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Want The Legendary Items In Diablo Immortal? Try These Tips Now!


Do you want that Legendary armour or weapon for your character in Diablo Immortal? Can’t think of ways to get them? Check out the methods for finding Legendary items in Diablo Immortal, right here!

- Updated: 27th Jun 2022, 22:11 IST
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    What are Legendary items?
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    Easier ways to find Legendary items
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    Exchanging Hilts and Crests
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    Farming Legendary items
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    A note to remember
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Looting for gear is essential when you’re playing an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). After all, to defeat more challenging enemies and bosses, you must keep upgrading your character as much as possible. Moreover, games of this nature usually come with different types of gear. These range from Rare to Epic to Legendary, among others. Things are no different with Diablo Immortal. The orange glow surrounding a Legendary gear after an enemy drops it gives you an unparalleled feeling of satisfaction. However, this feeling is hard to come by, as Diablo Immortal has made finding and farming Legendary items notoriously challenging. This is why we’re going to help you understand how you can find and farm Legendary items in Diablo Immortal.

Let’s get started, shall we?

What are Legendary items?

Legendary items

If you’re playing a game of this nature for the first time, you might not be well acquainted with Legendary items. These items could be accessories, armour, or weapons, which are part of the game’s lore and provide you with excellent stats. However, since these items are immensely good in-game, they don’t drop as often as you’d like them to. While the current drop rate of Legendary items in Diablo Immortal is unknown, take our word for it – it’s unsurprisingly low. There’s a good chance you might reach the upper echelons of the game’s levels and not find Legendary items. All is not lost, however. There are ways to find these Legendary items in Diablo Immortal.

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Easier ways to find Legendary items

There are a few basic things in the game that you can do to increase your chances of dropping Legendary gear. These are:

  • Killing rare monsters
  • Play through the PvP faction quests
  • Kill the dungeon bosses
  • Completing Battle Pass objectives
  • Play the Seasonal Events

These are part of the entire Diablo Immortal gaming experience. While there’s a slight chance that you may get Legendary items from these activities, it’s not guaranteed. However, the Battle Pass rewards at Level 10 do include a piece of Legendary gear.

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Exchanging Hilts and Crests

Legendary crests

This is a slightly more convoluted method, but it will definitely increase your chances of dropping a Legendary item. Basically, for this method, you’ll have to spend a bit of money. Buy Legendary Crests and go on rift runs. While rift runs may not reward you with a Legendary item, you could be given a Hilt. Once a week, you can take your Hilt and exchange this with a Hilts Trader in-game to get a Legendary item. Premium Battle Pass owners can buy more Legendary Crests and Hilts, thereby increasing their chances of dropping the Legendary gear.

Farming Legendary items

If you don’t have the Premium Battle Pass, there are ways to farm Legendary items. Unfortunately, this prolonged process will require you to reach Diablo Immortal‘s level cap at level 60. Moreover, we’d recommend this method to only seasoned players of the game.

  • Acquire Level 60 in the game, which is the maximum level.
  • Go to Westmarch in-game, and open the game’s map. Near your location, you’ll find a skull icon. Tap on the icon.
  • Increase the game’s difficulty to Hell 2.
Hell 2 difficulty

Increasing the game’s difficulty level will substantially increase your chances of dropping Legendary loot. However, the caveat here is that you’ll have to grind your way through the game again. Furthermore, the game is now exceptionally difficult. While the bosses in the game were tough as it is, they’ll require much more strategy and patience on your end now. Additionally, even the regular enemies have now been granted a boost in damage and health stats, making your job that much more difficult. So, use this method only if you consider yourself an expert in the game and have exceptional skills or gear.

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A note to remember

The game doesn’t allow you to farm for certain Legendary items. For example, if you wanted a Legendary chest armour, there’s no way for you to target this item specifically. MMORPG games with looting mechanics don’t work that way. If you’re unwilling to spend money on the game, the best option is to just play the game as much as you possibly can. It’s a far slower method and will require you to have some patience, and the loot drops also depend a lot on your luck.

Instead, focus on the fun gameplay and exciting lore that the game offers. You’ll get plenty of chances to upgrade your gear as you raid dungeons, kill enemies, and partake in Seasonal Events.

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Legendary items are the best items in the game, so the reason behind their rarity is entirely justified. If you’re desperate for an item like this to proceed in the game, you can apply any of the methods that we’ve mentioned in this article. Share this article with your fellow Diablo Immortal players to let them know that you can farm Legendary items in Diablo Immortal. Well, to an extent.

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