. With two to four SBCs, you are guaranteed at least three to five tradable packs. Each match SBC grants you a tradable pack, and completing the whole group will provide a bigger overall pack.

Part of what makes this SBC so great for investing is that it has a high completion rate. If you can predict the matches correctly and invest in players from the relevant teams a few days before the SBC goes live, you can sell after the SBC is released for major profits. So, you’ll have to keep a keen eye on the upcoming fixture lists and identify the bigger games. After you’ve made some predictions, go to the Transfer Market and buy players at low prices. By low prices, we mean that you can go up to 500 coins higher than their discard value.

You can go for Silver cards from the smaller teams, as they could be cheaper, especially if you’re running on a low budget. We recommend buying these players at least three to four days before the potential SBC. Any later than that might lead to other players buying similar items, thereby decreasing supply, increasing demand, and therefore – the price.

You’ll also have to be slightly patient, as you can’t sell these players fast unless you’re in dire need of coins. Hold these items for a few days, and sell them off at higher prices. Ensure that you compare the prices in the market before listing them. With this, you’re guaranteed a profit. Moreover, with so many tradable packs, your chances of acquiring a high-rated or In Form player increase dramatically. Of course, you’ll have to predict the lineups correctly, and you’ll need to exercise patience when holding the players. Nonetheless, in this case, patience is a virtue!

FIFA 23 Trading Methods – Final thoughts

Successfully trading in FIFA 23 to make a profit and gain coins can take a while to master. It requires constant practice, and in-depth knowledge of the market, and you’ll have to be ready to take losses in the initial stages. However, the FIFA 23 trading methods we’ve listed are guaranteed to work if done correctly. Pretty soon, you won’t have to purchase coins with real cash. Instead, you’ll be able to make your dream team much faster than other players, with a little bit of daily effort. Remember – trading gets easier with time, so you’ll have to keep practising on a daily!

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