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How To Increase FPS In Apex Legends Mobile? Follow These Steps!


As with any new game, you’re likely to face FPS issues and heating problems when playing Apex Legends Mobile. If this sounds like a problem that you’re facing, check out our pointers on how to increase FPS in Apex Legends Mobile. These tips will provide you with a fluid gaming experience!

- Updated: 8th Jun 2022, 14:46 IST
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    Graphics Settings Explained:
  • 2
    How to get 60FPS in Apex Legends Mobile?
    • Why Smooth Image Quality Setting?
  • 3
    How to fix heating issues in Apex Legends Mobile?
  • 4
    What are the Apex Legends Mobile system requirements?
    • Android
    • iOS
  • 5
    Recommended settings for Apex Legends Mobile
    • Basic Settings
    • Advanced Settings
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    The Takeaway

Apex Legends Mobile has undergone months of testing to ensure that it plays well on most smartphones. However, considering how intense the gameplay can be and the modern graphics, you could be facing issues with the FPS (frames per second). A lower FPS will cause impediments to the general gameplay. Moreover, the best way to play any shooting game online is to ensure that it gives you the smoothest experience possible. In case you are facing issues with the gameplay, you don’t have to worry. In this article, we’ll provide you with the best tips on how to increase FPS in Apex Legends Mobile.

Thankfully, Respawn, the developers of Apex Legends Mobile, has provided ample graphics settings for customisation. This ensures that you can experiment with different graphics settings for smoother gameplay. However, keep in mind that this is a relatively heavy game that will hog your smartphone’s resources. We recommend playing the game on a more powerful smartphone if that’s a possibility. If it isn’t, you can check out the tips below!

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Graphics Settings Explained:

Since there are plenty of graphics settings that Respawn has provided to the player, it might become slightly confusing for most players. After all, not everyone is well-versed in the technical aspects of gaming or graphics options. If you’re confused with the graphics settings and don’t know which to change or use, don’t worry. We’ll explain all the graphics settings in Apex Legends Mobile so that you can have the smoothest gameplay experience.

  • Graphics Quality – This is a self-explanatory setting. Options like UltraHD or ExtremeHD will put your smartphone to the test. They’ll provide the best graphics possible, at the cost of battery life and performance issues. Only use this option if you’re using the most premium of smartphones.
  • Frame Rate – This is an important setting which determines the frame rate that you’ll be getting for your game. Higher frame rates mean smoother gameplay and faster response times. However, these high frame rates will also tax your smartphone. If you’re using a budget phone to play the game, keep the Frame Rate locked to Normal. This will provide you with 30FPS (frames per second).
  • Adaptive Smoothing – This is a more advanced setting. If you’re unsure about the Graphics Quality setting, enabling Adaptive Smoothing will allow the application to choose the best graphics settings based on your Frame Rate option selection.
  • Display FPS – This option will show you how many FPS you’re getting after changing the settings. It’s a good option for those who want to monitor their device’s performance or tweak the options for smoother gameplay.
  • FPP POV – This particular option stands for First Person Perspective Point Of View. The slider provided can be adjusted for viewing angles. The higher the POV, the more you can see in the first-person perspective. Remember that higher POV will imply that your device will have to render more objects and environment. This can exert your smartphone.
  • TPP POV – It’s similar to the FPP POV option. However, this option is relevant for players who are playing in the third-person perspective.

How to get 60FPS in Apex Legends Mobile?

There’s a good reason as to why we’re focussing on 60FPS. Basically, it’s the best possible framerate for a shooting game. A lower frame rate will result in choppy gameplay and plenty of stuttering, leading to a bad gaming experience. The highest possible FPS is always the best option in a game. Moreover, in Apex Legends Mobile, every second counts and you have to move fast or shoot faster than your opponents. Since the developers have provided a good amount of graphics and performance settings to tinker with, 60FPS shouldn’t be too difficult to come by.

  • Launch the game on your smartphone. After the game boots up, head towards the game’s landing page.
  • At the landing page, you’ll find the Settings option at the bottom left corner of the screen.
Apex Legends Mobile Settings options
  • Open the Settings tab and head towards the Display Settings option. This option should be available on your screen’s right side.
  • After the Display Settings tab opens, you’ll find the graphics options to experiment with.
Display Settings option in Apex Legends Mobile
  • Turning the Frame Rate Control to Ultra settings should deliver your 60FPS and fluid gameplay. A more powerful phone (think flagship) can run the game on 90FPS through the Extremely High option.
  • Note – The Frame Rate Control options depend on the hardware of your smartphone. If your smartphone isn’t powerful enough, the options won’t be shown. In this case, keep the Frame Rate Control to Balanced.
  • The last step is to change your Image Quality Setting. After you’ve found the option, switch the setting to Smooth.

Why Smooth Image Quality Setting?

