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Battlefield Mobile: Everything You Need To Know


The Battlefield franchise has regaled us with excellent gameplay and stunning visuals on PC and consoles. Now, to combat the popularity of BGMI and Call of Duty Mobile, EA is bringing a mobile version of the game, entitled Battlefield Mobile. Here’s all you need to know about this upcoming mobile game!

- Updated: 25th May 2022, 12:06 IST
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    What is Battlefield Mobile?
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    What is the Battlefield Mobile release date?
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    What will be the cost of Battlefield Mobile?
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    Battlefield Mobile system requirements
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    Other additions
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    Summing up

Apart from the Call of Duty franchise, only one series has been able to provide us with excellent shooting gameplay. The credit for this goes to the Battlefield series. EA has always pushed the boundaries in terms of technology, graphics, and gameplay with the Battlefield games, in an attempt to stand out from the crowd. So far, they’ve done a pretty good job. However, the release of Battlefield 2042 left a bad taste in people’s mouths. Additionally, the success of Call of Duty Mobile has carved a severe dent in the Battlefield series. This is why EA is now planning on releasing Battlefield Mobile. This article will look at all the relevant details about this upcoming game.

What is Battlefield Mobile?

Battlefield Mobile screenshot

Battlefield Mobile will bring the excellent shooting gameplay of the franchise to the mobile screen. Of course, specific changes and unique features will be added to provide incentives to mobile gamers. The upcoming mobile game will most likely feature multiple game modes for multiplayer.

It will also feature something that is a trademark of Battlefield games: destructible environments. Since the early Battlefield games, environmental destruction has been a huge deal, especially in multiplayer modes. Some environment destructions included bringing down entire buildings and changing the landscape of the game environment. It’ll be interesting to see to what extent EA will be able to implement this in the game’s mobile version.

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What is the Battlefield Mobile release date?

When Battlefield Mobile was first announced to the world, EA had a potential launch date in mind. At the time, EA stated that they were looking towards a global launch in the late stages of 2022. Before the game’s launch, alpha and beta tests would be conducted. The tests would be conducted in South-East Asian countries like the Philippines and Indonesia. People would also be able to pre-register for the game and receive early access. However, the pre-registration window hasn’t opened yet either.

In the most recent development, EA has stated that they’re actively targetting the late 2022 window. However, they’ve also notified fans that an early 2023 release date could also be possible, based on the development progress.

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What will be the cost of Battlefield Mobile?

Like any other shooter game available today, Battlefield Mobile will be free-to-play. However, it will feature microtransactions as the primary source of revenue for the company. According to the publishers, the game’s in-app purchases will be primarily cosmetic kits and not a pay-to-win system. Regardless, considering EA‘s recent antics with the Battlefield and Star Wars: Battlefront games, there’s a good reason for people being slightly sceptical in this situation.

There’s a good possibility that most of the microtransactions will feature skins for both your weapon and your characters. You may be able to purchase a Battle Pass, similar to the ones available in Apex Legends Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile.

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Battlefield Mobile system requirements

Battlefield Mobile‘s system requirements haven’t been confirmed by the publishers or the developers, Industrial Toys. Nonetheless, play tests suggest that the game will be available on both Android and iOS devices, with Android 7 being a minimum requirement. The minimum OS requirement for iOS hasn’t been stated yet. The game will not feature cross-play between platforms like PC and consoles, so the requirements shouldn’t be too high. After all, they’re targeting a significant hub of mobile gamers with a wide range of devices.

Other additions

In terms of game modes and maps, only one of each has been confirmed so far. These include the Grand Bazaar map and the Conquest game mode. The game will also feature character classes, with popular classes like assault and recon being available. In terms of other game modes and map additions, there’s a good chance that Battlefield Mobile will come with both maps and modes ported from the existing PC games. New, mobile-exclusive additions are likely as well, thanks to Apex Legends Mobile bringing in the Perks system and a new character called Fade to the mobile version.

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Summing up

As you can see, there’s not too much new information on Battlefield Mobile. If you’re tired of the usual shooters in Call of Duty Mobile and BGMI, you will have to wait slightly longer for this game to be released. Until then, why don’t you try EA‘s other offering, Apex Legends Mobile? We’ve got plenty of tips and tricks on this game to get you started!

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