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FIFA 23: Features We Want From The Next FIFA Game


Are you tired of the same gameplay present in recent FIFA games? We’ve listed a few FIFA 23 features that we want to be introduced in the final game under the purview of EA and FIFA.

- Updated: 22nd Jun 2022, 14:04 IST
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    Next-Gen gameplay for PC
  • 2
    More Detailed Career Mode
  • 3
    Manager Mode overhaul
  • 4
    New commentary
  • 5
    Less arcade, more realism
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    Summing up

FIFA 23 will possibly be the last EA Sports FIFA game that has the FIFA banner in the name. After decades of partnership, FIFA will be splitting from EA to create their own game in 2024, while EA will continue its football games under the EA SPORTS FC name. Until then, we’ve got one more FIFA game in the works for the 2022/2023 season, and it will be FIFA 23. Every year, the expectations from fans for the subsequent FIFA game increase drastically. Even though many changes in recent FIFA games have been incremental rather than revolutionary, the expectations are justified. Keeping this in mind, let’s look at a few FIFA 23 features that we want this year.

Next-Gen gameplay for PC

next generation gameplay

FIFA has often overlooked the PC players in subsequent FIFA games. While the next-generation consoles have received ample upgrades, with better graphics, gameplay, and artificial intelligence, PC players have been stuck with the same game. Most of the changes in the game have been new kits and faces, with less emphasis on features. In fact, PC players have not seen next-generation gameplay, even though it was introduced in FIFA 22 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S owners. Moreover, the gameplay has remained the same, with very few noticeable changes. This needs to change in FIFA 23.

EA has to take advantage of the more powerful hardware present in PCs and provide us with all the new features. While there are rumours that next-generation gameplay could be introduced for PC players in FIFA 23, it remains to be seen.

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More Detailed Career Mode

Career mode fifa 23 features

Although a brand new Career Mode was introduced for players in FIFA 22, it didn’t have the same depth that came in NBA 2K22. The Career Mode was supposed to be a replacement for the Journey Mode. While the Journey Mode had some RPG (Role Playing Games) elements and a good story, Career Mode has some RPG elements but no story. The Career Mode features can best be used in Pro Clubs for customising your player. However, after your player reaches the late 80s or early 90s overalls at Level 25 (which can be done in just a couple of seasons), there’s not much left to do.

Player engagement is an essential part of any game. With Career Mode, there’s not much of an engagement apart from the initial excitement of creating your player. We need more story options, like the detailed stories available in the NBA 2K franchise.

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Manager Mode overhaul

Manager mode

Manager Mode, back in the days of FIFA 07 or slightly later, was far more detailed than it is now. You could change the aspects of the stadium, choose your sponsors, and change the staff as well. In short, you had more meaningful changes to make as a manager at a big club. With the current Manager Mode, while Dynamic Overalls have been introduced, there’s not much that’s changed since previous FIFA installments. Sure, you can now add a few more details to a player’s contract, but that’s it. As players, we want more options. Buyback clauses, loans, and more detailed manager-player relationships are all possible.

EA should take a bit more inspiration from the Football Manager series by SEGA. The level of detail in the games is unprecedented.

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New commentary


While FIFA 22 made some changes by adding Stewart Robson and Alex Scott into the commentary mixer, it still feels rather dull. Most of the dialogues in English are recycled from the previous years’ FIFA. Players want at least a couple more new commentators who can be mixed and paired to keep the commentary fresh and exciting. These commentators can even be added as updates or downloadable content (DLC). However, at its current stage, the commentary can often get repetitive. A bit more variation is what’s needed at this point in time.

Less arcade, more realism

gameplay fifa 23 features

FIFA has been known for its more arcade-style gameplay, while its competitor PES (or eFootball) has been known for the simulation aspects. Konami and eFootball have axed their own foot with lacklustre gameplay and a severe lack of licensing. Now’s the perfect time to change the gameplay mechanics in FIFA. Whether you’re playing Career Mode or FIFA Ultimate Team, players spamming skill moves and scoring goals drastically reduces the fun and realism factors. Moreover, most of the skill moves often make the controlled player invulnerable to tackles. This adds a problematic issue to the gameplay, taking away the realism and introducing skill spammers who score relentlessly.

Better passing and weight detection for both the ball and players will make for better gameplay. Hopefully, FIFA will introduce some of these changes in the next iteration, especially with the game’s PC version.

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Summing up

As you can see, players have quite a few frustrations with FIFA‘s current model. To ensure that EA continues to hold the market share for football games, they need to make these changes soon. Otherwise, FIFA‘s standalone game in 2024 might just give the players what they want. This will take away EA‘s dominance in the football video game space. At this point in time, we’re not sure if EA will introduce any of these changes. Hopefully, some of these FIFA 23 features will be given in the next iteration. We’ll just have to wait and watch to find out what the next FIFA has in store for us.

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  • FIFA 23 will be the last game by EA Sports under the FIFA banner.
  • While there are many rumours floating about regarding the game, we’re not sure what will be added in the final build.
  • We’ve listed some FIFA 23 features that the fans want in the next FIFA installment.

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