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5 Best Guns In Apex Legends Mobile For Every Skill Level


Apex Legends Mobile brings the same expansive gameplay to the smaller screen. Since the platform is different, the guns that you’re using in the game will differ from the guns in the console versions, due to a number of factors. Keeping these factors in mind, we’ve curated a list of the best guns in Apex Legends Mobile!

- Updated: 26th May 2022, 11:21 IST
  • 1
    Alternator – A beginner’s dream
  • 2
    R-301 Carbine – The classic killer
  • 3
    M600 Spitfire – Bullet hell basics
  • 4
    G7 Scout – Not an aim-bot
  • 5
    Kraber .50 Cal – Headshots have never been easier
  • 6
    What about alternatives?
    • Pistol – Wingman
    • Assault Rifle – VK-47 Flatline
    • SMG – R-99
    • Sniper – Longbow DMR
  • 7

As with any shooter game, guns are the most vital part of the gameplay mechanics. The right gun for your playstyle and character can go a long way in making things easier in matches. With Apex Legends Mobile, getting the right gun is essential. Remember – with the mobile version of the game, you get a narrower field of view and less time to react, thanks to the platform itself. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t adjust accordingly. Even if the PC and console versions of the game are somewhat different, Apex Legends Mobile‘s gaming fundamentals are still the same. This is why we’ve curated a list of the best guns in Apex Legends Mobile.

Without further ado, let’s check the weapons you must have in your Legends’ arsenals.

Alternator – A beginner’s dream

Alternator Best guns in apex legends mobile

The Alternator is the first gun we’d recommend to any Apex Legends Mobile newcomer. Unlike other SMGs (sub-machine guns) in the game, the Alternator has an excellent damage output. Moreover, it has a fast fire rate without compromising on stability. Thanks to the greater accuracy, the recoil is comparatively less, meaning you’re more likely to confirm kills. You’ll still have to ensure that you get plenty of bullets on the enemy. Since this is one of the lighter guns, it’ll require more bullets to cause any significant damage.

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R-301 Carbine – The classic killer

R-301 Carbine

R-301 Carbine is perfect for those players who have played Apex Legends on the PC and consoles. In fact, it’s one of the best guns in Apex Legends Mobile. The key to its success? Balance. The gun is balanced with overall stats that don’t indicate any compromise. It has a good firing range and can be used to target enemies in the long-range. Apart from that, its damage output and stability work excellently in the medium range.

Another advantage of this gun is the tracking. Regardless of the enemy’s movement, aiming down the sights with this gun will allow you to keep track of them. As you keep track of them and rain down bullet hell, your accuracy won’t take a hit either.

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M600 Spitfire – Bullet hell basics

M600 Spitfire Best guns in apex legends mobile

This should be your go-to weapon if you’re playing as a support character such as Gibraltar. The M600 Spitfire is one of the best weapons in Apex Legends Mobile, thanks to the sheer range and damage it provides. It has an insane rate of fire and one of the highest damage outputs in the game. Moreover, the clip size is enormous. If you’re accurate enough, you can mow down an entire squad without reloading the gun. Additionally, the range is good enough for you to stand back and inflict insane amounts of damage.

G7 Scout – Not an aim-bot

G7 Scout

G7 Scout is one of the most accurate guns in the game. In fact, it’s so precise that a majority of the players consider it as a hacked weapon with aim-bot assistance. The aim assistance on this gun is not a joke. Furthermore, you can’t continuously fire it by pressing and holding the shoot button. It has a tap-fire system that sends out bullets in short bursts. Thanks to this, the recoil is relatively less and the accuracy increases. Moreover, its damage is substantial enough to down enemies in a couple of hits. At the most, you can switch to the semi-auto firing mode for more continuous damage.

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Kraber .50 Cal – Headshots have never been easier

Kraber 0.50 Cal Best guns in apex legends mobile

The Kraber .50 Cal is meant for those players who are well-versed with Apex Legends Mobile‘s gunplay. You need to be deadly accurate with this gun as the firing rate is quite slow. However, if you hit your target in the correct spots, you can finish them in a single shot. This gun, coupled with an accurate shooter, makes headshots seem like child’s play. If you get this gun, practice with it as much as possible. It’ll make your in-game life much easier, as well as that of your teammates.

What about alternatives?

If you can’t or don’t want to go for some of the guns we’ve listed here, you can try out the following alternatives:

Pistol – Wingman


Technically, the Wingman isn’t a pistol. It’s a revolver. Regardless, you’re likely going to use it as a firearm instead of the other options in the game. The good aspects of this gun are that it’s got a high damage output and is almost deadly at close to medium range. But we’d only recommend you to use this gun if you’re a seasoned player, as the high recoil makes it quite inaccurate in high-pressure situations.

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Assault Rifle – VK-47 Flatline

Vk-47 Flatline

The VK-47 Flatline is one of the better guns in Apex Legends Mobile. It uses heavy ammo to produce excellent amounts of damage. Moreover, the fire rate is decent for a weapon that produces so much damage. If you’re a good shot and use this gun in medium range, you’re almost guaranteed kills and assists. Unfortunately, it’s got quite a high recoil, especially when you take the initial shots.

SMG – R-99


The R-99 is impeccable if you like getting up close and personal with your enemies. In close range gunplay, there are very few guns that can topple this gun from its perch. This is primarily due to the high fire rate, making it almost impossible to dodge the bullets at close range. The magazine capacity is quite less, though. This means that you’ll have to reload at inopportune moments, thereby rendering yourself a standing target to your enemies.

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Sniper – Longbow DMR

Longbow DMR

The Longbow DMR is one of the best weapons in Apex Legends Mobile. Out of all the sniper rifles in the game, it has the highest magazine capacity. Moreover, the ammo’s projectiles can go through multiple enemies if they’re lined up correctly. On the flip side, it’s got an extremely strong recoil that can take a while to adjust to. Additionally, the bullet speed and bullet drops aren’t on the better half of the specifications. This implies that you’ll have to be extremely fast and accurate with your shots.


So, these were our picks of the best weapons in Apex Legends Mobile. What did you think of the list? Are there any other guns that you prefer using over these? If yes, let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments. If your squad is a beginner squad and needs pointers for gun selection, share this list with your friends!

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  • Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, we’re sure you’re going to like this list of the best guns in Apex Legends Mobile.

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