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5 Best PUBG: New State Loot Locations For A Beginner!


Looting is an important aspect of PUBG: New State. Acquiring bad or low-quality loot in the early stages of the game makes it much more difficult to survive the rest of the match. Fortunately, we’ve provided some of the best PUBG: New State loot locations for you to acquire the best loot!

- Updated: 2nd Jun 2022, 13:38 IST
  • 1
    Exhibition Hall – Troi
  • 2
    Military Base – Erangel 2051
  • 3
    Mall – Troi
  • 4
    Lab – Troi
  • 5
    School – Erangel 2051
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PUBG: New State brings a couple of maps and locales for players to explore. There’s even an updated Erangel map, one of the most popular maps in the first game. Since the maps are new, players can and will take some time to figure out which areas offer the best loot at the beginning of the game. If you’re a beginner and are unsure of the best PUBG: New State loot locations, you don’t have to worry. This list will cover some vital map hotspots that you should target immediately.

Some of the locations won’t be hotspots, especially for experienced players or those who like to be aggressive at the get-go. These locations are for complete beginners who want to pick up a worthwhile arsenal without worrying about bullets flying past them. This allows beginners to get the hang of the gameplay mechanics and better understand the game. With that being said, let’s check out the best PUBG: New State loot locations, shall we?

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Exhibition Hall – Troi

Exhibit hall

Like any battle royale game, the central area of the map is always a hotspot for good loot and plenty of chaos. The new Troi map in PUBG: New State offers some of the best loot in the entire game. So, if you’re playing the game, it’s guaranteed that landing at the Exhibition Hall will lead to massive gunfights for getting the best guns or armour. The location of the Exhibition Hall also makes it exceptionally easy to move to wherever the playable zone shifts. If you’re a beginner and don’t mind going all-out aggressive for the match’s first loot, you can definitely land here.

However, we’d recommend you stay away from this area if you’re new to the game and aren’t sure of the gameplay mechanics yet. The chaos in this area can often be overwhelming.

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Military Base – Erangel 2051

Military Base

As stated earlier, an updated version of the Erangel map is present in PUBG: New State. This version of Erangel has a futuristic vibe to it, thanks to the game’s setting of 2051 North America. However, some things never change, and the Military Base in Erangel 2051 is still one of the best places in the game for acquiring good loot. Of course, it still features chaotic gunfights at the beginning of the match. Regardless, if you manage to survive the early onslaught, you’ll find some Level 3 armour and a few of the best guns in the game.

Mall – Troi

Mallbest pubg: new state loot locations

The Mall is located right below the Exhibition Hall, towards the southern end. This makes it another landing hotspot for players to scrounge and kill over the best loot. There’s plenty of competition here, and you will have to fight your way through to survive the early match chaos. Thankfully, the area is big enough in case you want to sneak your way through for good loot. It’s going to be quite a challenge, but it is possible. We’d recommend beginners to drop in this location only if you’re playing in a squad. This will provide you with backup in problematic situations. If you’re playing solo, steer clear of the Mall in Troi.

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Lab – Troi


If you’re reading this article to find a quieter place to loot in PUBG: New State, Lab will be your favourite location on the Troi map. The Lab area is located on the eastern side of the map, on the outskirts. This means that most seasoned players avoid the site as it can be a hassle to catch up to the playing zone. However, if newcomers are willing to take this risk, the loot here is worth the hassle. The area will give you high-level loot or decent loot to survive the match’s entirety.

Regardless, if you do land here, loot quickly and immediately make your way to the playing zone.

School – Erangel 2051

School best pubg: new state loot locations

This is another classic return from the older game, with School in Erangel 2051 being one of the most popular locations for loot. Of course, since the area is located centrally on the map, it’s highly contested, and you will have to scratch and claw your way to good loot. Its positioning also makes it easier for players to shift to the playable zones, regardless of the direction. If your entire squad is experienced, looting in School will not be an issue. However, you have to be careful about the open area in front of the School. Running across the open fields to reach the location will leave you open to your enemies.

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What did you think about our top picks for the best PUBG: New State loot locations? Are there any locations that you prefer where you can get a quieter looting space? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comment section!

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  • PUBG: New State has two maps at the moment, with Troi and an updated version of Erangel.
  • Both maps offer some hotly contested areas for finding good loot.
  • We’ve picked some of the best PUBG: New State loot locations for newcomers to go through!

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