The Smooth Image Quality Setting will lower the in-game details and reduce the load on your smartphone. Your phone won’t have to render all the environments, characters, and objects in the highest resolution. This will free up processing power to ensure a fluid gameplay experience. From here, you can change the settings to other, more intensive options. However, we recommend you only do that in case you have a more recent and powerful smartphone. Otherwise, keep the Frame Rate Setting to Ultra and the Image Quality Setting to Smooth.

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How to fix heating issues in Apex Legends Mobile?

The idea behind fixing heating issues in Apex Legends Mobile is the same as targetting 60FPS through lower settings. The higher the graphics settings are, the more work your smartphone will have to do. Moreover, it will also hog plenty of resources, resulting in stuttering issues and slower gameplay. Keep in mind that this is already a heavy game and has all the modern graphical bells and whistles. You’d want to go for smoother and faster gameplay for online games instead of the best graphics. So, keep the settings at the lowest possible options to ensure that your phone doesn’t heat up.

We also recommend you not play the game while your phone is charging. This will cause an additional load on the phone’s battery, reducing its health and causing it to heat up drastically. Here are a couple of other tips you can follow:

  • Ensure that you’re taking breaks after a few matches. This will help your smartphone cool down and function normally for a while before you boot up the game again.
  • Close all background apps and tasks that your smartphone is working on. If you’re playing Apex Legends Mobile, this should be the only task that the smartphone is working on.
  • If you’re using a phone case, remove it too. The phone case will trap all the heat that’s generated at the back of the smartphone and keep it trapped within the case itself, leading to a hotter smartphone.
  • Clear your App Cache through the phone’s Settings tab.
  • Do not keep the brightness of your phone at a maximum. Change the brightness to a comfortable level for your eyes and don’t put too much stress on the phone.
  • Never play games like Apex Legends Mobile when your phone is under direct sunlight. This will affect your phone’s internals and cause heating issues, affecting the phone’s life cycle.

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What are the Apex Legends Mobile system requirements?

Ultimately, no matter how many precautions you take or settings you change, your phone’s hardware matters. Apex Legends Mobile is a recently released mobile game, which means that it will be intensive on your phone’s internals. To ensure that you have a chance at smooth gameplay, check out the system requirements for the game and see if your phone meets or surpasses them.


  • Processor – Snapdragon 435 / Mediatek Helio P20 or newer.
  • RAM – 2GB or more
  • Android version – 6.0 Marshmallow or newer
  • Internal storage space – At least 4GB


  • iPhone 6S or newer
  • Processor – A9 or newer
  • OS – iOS 11.0 or newer
  • RAM – 2GB or more
  • Internal storage space – At least 4GB

Keep in mind that these are the official minimum requirements for Apex Legends Mobile. The newer or better your phone is compared to these specifications, the better the game will perform.

In case you want Apex Legends Mobile to run smoothly and you’re not completely sure of what to do with the game’s settings, we can help. Below, you’ll find some recommended settings for basic and advanced options. These settings take a more general tone, and you can tinker with them to see what works best for you. However, if you’re not in the mood to experiment, here are the settings you should go for.

Basic Settings

  • Graphics Quality – Smooth
  • Graphics Style (Post Effect) – Classic
  • TPP OV – 100
  • Adaptive Smoothing – Off
  • Frame Rate – Ultra
  • FPP OV – 100
  • Display FPS – On

Advanced Settings

  • Dynamic Shadows – Off
  • Read Chat Options and Content – Off
  • Color Blind Mode (Chat Interface Change) – Common
  • Refraction Quality – Off
  • Vegetation – Off
  • Anti-aliasing – Off
  • Bloom – Off

On a side note, if your smartphone is able to handle it, keep Dynamic Shadows ON. This effect gives you slightly better graphics in the building’s interiors to help you understand where the enemy is located. It results in better shadow processing, giving you a small but significant advantage. However, if you’re taking a hit in terms of FPS with this setting turned ON, revert to the original setting (OFF). Remember, these games are meant to be played at the highest FPS possible. You shouldn’t compromise with the performance under any circumstances.

The Takeaway

Hopefully, with these tips, you now know how to increase FPS in Apex Legends Mobile. Keep in mind that your phone heating while playing games isn’t necessarily a bad sign. Games are intense on the phone’s resources and cause the phone to heat up slightly. Moreover, this will reflect as the phone has to dissipate the heat that’s been produced. If your phone heats up while performing basic tasks such as scrolling social media or calling, you should get your phone checked by a professional.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Apex Legends Mobile has been through months of testing and finally in a good, playable state for most smartphones.
  • Regardless, you might be facing FPS issues or heating issues when playing the game.
  • Follow our tips to ensure that you get the best possible gaming experience, without causing lasting damage to your phone.
  • Also, check out the minimum system requirements for Apex Legends Mobile to ensure that your phone can run the game.