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5 Diablo Immortal Tips And Tricks For The New Dungeon Crawler!


Diablo Immortal isn’t an easy game by any means. It’s got plenty of gameplay mechanics that take some time to understand. In case you’re struggling with the game, check out our Diablo Immortal tips and tricks. We’re sure they’ll help you understand the game better, especially in the first few hours of gameplay.

- Updated: 3rd Jun 2022, 16:11 IST
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    Choosing your class
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    Inventory management
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    Experiment with skills
  • 4
    Upgrade your gear
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    Don’t claim Battle Pass rewards early
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With the release of Diablo Immortal, Blizzard is heading out onto uncharted waters. This is the first Diablo game to be completely free-to-play, with microtransaction elements. Additionally, it’s also the first entry in the Diablo franchise to feature online and MMO components. As such, it can be a challenging game to understand, even for veterans of the franchise. While most of the fundamentals remain similar to the rest of the entries, there are a few new aspects to look out for. Whether you’re a seasoned Diablo player or a newcomer to the franchise, we’ve got some Diablo Immortal tips and tricks.

Let’s check out these pointers, shall we?

Choosing your class

Choosing a class

RPGs (Role Playing Games) often require you to choose a character class. While there are many classes available for picking in Diablo Immortal, you’ll have to think twice before selection. There’s a good reason for this. Diablo Immortal does not have a shared stash system. In previous Diablo games, if you chose a character and played with them, you’d come across items to keep in your inventory. Those items could be used by other characters on your account, regardless of their class. However, Diablo Immortal keeps the stash restricted to one character per account this time. Even Battle Pass rewards cannot be shared by characters on the same account.

Most of the character classes are balanced, with buffs to particular attributes. So, there’s no lousy class as such. So, when choosing your class, you’ll have to remember that this character class will be your primary selection. Blizzard might also implement a feature that will allow you to convert your characters’ classes. This feature isn’t available at launch, making your decision all the more critical.

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Inventory management

Inventory Management

Speaking of stashes, your inventory management matters plenty in Diablo Immortal. You can progress through multiple levels and increase your character’s stats, but the wrong gear can put you at a severe disadvantage. Moreover, each mission in the game gives you lots of opportunities to pick up good equipment and items. You won’t be able to pick them up if you’ve got a full inventory. So, you can remove all the unwanted items from your inventory by going to a Blacksmith. The Blacksmith will salvage your unrequited items, leaving you free to pick up new and exciting items on your next adventure in Sanctuary.

Experiment with skills

Skills diablo immortal tips and tricks

Developers NetEase has added dynamic utilisation to the skills that you can equip. Basically, the more you experiment with multiple skills, the more variety in attacks you’ll have. You can combine two different skills to create more damaging attacks. For example, light your enemies on fire. If you’re using the Wizard class, you can add more damage by using the Arcane Wind spell. This will combine with the fire to create a colossal firestorm to deal hefty damage. This adds plenty of variety to a character’s skillset. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be able to develop a signature attack of your own!

Ensure that you check the Skills tab in Options. This tab will allow you to change your equipped skills and read more about the different types of attacks you can use.

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Upgrade your gear

Upgrading gear

A good gameplay mechanic in Diablo Immortal is that every upgrade for your gear, either armour or weapons, is carried over to your newer gear. So, you don’t have to worry about saving your precious gems and upgrades for more recent equipment. The minute you get better upgrades, equip them instantly. This will ensure that any pieces you swap will be completely upgraded. The automatic transfer system saves you plenty of time to focus on your hunting trips.

Don’t claim Battle Pass rewards early

Battle Pass Rewards diablo immortal tips and tricks

This might come off as counterintuitive. After all, why shouldn’t you immediately pick up the rewards of your hard labour? Don’t worry, there’s a reason behind it. You should wait until the game prompts you to level up to claim the Battle Pass rewards. When you immediately claim the Battle Pass rewards, you get the XP (experience points) based on your current level. Let’s make it easier to understand. The Battle Pass XP rewards will scale according to your character level. This means that if you get the Battle Pass XP at Level 25, it’ll be much higher than the XP you would receive by claiming the rewards at Level 15. So, hold off on claiming the reward XP immediately. This game truly gives you a better reward for being patient. Patience is a virtue, evidently.

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These were our Diablo Immortal tips and tricks for beginners. Even if you’re a veteran of the Diablo franchise, we’re pretty sure that you didn’t know some of the tricks here. Are there any other helpful tips you’d like to share with your fellow Diablo fans? If yes, share them in the comments below. Share this post with your friends who are struggling to get a grip on the game!

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  • Diablo Immortal is an MMORPG that also comes with extensive dungeon-crawling elements.
  • The game has some new mechanics that can be daunting to both newcomers and seasoned players.
  • We’ve provided some essential Diablo Immortal tips and tricks to help you understand the game better.